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  • larrys34 January 2020
    When a seemingly Caucasian couple Tom and Jen, Will McFadden and Sarah Butler respectively, become parents to a newborn black baby it will throw uncertainty and turmoil into their marriage and lives. To add to all the uncertainty, Tom's fellow lawyer and best friend Ron (Jamie Hector) is black, so Tom suspects Jen and Ron may have had an affair.

    Unfortunately, I felt, as a viewer, manipulated and somewhat lectured to by this film, even as the movie progressed and more was revealed. If the intention of McFadden, who was also the director and writer here, was to make the viewer feel uncomfortable it did accomplish that to a large degree.

    Overall, this film did get me to think about some of the issues it raised, but the story was told, as mentioned, in such a manipulative and simplistic way that it lost its likely intended effect on me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie inevitably reminded me somethings:

    The senator who claimed she got Indian's DNA from her ancestors, even it's only about 000000.01% or less, but she's proud of it. She needs the votes from all the races in America, but the POTUS simply laughed at her weak trying.

    The Unforgiven (1960), a movie when the daughter was finally exposed and confirmed that she's not a pure white race but an Indian orphan. The finding made her adopted white family members totally disintegrated.

    There was a poll for the black young people in America long time ago. Two choices for you to decide: One million dollars vs Suppose if you could change your color to pure white. Lot of the black young men chose the latter instead of the 1 million dollars offer; they'd rather have their skin color changed. BUT time and the way of thinking had changed so far: Black is the New White. Black is beautiful and sexier. Black is whiter than the real white.

    But when the white couple in this movie mysteriously had a baby born with black skin and looked 100% black, things just turned ugly, the husband suddenly became so suspicious and doubted his wife, even himself. Then the wife's parents reluctantly admitted a family secret, so shockingly unacceptable, just like the 1960 Western played by Audrey Hepburn, Burt Lancaster and Audie Murphy. Audrey Hepburn almost wanted to kill herself, Burt Lancaster sneakily glad, but Audie Murphy, the younger brother to Lancaster simply exploded and wanted his always-thought-she-was-his-white sister to get out of their home and went back to join her Kiowa tribe.

    This 2019 Doubting Thomas movie undoubtedly is with a quite sensitive but at the same, quite embarrassed and awkward situation. Yet if you're trendy enough like lot of married inter-racial couples nowadays, having a black baby is just a God-given blessing, not a problem at all.

    As to this particular movie, just watchable but not great at all.

    Everybody in my opinion, is somewhat a hidden racist, but nobody wants to admit it, because it's not politically correct and morally right. Just buy the red "MAGA" baseball hat, then you'd be a Great Republican American; the color of your skin is absolutely not an issue.

    P.S. I'm just joking. So don't take me too seriously. : )