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  • lor_28 September 2022
    This worthless video dares to showcase hardcore porn actresses, top names including Chasey Lain and Taylor Hayes, posing nude in sort of Western Movie cosplay -no sex, just nudity. It's about as boring as could be, sort of resembling those endless Playboy videos produced in the 1980s and 1990s as softcore fare, sometimes designed as music videos to spotlight a Playmate of the month (memorably including the famous Michael Bay-directed Kerri Kendall video before his movie career commenced).

    "Prairie Gals" has been classified as Adult genre for years, but that's totally bogus.

    I kept waiting for something to happen, but no such luck. With the great Veronica Hart offering some voice-over, the MOS shoot has no background sound, just tepid music as Chasey Lain rides into a Texas town where four gals are playing strip poker outdoors. Chasey almost has a gunfight with a tall, butch beauty, but they barely touch, merely threatening each other with phallic hand guns.

    A couple of other girls roast marshmallows at night by a campfire, also barely touching. Lastly a blonde poses nude with cowboy hat and guitar. Nothing happens in this prairie town.

    Final insult is the padding of endless crew credits at the end, which rarely any hardcore porn feature ever gets. Producer is a porn great, Nick Orleans, but he delivers zilch in the world of softcore, barely a soft-R rating for full frontal nudity.