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  • This was a weird movie. Lots of strange characters and scenes, lots of dream sequences, lots of sex, lots of empty dialogue. A few cheesy scares here and there, and some peculiar but nice visual imagery. I'll give that to the movie, the sets look beautiful, the castle is gorgeous and the visuals in some scenes are odd yet mesmerizing. The movie is a bit too experimental for its own good however, it is hard to take the story seriously when all the movie seems to want to be doing is look artistic and surreal. It also seems to take a few hints from Fifty Shade of Grey, but in a gothic-horror setting. Analeigh Tipton is an interesting actress but deserves better than this weak story-telling. Overall, a very bizarre film that just isn't very good. Added a point for the fine visuals.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sadie Glass (Analeigh Tipton) writes erotic thrillers based on her real life experiences as she enjoys choking and other oddities. Her boyfriend Alex (Jakob Cedergren) is made out to be the villain. She meets up with him in Turin, Italy along with Francesca (Marta Gastini), a performer. It becomes a weekend of drugs, "Eyes Wide Shut" and ritual. Not much a story line. Craig Goodwill is no Tinto Brass. If you enjoyed the 50 Shades of Mediocrity series, you might like this one.

    Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Analeigh Tipton, Marta Gastini, + extras)
  • Before the initial credits appear, Sadie (Analeigh Tipton) is engaged in an intense sexual act with her ex-boyfriend, bearded Alex (Jakob Cedergren). Interposed are brief back-shots of her in various sexual proclivities.

    After the credits, Sadie is the guest of honor at a book tour in Turin, Italy, where, in describing her autobiography, she relates her sexual feelings to a gathering. Her latest boyfriend is Thierry (Valentin Merlet). After the gathering, Alex, who is around, invites her to a seamy club, where she meets Francesca (Marta Gastini), who is as attractive as Sadie is. Alex invites Sadie and Francesca to his business-partner's villa, really a 17th century walled fortress decorated with magnificent art and statues. For some insipid reason she accepts.

    At the villa Sadie and Francesca take drugs (pills) with alcohol. Sadie develops a lesbian relationship with Francesca. Meanwhile, bizarre rituals occur and masked guests attend wearing strange attire. There is a ritualistic killing, a "black magic" type of ceremony. Is it all a dream? Bloodstained fingers say no. When Sadie questions Alex the next day, he says she should have known what she was getting into.

    Thierry then appears at the villa for some reason, but is rebuffed by sexually-charged Sadie. Later it is Thierry who is tied up and on the sacrificial agenda. Sadie is given a knife. What will Sadie do? Will she ever escape her dilemma? Is her name a derivative of sadism?

    This is an artsy type of film like "Last Year at Marienbad" (1961), an entirely different film, but also difficult to understand. Despite its colorful sets, erotic scenes, and on-location filming, "Compulsion" makes little sense. The screenwriting and plot are weak, and the film unmemorable.
  • kosmasp23 June 2018
    This is not a great movie, yet if you are into the occult and horror in general, you may find something here that will spark something in you. There's nudity and blood in this and of course twists (the last one may be a bit redundant, but I've seen worse).

    Characters may seem a bit out of touch with reality, but there's always a reason for things happening. If they act according to the world presented in the movie that is of course. Some may compare it to Eyes Wide Shut, yet that would not be fair, it's a different beast (masked orgy being one of the few things these movies have in common). Check it out, if you have a heart for low budget horror
  • Unfortunately, i have to say don't bother watching this unless you had 99 cents to spare and some time to have a nap. Production values are good and some nice visuals, some adult scenes and acting is fine, but just nothing to this film .... a poor version of 'Eye's Wide shut' , Fifty Shades and a wannabe Argento movie. Was very disappointed, and at times bored, some shocking scenes but nothing to save this very lame effort of a film!
  • Great set design, costumes, music, cinematography and a very underrated performance by Analeigh Tipton. Hopefully people can open their minds and remove the stigma attached to erotica thrillers with horror elements, it's a great genre.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Love Annaleigh Tipton and the scenes filmed in the palace were sumptuous and on-point. Plus the plot had an old-style Gothic horror-type of grandeur to them that draws my fancy. Sex scenes were ok, as well, as far as lesbian erotica goes. The ending was good, as well. Good for fans of erotic horror overall.
  • This is more a psychological thriller than a horror or erotic movie. If you watch it as such it is actually quite good and entertaining.
  • Erotic novelist Sadie Glass (Analeigh Tipton) has a complicated relationship with boyfriend Thierry. At a book reading, she meets Alex who invites her to his palatial estate. She brings along new acquaintance Francesca.

    At first, I assumed this to be an arthouse 50 Shades movie. Then there is the turn into an arthouse Euro horror. In the end, it's an Eyes Wide Shut situation with a bit of blood. Its biggest problem is the lack of depth with Sadie. She's a cold fish and there is no way to engage with her character. None of the characters have much depth. The Euro horror could have worked but like the vastness of its palace setting, there is an emptiness to the movie. It has no tension and makes no connection with the audience. This might work if Sadie starts off as a mousy character and the erotic horror starts opening her up. As it stands, there is no character progression either. It has the semblance of style with limited substance.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie sounds intensely interesting but was so boring I started to Wikipedia the real history of the villa while watching it.

    Great story line set-up: writer of erotic memoirs sees old bf who apparently is a dark bad dude. She dumps current dude to indulge in same old type of weekend (one last time) then goes back to life trying to stay away forever but its told so badly you don't know thats the story till after trying to piece together what they were trying to do. 3/4 in you still think its the beginning of the movie and are trying to figure out what is going on.

    Then here's the thing given their world and accepting their premise I have no idea why hes this intensely bad dude, why shes crying and freaking out and conflicted about the whole thing, why the current dude is lame and hated and boring, why the dancer is so innocent and beloved. I just do not get it.

    The setting is beautiful, the women are beautiful, the men are acceptable, the clothes are striking but they even messed that up. Its like they used too much HD and I can see the actress's bags under her eyes her varicose veins her spot of bad skin from past acme. For an erotic film, give me a fantasy I have bad skin and past acme thats not why someone would be interested in this film.

    The clothes too while they were invested in them and are erotic and striking, clearly the director didn't know how to photograph them so they are there but are presented like a catalogue and everything was shot soooo close, no I do not need to see the hair ties in her hair I'm good.

    Also the villa, the internet has more interesting and sweeping views, they could have done so much with but did not.

    Even the dark crazy surreal scenes were...just eh not so much. At the very least they could have used a good soundtrack but atlas no on that as well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Though several wrote of its confusing arc, I found the movie to pose mysteries later somewhat solved. It was slow at times, perhaps to force our recognition of its very intricate, ornate, and occasionally beautiful scenery. 'Compulsion' was also at times quite erotic, even debaucherous, and it descended to some episodes of horrific evil. So watching was quite a wild ride, but it did conclude somewhat satisfactorily, while teasing a mystery or moral challenge for a character's future. The actors well depicted their characters' various states of trust, uncertainty, and mysteriously deceptive eroticism.
  • This movie was horrific. Don't watch unless you're stoned or you need something to help you fade off for a nap. The continuity was confusing, the plot really non existent and the acting was, for the most part, atrocious. An incredible waste of 84 minutes.
  • As soon as I realized that Analeigh Tipton was starring in this movie, I did a quick 360 and hit click on Netflix. I remember her from America's Top Model and really liked her. Sadly, I ended up being pretty disappointed this movie. The whole movie I was pretty confused about what was going on. Analeigh looked great and even, the ex was very handsome. But, the weird dark "50 shades are grey" storyline wasn't that great to me. I have to admit though, the twist at the end was a pretty good. I wasn't expecting it and it's the only good thing from the movie.
  • lphillips-1588627 November 2018
    Just got finish watching this movie and I found it very interesting. I have to say I am surprised that Annelie Tipton it's such a good actress. I first knew her from America's next top model. I think Alex was taking her to that Castle to see if she could relieve herself of some of the pain she had been caring around due to their relationship. There was a lot I didn't understand, granted, but I will look into it a little bit more to see if I can't get more of the plot.