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  • DD Busty forgot to put a warning label on this empty porn DVD, consisting solely of nine solos scenes of babes posing or pleasuring themselves atop or nearby expensive automobiles. As Jack Haley Jr. used to say: "That's Entertainment!".

    Beyond the obvious shortcomings of such a show, the usually consistent label forgot its prime directive, contained within its name: "Busty". There are no mastectomy survivors on view, but within the Adult context several of the models are too close to being flat-chested for comfort.

    Of course, jail-bait is all the rage in porn circles these days, but that hardly excuses the lame casting. Making up for such lapses are surefire crowd-pleasers like Eva Notty but gimme a break.

    At least one segment goes even further down the road to ruin, teasing the fans with a gal who doesn't even go hardcore, merely posing in short shorts and stripping most of the way. Beyond the requisite token "Cool Hand Luke" pressing against the windshield action, this is nearly a total bust.