Maddy Whittier: I'm willing to sacrifice everything just to live one perfect day.

Olly Bright: Are you sure you're not sick? You feel fine?

Maddy Whittier: Yeah, I feel fine. Better than fine, actually. I feel pretty perfect.

Maddy Whittier: You're really different than I thought you're gonna be.

Olly Bright: Sexier, right?

Maddy Whittier: Dear mom, I know staying in this house keeps me alive, but this isn't living. I want experience everything... everything!

Maddy Whittier: I wish I could remember them.

Pauline: Maybe it'd be easier if I couldn't.

Maddy Whittier: I'm not choosing death. It's that if I don't go, I won't really know what it's like to be alive.

Kayra: It's actually... more of a... an apology than an introduction.

Pauline: What's she apologizing for?

Olly Bright: For moving in.

Maddy Whittier: It's just cat videos.

[Carla excitedly comes and sits on a chair]

Maddy Whittier: You don't want to see this one, Carla. The cat... dies.

Carla: Are you crazy?

Maddy Whittier: Wouldn't you be if you'd been inside for 18 years?

Pauline: I love you, you know. More than you even know.