• Continuity

    The Beast is shown taking a bite out of Casey's calf, badly enough to cause her to limp for the rest of the movie; but, at the end, as her leg is being wrapped in the ambulance, the EMT grabs and squeezes her calf right where the injury would be. Casey doesn't flinch or react at all.

  • Continuity

    When Casey is running from the Beast, she is attacked in the gate between sections, causing her white shirt to be torn on her front and right (audience left) shoulder. When she is in the cage at the end of the corridor, she has to reload after firing and missing yet another shot. In the medium close-up on her left arm holding the shells, the sleeve is badly torn and dangles at her wrist. In the next shot, Casey gets frustrated with the same sleeve and pulls it off her shoulder to where it was at in the previous shot.

  • Continuity

    When Casey is knocked down and attempts to shoot The Beast, her left hand changes position on the shotgun as the camera angle changes.

  • Plot holes

    Dr Fletcher knew saying Kevin's full name would bring him "to light" and even had the wherewithal to write a note explaining this to no one in particular, yet did not say it to save her own life. Had he grabbed her by the neck or covered her mouth, she would have been prevented from talking, but she was slowly squeezed in her midsection and had no reason not to speak.

  • Revealing mistakes

    Casey would not have been put in a police car after suffering such a severe leg wound, but after the initial dressing of the wound in the ambulance, she would have been transported directly to the hospital for treatment and a full examination because of the nature of the crime and the severity of her injury.