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  • Let me start this review by stating that I've never read the comic books, so I can't testify as to whether or not this crazy, grotesque, violent and hilarious new AMC fantasy series is a faithful adaptation of the source material. But what I can tell you as an avid fantasy and horror fan is that the pilot left me with an immediate urge to watch the next episode.

    Just so you know, this review won't contain anything story related, so if you want to learn what the show is about, read the IMDb synopsis or go to Wikipedia. I believe most films and TV-shows are enjoyed best without knowing anything other than maybe the genre, cast or filmmaker (plus, personally, I like to know about as many aspects as I can about the actual quality of the filmmaking itself). Oh, but maybe this: don't get frustrated if you don't immediately understand just what the heck is going on. The pilot introduces several key characters and important story elements by jumping around quite a bit and throwing you directly into the action, but we're clearly not meant to know and understand everything right from the start. So relax, be patient and have a little faith in showrunner Sam Catlin; the dude co-produced (or co-executive produced) 55 episodes of 'Breaking Bad', 10 of which he wrote, so he should know a little something about storytelling.

    What becomes immediately evident in 'Preacher' is that the casting of the title role was a stroke of genius: Dominic Cooper ('The Devil's Double', 'Captain America: The First Avenger') makes for a fantastic lead. His charismatic but nuanced performance as conflicted preacher Jesse Custer was enough to convince me after only one episode that he will be able to carry this series. It's always a balancing act to portray this kind of character with just enough vulnerability to make him appear relatable and human but still have him come across as larger than life, and judging by what I've seen so far, Cooper manages to pull it off perfectly.

    I'd say the cast in general is very solid, but the two actors that need to be mentioned most apart from Cooper's preacher are Ruth Negga in the role of Tulip and Joseph Gilgun who plays Cassidy. Both are wicked fun to watch (and obviously they're relishing their parts) and both have completely bonkers introduction scenes for their respective characters that will give audiences a taste of just what kind of crazy, ultra-violent mayhem we're in for with this new show.

    Now just to get this straight: there are darkly comic moments abound in 'Preacher' but it is not a black comedy - nor is it as over the top as, say, 'Ash vs the Evil Dead' (despite being pretty over the top at times). Fans of the show's creators, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, would be well-advised not to expect a similar tone in 'Preacher' as in some of the duo's previous works like 'This Is the End' or 'The Interview'. What we have here is probably best described as "dark fantasy" and while it IS peppered with a large dose of dark comedy, I'm pretty sure there will also be some rather unfunny shît down the road for this preacher to deal with.

    As for the production values, the visuals (and the visual effects) in general look very nice and the sets convincing; the southern locations have a "lived-in" and appropriately run-down look and the whole small-town, Texan atmosphere is tangible. The cinematography was expertly done (the pilot's DoP was none other than The Matrix' Bill Pope) and the soundtrack is even downright fantastic (if you can appreciate southern songs from the likes of Johnny Cash, that is). The one thing that didn't always work for me was the pacing/editing and the way certain scenes were established, but a slightly uneven rhythm is not uncommon for pilot episodes, so I'm not worried yet.

    My overall verdict: 'Preacher' is a show that doesn't try for a second to cater to a mainstream audience; it offers a unique blend of pulp elements and dark fantasy for genre fans who most likely won't have the slightest problem digesting the hefty mix of drama, horror, gory violence and humor. Needless to say, I'm totally on board (and I can't wait for the next sermon). My provisional rating: 8 stars out of 10.

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  • kipmcmillan22 October 2018
    I can't believe how unique, fun, smart, dramatic and insane this show is. The twists are as unique as the characters... This show is definitely binge worthy... Thank you creators, actors, writers, and everyone else involved in this show.
  • Ignore the bad reviews here. . .go watch this for yourself and come up with your own opinion. Some of the reviewers here obviously got triggered by the content of the show. . . yeah it's not for everyone but if you're a fan of the genre, it's terrific. Kind of feels like it has a Quentin Tarantino feel to it mixed with the bravado of characters from Evil Dead / Army of Darkness . . .Rogan's own feel to it. I love all the characters, even the antagonists - Satan, the All-Father, Killer of Saints, Jody, Hilter, Herr Starr, and the rest of the gang are all really well done. Non stop laughs and has kept on getting better in season 3. Has been a fun romp and looking forward to more episodes.
  • Very rarely does a TV show - especially a pilot - surprise me as much as this one did, several times. This action-packed debut has some wonderful twists and turns and unexpected events and I strongly recommend you don't watch trailers or teasers or read spoilers before watching it. I also recommend you pay attention to things that are going on in the background like TV newscasts and sign boards. There are some gems there!!! Its so refreshing to encounter a pilot to a TV show that packs such a punch. No slow, drawn out introduction here.

    I also rarely laugh out loud watching TV shows, most "sit coms" & comedies leave me cold. But this show drew several delighted full throttle laughs from me. It's nasty, it's dark,it's suspenseful, it's bizarre, at times it's shocking and it's hilarious. Yes it has some blood & guts in it, but always in context and with a purpose. It's not gratuitous or only there for shock value like, for example, American Horror Story. It's part of the plot. Also, this is the pilot, it's telling a story of how something began & gathering some threads together. Of course it won't be coherent yet. Don't go in expecting it to be like everything else on TV, it just isn't. It's not like the other DC/Marvel shows either. It's a thing unto itself and I absolutely adored it.

    It has fascinating characters, wonderful setting, great snappy dialogue (particularly from a character called Tulip) and some truly strange moments like the cow noises in the background of a certain scene and the character, Eugene. I also really liked the cinematography & editing - there are some clear nods to some of the greats of horror and thriller directors that all you movie buffs out there will recognise. Not a frame of this pilot was wasted or dead air. The kind of tight, focused editing and directing I love. I was so impressed with this I watched it again immediately after the first viewing. I can honestly say I've never done that before with any TV show.

    And all this in less than an hour.

    There are some very odd negative reviews here but I think they're from people who just don't understand what they were watching and/or it all went right over their heads. It does jump around a little , but unlike a certain other show, this one guides you through it's jumps with deliberately obvious & slightly amusing titles like 'Back in Africa" or "not that long ago". I saw someone upset because it's not like Supernatural. LOL It's not supposed to be! Why be angry at the show for not being like some arbitrarily show you chose to think it would be like? It's not their fault! This show is more like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy than Supernatural - although don't be misled by that description either! As I said, it's a breed apart.

    I can't remember who said this but it's always stuck in my head: you can tell what a book or movie etc will be like within the first 5 minutes - because that sets the tone. And if that's true then we are in for one hell of a good time with this series.

    I can't recommend this enough.
  • First of all, i love the Preacher comic book. When i heard a TV show is coming, i thought that they will not be able to pull off the madness, the pacing, the characters etc, so, they will change many things. I was angry at first, then slowly i started to get used to the idea that i will not see a page by page adaptation, but a more loose one. Then, the pilot came. Boom. I can write a million things about the changes they made, which ones i think work and which don't, but it doesn't matter that much. I can write about how good Cassidy, Jesse and Tulip were on the TV show (they were great), but it doesn't matter to me that much either. The pilot was a pretty good episode on its own, fun, crazy, fast, intriguing, with good characters and a great cast, cool music, nice photography and direction, good writing etc. However, what truly matters to me, is that the love of the creators for the source material(the comic book, duh), was apparent everywhere and all the time. The pilot was made of love. They seem to know the comic book, to understand and love it, and to really want to make this adaptation work. Judging from the pilot, they did.
  • lenny-229599 August 2018
    I have very much liked all the whole thing but started slow and wasn't weird enough for me. However season three is brilliant the best season by far. Vampires, witches, gods, suits, all thrown in s**t for a healthy mix of trouble
  • Yes it is.

    Preacher is the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg TV adaptation of the same, developed by AMC. When I heard about the project, I wondered if AMC would be able to handle the balls to wall, r-rated nature of the comic, and it appears they can.

    Preacher takes place in Annville, Texas and follows Jesse Custer, the quintessential "man with a past". Presumably on the road for years, Jesse has returned to Annville to follow in his fathers footsteps as the small town Preacher.

    The showed is steeped in brooding, Americana darkness, but also contains a funny side, just like the source material.

    The pilot episode blew me away.

    Quite simply, this appears to be one of the best new shows on television and will hopefully have a long life on AMC.
  • At last, it's happening. Preacher. They're finally going live action with one of the weirdest, strangest, most imaginative works of fiction - in any genre or format - I've ever encountered.

    The good, in order: Dominic Cooper, as Jesse Custer, titular Preacher. He's managing to wear the role, something that very few actors could pull off. Ruth Negga, doing a better Tulip than the one in the comics (and that is saying something). Joseph Gilgun, whose turn as Cassidy is spot-on, truly the comics brought to life.

    The sets, the costumes, the effects, the support acting are all first class too. The direction is nicely understated; they keep shots simple, with lots of use of nicely framed setups.

    The humour is occasionally outright hilarious. Unfortunately there isn't nearly enough of it, and that's where the bad times start.

    They've made some big mistakes with this series. Now, this is not just a fan of the comics talking... they've been putting minor characters and minor plot lines through the blender. Yes, initially I found this profoundly offensive, and it took some work to get past it. Someone who hadn't read the comics wouldn't notice the changes. The trouble is, they don't improve things.

    Presumably this chop and change was done in an attempt to create workable TV. I think it was a strategic mistake, a case of missing the wood for the trees. The best thing about Preacher, hands down, was Garth Ennis' hyperactive imagination. Anything went, and frequently did. The original story was absolutely mental. Catlin, Goldberg and Rogen do the best they can (and they're no lightweights) but the goings-on in the TV series are a pale shadow of the fun and games in the comics.

    The second major mistake was to make it sexually safe. The comics had every kind of oddball, weirdo, creep, and flat-out pervert imaginable. It was messed up. Sometimes it was shocking, and not in a good way either. Mostly, though, it was cry-while-reading hilarious, not least because the characters came across as real people. Not so the TV series. This is Preacher as overseen by studio execs and marketing teams, watered down to appeal to middle America, or at least to not incite too much hate mail. It is, frankly, tame.

    There are the usual TV series problems - bogging down in one location (they spend way too long in Annville), throwing hooks in simply for the sake of luring the audience further along, undeveloped characters and plot lines - but that's just me picking threads at this point.

    It's OK. Honest. It was diverting enough that I finished the whole first series, despite everything. It's just that it could have been great and it isn't.
  • Nothing like Preacher, it's a must see and see again. I hope that the 4th season will continue in this line. Thank you geniuses.
  • Gets better the further in you go.

    Casting is excellent, each character owns their role.

    goes places you wouldn't expect, surreal and funny endings.

    The visuals are nicely done. sharp photography.

    The actors who play the lead roles, and supporting cast, fit well into their characters. Enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

    This show won't be for everyone. Some may be put off by the fresh edge of Preacher. It's darker and different.
  • And what a finale.

    Sterling performances, great production and adherence to genre. Brilliant, quirky and python-like moments of gleeful stupidity in the face of narrative and type. The season wallowed in self, genre and production tropes at times, but the pure style and indulgence in character won out by a country mile. Casting is great. Laughs keep coming at the most inopportune moments and the sense of humour overrides all. There is inspiration in the finest detail when the show is at its best. This is TV with rocks in- country rocks. Yes, it's adult in content, but stylised and sassy and brassy. The visuals and framing create beautiful emptiness at times and the edits transition with impact and punch. The soundtrack is evocative and classy. The acting is often inspired- particularly by the triumvirate of destruction who hold the frame so well and carry the narrative so amusingly.

    Great show- well done people.
  • I absolutely love this programme. As season 3 unravels towards the finale, I really appreciate more and more what effort it has taken to make each episode so engaging. Granted, this kind of supernatural stuff is not everyone's cup of tea but if you get it - you'll see that it's not just down to the storyline. I feel - in my humble opinion - that we really need to acknowledge and congratulate the casting team. Main characters are played brilliantly. Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy - what a fantastic combination of on screen chemistry and I get that, but when I think of the supporting actors playing characters such as Herr Starr, Jesus, Eugene, TC, Granma, the Saint of Killers, All Father even Hitler and so on. What a clever and wonderful selection of actors who have brought this weird and wondrous story to life. I'm not a comic book reader. I had never heard of the Preacher before but every week I am literally waiting for the next episode. Please don't dilute this high standard for the sake of viewer figures. Preacher will become a cult classic in its own right and earn the production company lots of dosh for years to come... if you let it!
  • I was underwhelmed by Season 2 - but so far, Season 3 has not had one wasted moment! I am loving Cassidy's storyline. I root for him BIG TIME. This series is so quirky and different. I love it!

    I miss the IMDb message boards, which is probably a better fit for my comments since it's not really a "review" but just my opinion of Season 3.
  • The first episode blew my socks off! I even watched it a second time. It kept my eyes glued to the screen the whole time. A 10 out of 10. The introduction of Tulip and the vampire (can't recall his name) were ingenious. Crazy action that was darkly comedic.

    I just finished watching the 6th episode and feel so disappointed. It seems like the show is really dragging and it's hard to keep interested in it. There are definitely great scenes in each episode, they always involved over-the-top action. The action seems to be where the gold is and Tulip and the Vampire make for some good fun. I keep hoping it will take off. I think the town is dull. It is hard to transition from some crazy exciting lethal action to the dust blowing over barren land.

    I do have faith that it will at some point turn around and take off. The first episode shows that it is possible. Hopefully the writers and directors will hear what people are saying about the show dragging and produce a brilliant second season. I'll keep watching and waiting.

    Edit: finished the first season and the last two episodes, especially the last episode, was perfect! Yes! I knew they could do it. Those were the kind of episodes I was expecting to come from the mind of Seth Rogan.

    P.s. Those two angels are great. It is hard not to find them endearing with their sweet murderous charm. Having hired a hit-man of sorts will certainly add some flavor to season two. I am eager to see the mayhem that the Preacher, his Tulip, and the Vamp will unleash.
  • Question: how did they manage to enlist Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon as producers and still deviate so much from the source material that it's become a completely different story altogether? The characters' names are the same and some of their traits as well, but their overall personalities are hopelessly divergent. Not that it would matter too much if the TV show had managed to be entertaining in its own right, but that's the rub here, isn't it? The writing is simply a hot mess, with characters and story lines thrown in randomly and huge pacing problems. For instance, how are people who haven't read the comics supposed to make any sense of the Wild West flashbacks sprinkled in every now and then? Their inclusion makes zero sense. But generally all the characters behave unnaturally, they contradict themselves and the fact that som eof them are angels, or vampires, or any other odd creature is poorly explained and poorly used.

    The graphic novel shows Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy on a number of wild adventures, all with one central plot line: Jesse's "mission". Here, for reasons that can only be budgetary, the adventure is instead sadly confined to one somnolent old town. But if they couldn't afford the grandiosity of the graphic novel, why do a TV based on it in the first place? And altering every single character so emphatically in the process no less.
  • garethcroker26 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's fair to say that when making a TV/movie adaptation of a book, or in this case, graphic novel, certain changes are to be expected. The Harry Potter movies for example, omitted several enjoyable parts of the novels but were nevertheless true to the source material, as was LOTR, a book that many considered to be "unfilmable" and look at the reception that got. Unfortunately, Preacher deviates so much from its origins that the only thing recognisable about it are the character names.

    Preacher the graphic novel (with the emphasis on 'graphic') is probably the most entertaining thing I have ever read and yes, I do read books as well. It is bold, controversial, violent, philosophical and downright hilarious, with an array of memorable characters you just wont find anywhere else and a story that makes you pick up the next book as soon as you've finished the last. Yet it seems the producers of this TV adaptation are content to create a slow, ploddy and quite frankly boring show with unlikeable characters (with the exception of Cassidy).

    For fans of the novel who have yet to see this, beware:- some of the central characters backstories seem to have been partially or completely re-written: the saint of killers for example, whose tragic tale was so brilliantly conceived and illustrated in book#4, looks in this like he could have easily averted the disaster that befell him had he not had an uncharacteristic crisis of conscience to return to Ratwater in an attempt to prevent a rape. This was annoying. As was the pathetic idea of Arseface blowing his face off not because he was a lonely outcast kid who suffered bullying at school as well as physical and verbal abuse at the hands of his father and whose alcoholic mother just sat by and watched. No, apparently he shot himself because a girl wouldn't go out with him. This is just so lazy. I'm pretty sure all of us have had to deal with rejection at some point in our lives: hands up how many of you really wanted to commit suicide! There are also some inclusions in the TV show that are just plain crap: the angles "telephone" leaps to mind. Why would an angel need a telephone to "call" heaven? What the hell did they do before the phone was invented? Presumably they used pigeon mail or something. And that woman who was meant to be a seraph? She seemed more like a Texan terminator rather than a "right hand angel of the lord".

    I said before that I read the books so I know where the story is going, or rather, I know where it SHOULD be going but I can't see how they're going to get there without more changes that are just going to further annoy fans. Isn't this why much loved books and stories are brought to the screen? For the fans? And if not then people who watch this without reading it first are going to be left with a false idea of what the story really is, and if people don't like the TV show they are unlikely to read the book and subsequently miss-out on a thrilling and fun read. The whole essence of the Preacher books were that they were thought-provoking and entertaining, something that this series is not. Kevin Smith in fact wrote a foreword in one of the books and said it was more fun that going to the movies: he was right.

    In short I'd recommend leaving this in favour of the book and see how much fun you can actually have with just words and pictures.
  • A few years back a couple of my friends introduced me to the world of "alternative" comics, Sandman, Transmetropolitan, Preacher, Constantine .. pretty good stuff, i gotta say. So i was very happy when i heard that Constantine was due to be made into a TV series; but, we all know that story. Mediocre show, and quickly cancelled.

    Now, Preacher seems better, the first episode (only episode aired by the time of this review) seemed pretty good and managed to capture the feeling of the comic books; i understand that to some it might seem bland, but i know things which they don't know.

    Which, incidentally, is my main concern; Preacher gets to be pretty mental, will AMC be able to keep up, or will they dilute the effort? It wouldn't be the first series to have a great start and then to cheese it up later on.

    For now, i liked it. I would really only recommend it to Preacher fans, and say to the others "wait until the series develops a bit".

    My vote: 8/10, due to go either up or down.
  • In 1980 a very odd and one-of-a-kind film was released from Africa (of all places) entitled The Gods Must Be Crazy. It violated almost every narrative standard for semi-serious. semi-comic, stories of the day.

    The action was non-linear, captions came and went, locales jumped around, characters appeared and disappeared, some actors seemed to be camping the whole thing up and others seemed to be taking their roles much too seriously -- and generally the film was an international hit and a great time was had by all.

    My first thought on watching the opener for Preacher is that Rogan must have seen The Gods Must Be Crazy too many times, but then I remembered he was born two years after it was made, so that theory went nowhere.

    In any case, whatever work may have "influenced" Seth to pick this up and run with it (Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy would be my second guess) he did indeed pick it up and he did indeed run with it.

    It is quirky, clever, fast-moving, confusing, and massively over-written.

    In short, not for everyone. (Which may possibly explain the highly polarized reviews.)

    At the end of the day, I suspect history will record that this was Rogan's way of breaking out of the "actor" role that Hollywood has pinned him to, and showing that he indeed has other talents.

    I predict we will be seeing other unique projects from Rogan down the road. In this context, whether Preacher survives its first season, or not, is really entirely beside the point.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Its AWFUL

    If you thought AMC couldn't do worse than walking dead you were wrong. Went in to this knowing it wouldn't be faithful to the comic but it still falls flat. All of the characters are poor to awful representations with the exception of Cassidy. Watch it if you must but prepare to be annoyed. I will continue to watch this show for a while mainly out of curiosity but iam not expecting much.

    If you have never read the comics you may enjoy this sh*t but from the slow boring pace and the terrible changes made i smell a stinka.

    This review is meant for fans of the comics and is just personal opinion.
  • javier19763 August 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    First off let my start by saying that Garth Ennis's Preacher is my favorite comic ever and he has since become one of my favorite comic writers (the other being Warren Ellis). A Preacher TV adaptation had been in the works in one form or another for years now, but it was never a done thing until recently. When the first rumors first surfaced I was rather wary and feared the changes they would make to the source material, and even more so when I heard that it was being made by AMC, which has a poor track record when adapting comics (The Walking Dead barely follows the comic, and it changed a lot of things), but my wariness turned into dread when I found out that the person behind the adaptation was Seth Rogen. Absolutely nothing in the entire season actually happens in the comics (well, except for some of the Saint of Killers origin story -and even that was somewhat changed- and the fact that Genesis merged with Jesse, but the circumstances of the merger were completely different). I get it that apparently they meant this season as a kind of "prequel" to the comics, but Preacher didn't need a prequel, specially not one that made fundamental changes to all the characters and their relationships to each other. They changed Jesse's backstory, they depict him as a (mostly) dedicated preacher that wants to do right by his community, who uses the Word of God to help the people of Annville. They show him following on his father's footsteps as a preacher, when he was nothing of the sort (he was a Vietnam veteran). When the comics begin he was pretty much done with being a preacher (he was coerced into doing it actually) and his entire flock was burned alive when Genesis merged with him. They also show him as a big shot bank robber (along with Tulip), when in reality they were little more than car thieves. They changed Tulip to the point of her being unrecognizable as the character from the comics. First they make her out to be some kind of badass assassin, capable of bringing down a helicopter with a rocket launcher made from coffee cans, while when we meet her in the comics she is running away from her first botched assassination attempt (and while doing so she comes across Cassidy, who was sleeping under a tarp in the back of a truck she steals). She also tries to be cute, funny and sexy but she fails at all three, she instead comes across as annoying and totally unlikeable. Everything she does is completely uncharacteristic to the Tulip from the comics, who even goes so far as to have sex with Cassidy (presumably to spite Jesse), who she actually despises and distrusts in the comics. The first time we meet Cassidy he is fighting a group of vampire hunters (no such thing, vampires were apparently unknown even to an organization as powerful as the Grail) and then jumping off said plane in broad daylight. He should have burst into flames but he doesn't, he even survives the fall and proceeds to eat a cow... He pretty much walks around in broad daylight through the entire season, and he hardly ever wears his sunglasses. In the comics he never takes them off (until the last or second to last issue) and there's a reason for that. Also, on a more personal note, I can barely understand what he says 90% of the time. I know that he is supposed to be Irish, but he should tone the accent down a bit, he needs subtitles more badly than Arseface. Yet another thing they changed was how the Word manifests itself (no red eyes) and even how it works (the whole "got to hell Eugene"). They also changed the characters relationships to each other. The guys (Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip) didn't know sheriff Root or Arseface (who looks like crap by the way, he is nowhere near as hideous or deformed as in the comics) and they most certainly didn't know Odin Quincannon, who doesn't come into the comics until MUCH later and who is nowhere near Annville. In short they changed pretty much everything that made Preacher what it was, the show is missing its actual characters, its profanity (there was hardly a page without a f*ck in the comics) and its plot. Maybe they'll stop pissing all over the source material in season 2, but I doubt it, and even if they do they've already made fundamental changes to the main characters's personalities and backstories. Comics fans should stay away from this turd and beg that Rogen doesn't also "adapt" Ennis's "The Boys".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is quite possibly one of the worst shows on television. I can say this in full knowledge as I've read the graphic novels. Those were really good. This show is a dilapidated anus!

    All the writers have done is take the characters from the comic and place them in a similar town, with some similar things going on. They have gone so far off base with the story it shouldn't even be called Preacher anymore. All the stuff that made the book amazing has been ostracized from the show. Sure they try and mesmerize you with insane violence and gore and smile and say "look how far we can take things". But nothing will seer so deep into your mind as Quincanon naked screwing a giant woman made of meat!

    All the characters are either cliché and boring, Jessie and Tulip. Or they've changed their backstory to no real point, i.e. Arseface and The Saint of Killers (cowboy). The last one really gripes me. The saint of Killers backstory was so cool. But either no real budget for the show or the writing team just plain sucks?

    What's really sad is all those poor masses that think it's something. These people have been starved for something new and they're swallowing this half cooked piece of chicken? If only they knew what could of been? More than half couldn't tell you what's going on in the show? 10 episodes to get a point? really?

    This show was nothing more than a hallow promise. We can bring you the insanity of Preacher on AMC!? No, No you can't. This show follows the ball-less approach of other shows, Lucifer and Constantine. Nothing more than a sad attempt at a half baked idea.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    [*Possible Spoilers Ahead*]

    The current 9 average IMDb rating has got to be from comic book fanbois. I haven't read the comic, so I'm not a fan of the underlying material. (To be clear, I didn't read The Walking Dead comics either - but the TV version proved itself in the pilot and in many episodes since as worthy of my time. I'm not anti-comics.)

    The tone is glaringly uneven. Pacing is odd to say the least. Quintin pulls off gore humor in his sleep, so did Kickass and many others; this however just isn't doing it for me. Maybe the Preacher makers are just too late to the over-the-top-gore party. Nah, strike that. Their implementation is to blame. Have some consistency. Have a vision. Have a clue. Something. Anything.

    Filled with clichés, one dimensional characters, and true, Sunday-funnies-worthy hamfisted cartoonish behavior. (Example: [*Spoiler*] Tulip kills some dude(s) while two very small kids watch/see the aftermath, and they react with grins and say, "Awesome!" Sorry, just NO. There isn't a kid on planet earth who could watch an adult get violently killed without ending up in pee pee pants city. Dumb dumb dumb. I get what they're going for: "Lookie here, she's such a bad*** even kids dig her!" But the "awesome!" punchline faceplants, leaving us puzzled. This is a universe where death is meaningless even to little kids. Inconceivable, yet that's what they're telling us. if death is meaningless, how are you going to get me to care about any of these characters? Dying here is as blasé as seeing a pray & spray in CounterStrike, so who gives a rat's?)

    Not a single character has an ounce of charisma save the Irish guy on the plane. Otherwise the whole mess watches like a machina vid with very good graphics: robotic computer generated figures aping human behavior - BADLY! Truly seems nobody knows why they are on set.

    Honestly I couldn't get through the first half of it. If I get around to watching more and change my mind, I'll update my review.
  • Preacher is one of the best graphic novels... ever.

    With that being said, there is absolutely no reason why they needed to deviate from the story and the way it was told. Preacher is a piece of literature. It's beautiful. Disturbing. Climatic.

    Casting is terrible. Why is tulip Mexican? Jesse Custer is played by a British guy? With a horrible southern accent? Arseface I feel is alright due to the shocking nature of his story and Cassidy is spot on.

    Script is awful.

    Start over please and tell Seth Rogen to stop cashing checks and spewing mediocrity. There are so many problems with this show.
  • madpea25 May 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    What just happened?..where am i? Have I just died and gone...somewhere? I'll be honest, I have never seen the comics and maybe there is a reason. One minute I'm in Space, then Africa, then listening to a preacher in some back blocks church in country USA, then I'm in an airplane 30,000 feet up in the air watching some gangsters "flying high" before one of them jumps out of a plane with an umbrella after killing everyone else on-board. Then watching some crazy woman having a fight in a speeding car through cornfields before she makes a bazooka with some soup cans and tin soldiers and blowing a helicopter out of the sky...okay, are you still with me...if you are we then head to Russia, for about 2 minutes...then we are back in the USA watching some guy with a mouth like a baboons backside talking to the, I'm exhausted!..oh and did I mention Tom Cruise explodes!! ..and that all happens in about 20 minutes...I'm sorry, I need a pill and go to sleep...stay tuned..not!...I'm sure by the other reviews, this is obviously something I've missed out on and I apologize for my ignorance hence my score of 5...because that's where I feel I am...stuck in the middle...somewhere.
  • richardelarios3 June 2016
    As a fan of the comics, I have to say that it was dam good.

    It exceeded what I thought I might have seen. When dealing with these vertigo comic properties I feel that many wouldn't understand them, maybe think they are a normal super hero genre. But this adaptation of Preacher gives me hope that they get these as stories. The Sandman series which I was sure wouldn't work, now seems like a viable property to be adapted.

    This episode did well to bring the off beat humor alive, and the characters shined greatly. I can't wait to see the other episodes, the only problem is that I hope they don't try to run the series dry. The comic series was only 60 plus comics.
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