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  • Although I do not like Dimitrije Vojnov, I must admit that he wrote quite decent screenplay, and for director Danilo Beckovic, after Mali Budo, this is a significant jump in a positive direction. If you are familiar with Serbian cinematography in the last few decades, it makes little sense to comment on production that is more or less constantly at the same level, as well as acting because once again we have default cast with their default performances. Is it work of art - it's not, is it masterpiece of cinematography - it's not, is it fun - yes, it is. For me it was pleasant surprise and I really enjoyed it.

  • Movie director is Danilo Beckovic. I didn't like his first movie "Little Buddho". Anyhow, this one is better.

    "The Samurai in Autumn" was actually pretty good and funny in its first 1/3. Unfortunately, that wasn't sustainable really. Later on, there were few fine scenes (one of them - fight scene). Because of them, I didn't feel bored, though it was close. I mean, story is recognizable. It's more for relaxation and fun than for anything else, specially – the ending.

    Music was surprisingly pleasant (partly, reminded me on old but gold italo disco).