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  • We have one life and we should enjoy its every moment. The movie is about Charlie who loves life , travelling and sketching and the other role is portrayed by Parvathy who is serious about life. The story unfolds when Parvathy traces back characters from the sketches which Charlie made and started accepting life and wanting to meet charlie after his humanly activities which helped people to give their life importance and doing something for others. The story and the depiction was good.
  • muhammedsabah-0446124 August 2018
    One of the best movies of in the career of Dulqer Salman.Best direction by Martin.Its a must watch movie.
  • Once a wise man said, ' search with your best effort, search in every corner, search with a feeling, feeling that runs through your veins , feeling for what you are seeking. Search and search and Search. " No doubt , for the past two years, I have been a movie holic, and I hope it will remain the same.I have learned so many things, so many views, and there's a vast ocean of that awaiting for me to dive into it.Every Good movie is interconnected, whether it's Malayalam or Iranian, Argentine or Hollywood , Korean or German.You just have to search and search and search! Charlie, name of a mystery, an enigma to be unfolded by a beautiful girl who accidentally gets to know him by his unfinished Sketchbook story, discovers a nomad yet so beautiful young lad who sees things differently. He is kind of a mixture of humayun's himu character and landon from highway to heaven.
  • Not everyone or everyone has the capability of making you feel good about yourself, but Charlie did. Charlie is a movie full of optimism, inspiration and love. This movie not only spreads love, but also teaches you to love yourself. Charlie will touch your heart with the simplicity which was illustrated all over the movie. The characters were well developed. There was no attempt of highlighting any character excessively, yet they shone beautifully. Moreover, the scenarios, the locations were so beautiful that anyone would be mesmerized. A beautiful movie with a very strong message - I don't think anything else is needed to be said about this movie.
  • This is one of the best romantic movies in Malayalam, very refreshing and different. The characters are beautiful portrayed and each one of them takes the story forward very well. The songs are very beautiful and has already become a part of my frequently played play list. Loved the climax. This might not be liked if you are expecting regular run of the mills kind of Rom-com. The direction, locations and editing are brilliant. Worth watching many times :) The cast is superb and all the roles are aptly fulfilled. Watch this if you want to see a different kind of experiment in Malayalam movies. This is another brilliant movie of Parvathy.
  • This movie is a treasure for artistic mind and creative people. The story is amusing and art direction, cinematography is mind blowing. Hats off to the whole production team.
  • Life is beautiful if you make it different through your own way. Perfect entertainment & an excellent art work. Mind refreshing & a must watch for fresh & art film lovers :-)
  • Travel, adventure, standing up and fighting injustices heroically, being one with people from poorer or less fortunate sections of society, being able to express the goodness in oneself boldly and completely, not being confined to small predictable lives - these are all longings that will resonate with a lot of people. Charlie fulfills all these beautifully, providing the viewer some emotional satisfaction.

    Cinema as a business is built around it's ability to be an escape from the boring routines and predictabilities of life. Charlie fits the business model nicely.

    Dulqar is the star of the movie. The movie rests squarely on his shoulders. If he had not delivered, the movie had absolutely no chance. I think this is his best performance so far. He has effectively challenged himself by rising above just being a behavior actor. He is a star. His likability sold. His work on his physique shows. His dialogue delivery is endearing. Charming fellow.

    Parvathy is an awesome actress. She has a very crucial role as well. She has much more screen time than Dulqar though the movie revolves fully around DQ. She is beautiful and has kept her presence sweet throughout the movie.

    The situations in the movie were not predictable though not all of them were totally new. The story line has been drawn very carefully, wary of the viewer and holding some tricks up the sleeve all the way. Spotted with interesting incidents, the movie is a feel gooder.

    The movie has good art work. I will not be surprised if the movie wins awards for it's art work in addition to many others. The sets are interesting. Lot of nice objects have been used to tell the story of the movie.

    The songs are impressive and is at par with the movie. Coming at pretty regular intervals, the movie is kept pleasant and musical all through.

    Cinematography is excellent. The movie has been written to use lot of beautiful/ varied / striking sights and the camera has captured them nicely - be it the saturated colors of fort kochi, the striking costumes, pooram.

    However, the fact of the matter is that the movie is quite sublime and just whiffs off pretty quickly. It was not meant to be deep or leave a lasting impact. It is just a nice roller coaster ride into Charlie's life. I would see it again.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A December release and a movie from Dulquer Salman after a long gap, there was bound to be a lot of buzz and hype around the movie. Naturally the expectations were too high. Also since Dulquer-Martin Prakaat's previous venture ABCD was a hit with positive feedback. Charlie however does not have a great story or comedy scenes like ABCD. The movie is simply a search by Parvathi Menon to find Charlie. Where the movie scores: 1The curiosity raised among the audience by Parvathi Menon around this Charlie character. 2The positive vibes created by the attitude of Charlie towards life and all those who he meets along the way 3The moments were Dulquer's commanding laugh reminded of his father Mammooty. 4A helpless daughter, an ill-fated wife and an unlucky doctor who gets back happiness thanks to Charlie However amidst all these positives, the end felt like i was told to get out of the train before reaching the destination. A ridiculous magic trick and poor attempts at jokes did not make the climax any better. Overall like any other viewer I would admit that Dulquer Salman owned it and I may even watch it again
  • Try watching Charlie it gives your life back DQ characterization speaks everything, in every department Charlie shines kudos to the maker for this feel good attempt
  • tibincsabu27 December 2018
    I have never written a review for any movies. This is the first time . That's how much I love this movie. The feel good element of this movie is just so good. Every bgm, every dialogue, every songs. Just everything about this movie is such a feel good. Love this movie to the core . Watched this movie 154 times already. It helps to change ur depression into happiness . I can't stop writing about this movie. It gives such an amazing feel.
  • Charlie (Dulquer) is a young man who loves travelling and loves enjoying his life to the fullest. He has life experiences more than his age. He tries to keep the people happy around him and he assures that they are happy. Tessa (Parvathy), a geographical artist also has a good outlook towards her life. This movie Charlie depicts the love story of both of them and how both of them brings celebrations and happiness in the people around them.

    Plus Points:

    >Cinematography >Music Direction >Actors Performances >Costume Designing >Direction >Songs
  • praveen7718 January 2016
    Charlie is a shout out to the inner spirit within us straining to get out of its self-imposed restraints, a joyous call to the wild and free. This is not as much a movie of strong plot line as a palette of fresh colors and exuberance, at the center of which are two characters unrelenting in their search for meaning in the disorderly and their sheer rejection of the order which familiar society tries to impose on them.

    The story? We have Tessa, played by a luminous Parvathy escaping from the confined environs of her extended family (and from a job in Bangalore), especially her mother, who want to impose order and compliance onto her supposed wayward lifestyle by getting her betrothed to one of the present party. She ends up in a ramshackle rented room in one of the less savory parts of Kochi, and is captivated by the fascinating remnants of the life of the previous occupant (Dulqar Salman) of the place. As she tries to trace this seemingly almost mythical presence, she gets further emotionally drawn into this kindred spirit who appears to have perfected the art of living for anecdotal episodes of an unpredictable life, while at the same time leaving a mark with his humanity on the lives he has touched.

    The episodes with disparate characters are wonderfully captured. There is the thief who tries to break into his place, but who ends up being accompanied by Charlie on a night of unpredictability. The young woman whose life is indelibly influenced by Charlie also has a poignant tale to tell, while the long suffering Kunjappan (Nedumudi Venu) may hold the key to the hopeful final meeting of the two. The story arc involving Kalpana is another touching and bittersweet portion of the movie which endears all the characters to us. This is one of my favorite Malayalam films of the year and also one of the best pairs I've seen in a while, though the actual number of scenes in which they are together is quite few. The climactic reveal amidst the vibrant colors and pomp of the Thrissur pooram is delightfully handled, and this is one movie where a sequel may be genuinely warranted, if only to see where these characters end up.

    Speaking of which, Parvathy finally seems to be holding up her end of the bargain and finally fulfilling the immense promise she showed from her Notebook and City of God days. Here she captures the viewers as the throbbing heart of the movie and wins us over. Dulqar Salman as the titular character also exudes some great screen presence and has great chemistry with Parvathy. The supporting cast too is flawless, and adds on to make this one of the best movies of the year.
  • Senjuti224 May 2019
    I never felt the feeling that this movie made me feel. This movie is like a breeze that blows unexpectedly and stops a city dweller to breathe in. The casting, the acting and the direction were perfectly blended. I really wish a journey like the one Charlie and Tessa had in the movie. I really do.
  • forayof10 May 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Dulquer Salmaan starer Charlie is a Malayalam movie with Parvathy and Aparna Gopinath as female leads. Charlie is a poetic travelogue of a hippie kind of artist and vagabond who enters and exits many people's life only to be branded as lunatic or madman. This is a story of a selfless human being who lives life for the sake of others and does what he feels and spreads positive vibes. Parvathy searches for Charlie throughout the movie. Dulquer plays Charlie with effortless ease which lends an unique grace to the character aided by the brilliant portrayal of both female leads. Director Martin Prakkat weaves the story like a painting with great visuals of Jamon John and lilting and alluring score by Gopi Sunder takes movie to next level. This movie comes with a rare panache. This movie, winner of 8 Kerala State awards, is an expression with wings which flies high. A real and rare treat.
  • sparkleshakil4 March 2019
    Cinematograph, music,acting all are awsome.I just love this movie.
  • Humayun Ahmed, a great novelist, in the history of Bengali Literature, created a magical character named 'Himu'. I find Himu in Charlie(Dulquer's Character).

    In narrating the story, the director had been apt in describing the plot, however, let the movie goer to imagine.

    The cinematography is worth watching and the music is mesmerizing.

    It is a journey to discover Charlie; a journey to love; a journey to believe in stranger at the oddest moment of life.

    Charlie will keep u to the end to wipe out the last.
  • Best performance of DQ and pervathy after a long period of time . The movie is a unique one whos have a love for adventure . The backgroud sound of the movie is awsome . Finally i can say that this one is a sure mind refreshing movie .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Zahir - someone or something which, once we have come into contact with them or it, gradually occupies our every thought, until we can think of nothing else. This is what Tessa(Parvathy) goes through, who while running away from her family and their expectations, finds anonymity in a secluded small town/village somewhere in Kerala.

    She moves into a small unkempt apartment which is full of things belonging to a previous mysterious owner who goes by the name "Charlie" (Dulquer) the plot of the movie is Tessa falling in love with Charlie - a person whom she has seen only 1 small photograph with a bunch of children and what from she learns about him from the people whose life he has touched and changed.

    Tessa finds an incomplete comic illustration in the apartment and her initial quest is to simply find out how does the comic end, she meets various characters sketched by Charlie and they in paint an image of Charlie which she slowly starts falling in love with. She eventually does find out how the comic ends, but by that time she is crazy in love with Charlie and meeting him is the only thing that matters in her life.

    Charlie however is very elusive, and they both don't meet until the climax before which there are a bunch of near misses.

    Good Things - Parvathy Menon as Tessa , Dulquer as Charlie are good, although all that 24x7 effervescent bubbling portrayal of the ever optimist Charlie does get on your nerves at times. There is a lot of thought into characterization, even the side characters are memorable and give credible performances.

    Not so good things - The movie is too much sweet at times, which is alright if you are a 17 year old. but mature audiences might end up wanting more emotions from the movie than just feeling awesome all the time. All characters are shown as very positive people in their life - as in there's nothing negative about them - which kinds of makes you feel like you are watching some Utopian movie, and might end up with you mumbling to yourself - this doesn't happen like this in real life at all. I am not a fan Dulquer, but this is his best performance in my opinion, and is a welcome change from the brat,speaking in accent rich man's son with issues portrayal he usually does in his other movie. All in all if you are young and/or are in love - do watch this movie. Otherwise also its a one time watch.
  • I have seen martin martins ABCD and expected the same quality from this flick too. I was not disappointed. I felt it very refreshing. A new genre. Story about a mysterious loud laughing person portrayed by Dulquer. Cast wise Parvathy and Aparna did decent job. Loud laughs may be annoying for some, but I would suggest to take that in right sense. Also climax was better than i expected. I was thoroughly entertained. This is the first time I am reviewing about a film, since I found a spoiler from other person. Cons:humours are light and worth laughing. Mysterious person portrayed really well. Unni R and Martin has done a good job with the script(well scripted). Pros: Loud laughs may be clichéd and annoying. Verdict : good movie, watch with family...
  • I remember when i first watch this movie. in 2017, one of my friends suggest me to watch this beautiful movie. Really, it is good. This movie shown one kinds of life of a man that can not describe fully in words. In my view of point , this man is a superman in his own not having any super power but having a beautiful mind and a personality of making people happy.This movie shown a young man through his vagabond life helping people to live life. There is also a girl who is throughly feed up of her life. she seeks something in life that leads to a journey to him. finally . somehow they manage to know each other and she gets curiosity. Having a curiosity this leads to seek the unseen.throughly it seems like you having a journey watching this movie.happy watching.
  • slobya28 December 2018
    Whatever I wanted out of a movie is this... Not everything you can explain in words, sometimes certain emotions are immeasurable... Charlie is one such happiness... I've a bookmark of this movie and watch it whenever I feel I need some bliss...
  • Charliee...ONe of the most expected Malayalam movies of 2015. Its a fact that people were expecting so much out of Charlie..From the costumes and first look poster of Charlie, all were expecting something like the Nivin Poly starer "Premam", or something like that.And its due to this reason, people are not ready to accept the fact that Charlie is a good movie. Movies are always not about, mass entertainment,comedy or tragedy.As I said in the title..Charlie is a feel good movie where, peace,excitement,optimism and is promoted. The character portrayed by Dulquer Salman , is the soul of the movie. Undoubtedly its DQ's best performance till date and shows complete confidence and screen presence in the movie. He is of the opinion that..We have to live out our life happily forever. He is ready to turn the sorrows of many people in to happiness...or he is ready to turn the hopes of the people in to a reality. The character played by Parvathy Menon.."Tessa" is in search of Charlie all throughout the movie..She knows Charlie well from all the people who came across Charlie and she gradually falls in love with "that idea of being with 'Charlie'". The credit goes to Martin Prakkat, who has shown extreme skills of craftsmanship in building such a wonderful and joyful movie. I have been noticing many in the social media..trying to degrade the movie. Its a different sort of movie..put in front of Malayali community. Try to see the movie as a feel good movie and please do not expect a "premam" or "moideen" out of it. Its the best Malayalam movie for me in 2015..and I am ready to watch it again and again... And fellow readers..please do not encourage the degradation of such a wonderful movie. If done so..Charlie will turn itself in to one of the most under-rated Malayalam movies...
  • Basic plot of Charlie is all about a finding one's interests. There r some Beautiful short stories in the Screenplay. Director brought up all the emotions in those stories where it all connects to one character. Dulquer is extremely good. He was flawless. Cinematography is exceptional. Charlie character is just like an art. Songs are Catchy. And omg that bgm is still haunting me. Biggest question in the movie is climax. It was so unconditional to explain or question it ! Charlie is a different Attempt in Malayalam industry. An absolute gem !
  • vsshegur4 February 2018
    Good Movie Diiferent story Different Plot Awesome acting Dalquer Salmaan & Parvathy.
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