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  • I've been catching up on the leading British porn labels recently, and there seems to be a spiral downwards in quality, certainly in terms of production values. I attribute this to austerity, a fact of life that has affected the entire porn industry, but the new UK Porn Kings label is busy filling the virtual racks of today's imaginary video store with product exactly similar to but vastly inferior to that put out by daring! media, Bluebird, Harmony and JoyBear.

    This slapdash production is way below the standards formerly set by director DiSanto -his love of low-angle distorting camera-work remains but the five vignettes shot in a makeshift office set (or real, crummy, office) are careless.

    Saving the day, as usual, is the female cast, decked out in tight outfits, high heels and glasses, which in Pavlovian fashion suggests office co-workers to us horny viewers. Short of an office romance, nowadays raising the ire of the HR department, dreams of making out with that hot girl you see in passing everyday at work remains a surefire porn formula.

    I'm not a tat fan ordinarily, but cast-against-type Havana Sin steals this show with gaudy tattoos, exuberant personality and sidekick huge Danny D's cock in support. Tigerr Benson is fabulous as always, and Emma Butt brings not only her big chest (and big butt) to the show but an uppitiness that is quite pleasing in delivering improvised dialog. Heavy British accents and impenetrable argot make this one a candidate for subtitling.