Michael: Everyone seems to be doing better than you, I'd look around my train to work, I felt everyone was below me, I guess maybe, everyone feels like that in a way. It's like you're free, but we're not free, are we.

Michael: It seemed like that train came from a different world.

Michael: It's like an organic being. The trains are its arteries, veins, capillaries and we, we are the blood cells, making sure everything works and carries on, To keep it going... what if I stopped being involved? If I bled out and escaped, what would actually happen? Nothing I suppose.

Michael: Never see those jobs, they don't exist for me. They're just passed down to the next rich boy from a far removed world of his own. If they don't want it they can become whatever they want, because they're free the only ones who are, another well-off from planet Eton will be waiting.

Michael: I'm in the wrong house... on the wrong train.

Michael: Do I know you or not?

Sebastian: I have been watching you.

Michael: Watching? Why?

Sebastian: I do find it hard to start these conversations. So I find it best to start with an introduction... not mine... yours.

Sebastian: To get the better out of life, everything... everything is a usable tool.

Sebastian: This was all you, your own arrogance got you here, not mine, yours. You think you could just jump up the scale the power of greed is an immense force.

Sebastian: Indeed, you see, don't take this the wrong way, but the lower classes reproduce regardless of consequence and sometimes someone rises from the gutter.

Sebastian: Because alcohol makes the city sleep... cocaine makes it work.

Sebastian: Drink the fuel of the working class or


Sebastian: smell success.

Sebastian: It really is so hard to kill a man. Don't you think Michael?