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  • A coming of age film about girls in their 30's? Okay... The movie centers around two people that seemingly mostly care about themselves and their own feelings. There are a few light comedic moments, but mostly just self-pity and agonizing. The description explains what the movie wants to be, however the execution doesn't quite get there.
  • While there's a new genre of lesbian soft porn this one lacks any chemistry, very weak pg-13 implied sex, dialog, so the only question is why was this movie produced...
  • I am sorry but I really cannot understand the reason why people with absolutely no talent, no sense of humor get the funds to shoot so much nonsense! Sheesh!
  • Her Side of the Bed has extremely hilarious dialogue played by actors that look like they really enjoy what they're doing. When the filmmakers really enjoy what they're doing, you can feel it as an audience member. I think this is going to be one of my guilty pleasures and a cult classic for sure. It's also hauntingly beautifully bittersweet in a way
  • ...this movie will exceed your hopes and expectations :) Cute script, likable characters, good production value and one of the most vivid descriptions of a foot sex encounter that will forever be emblazoned in my mind. The actors are a cute to watch. Believable friendships. Enjoyed this one!