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  • Arrogant. Presenting eternally debated issues as objectively simple and one sided, and if you land on any other perspective than his, you're a bad person. This is propaganda for hipsters. This is the new way agendas are presented, thru comedy, where our guard is down the most. As an investigative journalist myself I care only about objectivity, I have no political leaning when I write and research and do my best to avoid the bias of human nature, and this show is shameful in that context. I also pride myself on responding to critique with an open mind and not attaching personal feelings when I'm called out and lashing out at people who stand in the way of what i want to be true with ruminations concerning what actually is true objectively(this will make sense in a moment).

    The amount of things Adam skips over, presents out of context, or just straight up doesn't address to get his point across is nothing short of disgraceful. Why?!?! What could the purpose of this show possibly be beyond attempting to reshape issues current or otherwise, for a generation of people who have never really lived without a screen to dive into and use to construct a reality that is better than actual reality any time a hint of discomfort pops up. This is terrifying. There is literally no reason for a show like this to exist beyond arrogantly stating things his Freemason, or whoever really runs things, overlords tell him. Go ahead and give me a "not helpful" Bc I made people face the fact that we've collectively lost the ability to critically think and need a nasally voiced, annoying, intentionally sexually ambiguous, and unintimdating puppet to shape your world view. I could show u pages upon pages of research by really rich people all the way back to the 40s and 50s; that's gone into what personality is best to present information like this, hence allowing it to sink in most efficiently.

    I would have no problem if he didn't act like he solved the worlds greatest problems in 21 mins every week. We're all entitled to our opinion, for sure, but when it's presented as fact and any other perspective is condescended to the whole time. That's not an opinion, that's Pure wrong. I don't care about the disclaimer at the beginning, and neither does our human natured collective subconscious. I don't care which way a show like this leans socially or politically, i care that it leans at all. Please don't get that twisted. It's the leaning itself like he on that purple drank that bothers me. It's disingenuous and it's far deeper than some guy spewing nonsense. It's a weapon.

    Not quite the same but kinda similar, check out Nathan For You. Much much better docudramedy, not even close.
  • I think that says enough about this show's credibility.
  • Its a shame, it started out as such a genuine, original, fantastic show and then.. bam! Like as is any stereotypical fashion today, fame gets to their head. What do I mean by that... well its no longer the show that everybody loved it for. Now that there is a little popularity Adam feels he can now spew his unnecessary propaganda. It went from a great informative show to some politically correct virtue signalling leftist nonsense, yes, now he feels he has to go on about typical Hollywood left wing liberal gibberish.... Nothing we haven't heard of a 1000 times before. People are getting sick of this crap and that clearly shows in the season 2 rating. Nice job..... See you on the "I wonder what ever happened to them" show.... "
  • Snarky, Sarcastic, totally un-comical. Even if he is "right" about everything the way he goes on about his "facts" from various sources are extremely biased. One should take this show as a cheap ideological cluster of cherry picked instances.
  • But it quickly went downhill. Who fact checks the fact checkers? Not quite as funny or informative as it tries to come off in the commercials and promos. I would not waste my time to watch yet another show going the route of saying it is being informative while it is going for the path to best ratings.
  • Not only is Adam one of the most annoying human beings I've ever heard speak, many of the "facts" he presents to his very gullible audience are WRONG. In comparison, Alton Brown would be considered enjoyable.
  • I love watching shows on the Discovery and Science channel. Shows like Brain Games and The Universe. Adam Ruins Everything is incredibly entertaining and informative. It questions irrational social norms while breaking the 4th wall and adding very edgy comedy. As of this review (10-3-2015) only one episode has premiered and it was great! It pointed out how many activities and "good deeds" we perform as a society are really just manipulations from advertisers from our past and have no rational basis. After watching the first episode I already have a different outlook on our culture and what I thought was the proper way to live life. It reminded me of the book "The De-Textbook" which is a great book if you enjoy learning the history behind why we do what we do in an entertaining way.

    If you like this show I suggest you check out some of his web shorts on College Humor on YouTube.

    I really hope this show takes off.
  • If you know exactly what a supposedly educational show is going to say before the first word is uttered, something is very wrong. In the case of Adam Ruins everything, if the topic can, in any way, be colored by one's political leanings, his is painted USSR Red. It's a shame, because it doesn't have to be this way, alas the soy is very very thick and the intellect is very very thin when Adam is around.
  • dsurvey-7310211 October 2017
    Your recent episode regarding conspiracy theories was shameful, deceiving & manipulative. There have been thousands of children who have come forward to say that they had been sexually molested by sick predators but instead you laugh it off & imply it was all made up. Disgusting.

    Next you resort to name calling & labeling everyone who thinks any "conspiracy theory" is true. You called it "dangerous" to do your own research & come to your own conclusions. That's actually called critical thinking. What's dangerous is you spreading lie after lie while joking about the real issues.

    There is clearly an agenda behind your show.
  • spencertkagie1 October 2018
    Too much misinformation. I don't feel like the jokes land because I am too distracted by misinformation.
  • Adam ruins everything! including my day when i see him on tv! He is the most pretentious over-acting and annoying host ever, he talks in that awkward, over enunciated way that news casters do. He isn't funny or clever, anytime he delivers a line that's suppose to be funny he over delivers it and ruins any chance of amusement of funniness it might have had. Also the "information" is so unscientific and is usually things most people know already. Get this schmuck off television. Worst decision ever to give him his own show. Also unrelatedly the illustration for the show that's suppose to look like him was obviously drawn by someone who didn't wanna insult him by giving him the head shape and size he actually has.
  • plargreg25 July 2018
    I can't understand who can listen or watch this adam guy for more then thirty seconds without wanting to throw their tv into the garbage. He is so cringe worthy with his intense over acting and awkward, horrible humor. This show is just plain bad
  • OH ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT, Adam ruins everything, including the shows he stars in and narrates. This is the most annoying dude hosting a pointless unfunny show. I can't understate how annoying and pretentious the main dude comes off i wish he would shut up and stop ruining television for everyone in the audience
  • Many subjects brought up by this show is not actually true facts. If you are watching this as merely for entertainment value, then you will be entertained. But if you are watching it for educational value, please research the subject areas on your own for the real truth.
  • Telling facts is one thing. When you have to insult America or Americans in every single episode, it gets old. Adam is very possibly the most annoying human on the planet and his (along with everyone elses) hatred for America is so incredibly obvious. Someone said something about liberal bias. Thats exactly what this is.
  • I really did. I loved this show. Season 1 was fantastic, season 2 was merely okay, but season 3 is the worst pile of flaming garbage you could ever imagine. I'm not trying to sound like I'm being toxic here, but the ultraliberal propaganda it spews out on a weekly basis by now is just sad to listen to. The show started out both funny and informative, but it is now neither. Even the fact-checking has gone out the window; their data is cherry-picked and extremely biased. And I'm neither Republican nor Democrat, in fact I'm not even American at all, so it's not like I have a stake in this.

    Don't watch the new season, just let the show die.
  • This show is not based on fact, it's heavily based on liberal political views. Many of the claims made on this show have been debunked.

    Ghost Chasers is more believable than this show. I suspect it's only viewers are liberals who think they are viewing facts to justify their beliefs.
  • I have to admit that when I saw my first episode of "Adam Ruins Everything" I was impressed. It was the one about engagement rings. It was funny and very informative. So recently I was very pleased to learn that his videos are available on a TV Show format. So I did a binge watching everyone that was/is available. I was very shocked and disappointed in the biased views this show is taking in order to gain viewers. He seems to want the teenager demographic and to get them to watch, will gloss over the negative aspects of what is "dangerous" in order to gain their support. The most serious episode that is guilty of this is the one on drugs. He does mention that weed is dangerous for people under 25, but does so quickly and then moves on quickly to something that he makes sound more interesting. He seem to be relying on short attention spans of our youth. In that same episode, he picks out facts about illegal and prescription drugs which suit his topic and does not explain both sides properly. He almost convinced me that it is okay to do heron because some prescription drugs are in the same category. What he doesn't talk about is dosages, methods of use and monitoring. Sure most of the prescription drugs have street names and recreational uses, but under a doctor's supervision and monitoring, they are necessary. He made it sound like recreation use is okay. He even had a "hand picked" guest from Canada to talk about safe crack house shoot up facilities so addicts will not kill themselves. That's great...a nice place for people to shoot up and feed their addiction so that they will be safe and not go killing themselves. I challenge Adam to do a show called, "Adam Ruins, "Adam Ruins Everything" and have him debunk his own show.
  • This is a terrible entertainment show that tricks its audience into thinking they're learning something. They're not.

    I'm about to ruin everything about "Adam Ruins Everything".

    Basically, this show is a self-serving happy dance for left-wing politics with absolutely no factual references to back up its ludicrous claims.

    Now, before you attack me, do your due diligence (unlike the writers of "Adam" and please read my full review.

    All of their citations for their "facts" are either "The New York Times", "Time", "PBS", or "Life". READ THAT AGAIN. Their citations are almost ALL from newspapers and magazines, not actual studies or real statistics.

    The few references they have to scientific journals and controlled studies are twisted and poorly summarized. For example, "Adam" claims a study was conducted that proved women are smarter than men. When you read the actual study, you start to see its faults (which the study itself is aware of). First, the study was conducted on children from 12-15 years of age, which is the age range when women go through puberty and have fast brain development. Boys don't mature until a couple of years later. This is hardly proof of their claim. Again, please don't read this to say that men are smarter than women. I'm just citing an example of the extremely flawed statements this show makes.

    After watching just 10 minutes, be honest with yourself and count how many references are cited that are actual studies (if there is even 1, do yourself a favor and look into it - you'll be shocked). The other 10 references in a 10 minute segment will be some sort of magazine or show. I'm dead serious.

    Watch the show if you want to laugh at the writers and the moron acting like he knows everything. Don't watch it to learn anything of value. Unless of course, you are trying to learn how NOT to make a show that attempts to teach people facts.
  • The first season of this show was pretty good and seemed to be pretty factual but it seems Adam and the writers have caved to the liberal agenda. Most of the time Adam's "facts" are either cherry picked parts of facts or just completely made up. A lot of his conclusions are came to by using flawed logic. After a few episodes it's clear that Adam is a know it all that doesn't actually know very much at all...
  • Dear reader, May as well change the name of this show to the world through the eyes of a liberal. This show is just spewing liberal views on everything. This is an exceptionaly bias show that doesnt ruin anything. Instead, this show just states liberal views. Every show is just a liberals view on different topics. Quite frankly, its a pathetic, boring and of coarse, along with the rest of liberal television and media, it is just blatantly inaccurate. This is nothing other than a liberal method of taking over the minds of the young through televesion shows in which people dont even realize are political. Something must be done about the innacuracy and corruptness of this show.

    Sincerely, A college student that cares about the future of this great nation.
  • Ok I love the pace and the humor of the show but does everything I watch on commercial TV 📺 have to come with the SJW narrative. I just watched the housing episode. I thought I was living in Russia. They actually used an L.A.program to try and guilt me into the idea we should be giving homeless people a house. I'm as compassionate as the next person but how many people living on the street could handle the upkeep, taxes, insurance that comes with home ownership? Plus what message does that put out there for people that already have issues with drugs, crime, anti social behaviors MH problems. I can see rent assistance but there's no way giving a house to 90% of homeless people could be a good long term solution. But hey we're living in the me generation so everybody needs free stuff handed out to them especially if their whole life history is a pattern of poor decision making. I can't wait to watch the episode on Christmas! Who writes this crap?
  • cardcollecter17 May 2019
    This show is filled with misinformation topped with what I'm pretty sure is biased opinions. Plus Adam conveniently leaves out actual facts that can completely destroy the topic of the episode. I'm not even sure why this show is still on the air and getting new episodes.
  • There are so many cons, misconceptions, and deceitful propaganda that hundreds of millions of people just accept as correct and truth.

    This show is by far the greatest exploiter of these falsehoods. It simplifies the deception into ways which anyone can understand.

    Many of these subjects are painfully HUGE problems with society that have become commonly accepted.

    It's like a reworked version of Mythbusters, but instead of urban, cinematic, and legendary myths this show exposes major falsehoods of everyday life in which majority of humans don't even think to question.

    Bottom line: Brilliant, incredibly informative, funny, and the only good show TruTV has ever broadcast.
  • I think that this show is one of the greatest informational shows that is on the air right now. They deliver a lot of fascinating information in a very humorous way. Watching these episodes has already changed my view of some of our customs and ways. Adam Conover is fantastic in this series. How he can be hilarious, smart and sometimes sad is what makes this show watchable. it really is a shame that this show isn't more popular, but I hope that it gains more of an audience. Or as the new york times said "Adam Conover's new television series isn't the first dedicated to the fine art of debunking, but it's one of the most entertaining."
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