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  • I'm not sure why all the negative reviews. As a comedy show, it works very well. It is certainly not a superhero show and it does not try to be one, which I appreciate very much. The jokes are rather refreshing although at times can be a bit predictable. But it is very enjoyable and the 20 something minutes seem to fly. Again I think people were expecting a superhero show and are disappointed because it is not. If you are expecting costly production with expensive CGI superhero TV show, you will not get that. But it is comparatively low cost funny show. Show does not need to be expensive to be funny.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cancelled,?Its truly a shame this show had so much potential. Separating itself from all the heaviness in the dc world and marvels TV show it actually brought a different perspective and silliness comic-book movies and shows are lacking.,was it perfect no but the ingredients were there to make a really good funny show with heart and as a comic book fan who is powerless wondered how normal or not so normal people worked around chaos that superhero n villains create .its such a shame i hope somehow it can be picked up by some other network
  • I personally really enjoyed this. It is light, its relaxing, its fun... Its not one of those hectic heavy shows that you need to prepare yourself for in order to watch it.

    Alan Tudyk is really funny and like I said, something light to watch at the end of the day when you cant decide what to put on..
  • I really enjoy this show. It isn't an 'epic drama'; but it was never meant to be. It is supposed to give fans of the 'Super-Hero' genre a fun 'junk food snack' and it does that in spades. It is set in a 'universe' of Super-Heroes but just not at the center of it; that what makes it fun. It is like peeking into that universe through a keyhole.
  • My initial impression of Powerless was that it was cute, innocuous and funny enough to keep watching. It had an interesting premise and some solid actors. At times it seemed rather generic, but there were also moments of cleverness and wit.

    Those moments of cleverness increased as the show progressed. By the halfway mark the series was much funnier and cleverer, and towards the end there were things like the brilliant No Consequences episode.

    Alas, by that time the series had been cancelled. This is the problem with a slow start. It's a shame; I think season 2 could have been really great.
  • It was exactly what I expected from the previews: a superhero show that doesn't take itself too seriously. By far my favorite part is that the show takes a world filled with superheroes and makes the characters find it boring—which, if super-villain attacks happened as frequently as the comic books make them seem, would absolutely happen. Reminds me of Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson, although those books take themselves far more seriously.

    Also, the costume and casting, etc, serve to make the show look like a comic book. I don't normally notice stuff like that, but I thought the behind the scenes work was spot on. It's still growing, but I think it's definitely got a lot of potential. Of course, it'll probably be canceled before it can reach it, which will be disappointing.
  • If you want to laugh (or at least smile), this show will certainly deliver. If you take it as a comedy show (and not superheroes), it is really funny and light.

    I'd compare it to Big Bang Theory someheow (not geek humor but same atmosphere). The actors are very good and have great potential, same for the writers. The tone is just what it needs to be, which is not easy considering the concept. I think it just didn't find its public yet.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The show takes place in Charm City, a metropolis plagued by so many superheroes they practically have to call traffic control to schedule their fly-overs. The superheroes--and the villains they battle--do collateral damage to the city and its citizens, as we know from previous shows about superheroes, especially Superman.

    This comedy revolves around the boss (Alan Tudyk) and employees of a security company that protects its clients from said collateral damage. Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) who is new to the city and the company, wants to fit in.

    The first episode sets up the premise, but is otherwise a waste. In the next two episodes, Tudyk and Hudgens manage to keep things interesting. Michael D. Cohen, as Human Resources Manager Samuel Greene, gets some meaty lines that poke fun at H.R. (He bullies employees with threats that they will have to sit through a 6-hour anti-bullying video!)

    The basic theme of the show is that Emily has to bail out her inept boss, who is clueless when it comes to any aspects of business. The superhero concept allows the show to be more whimsical than the usual office comedy.

    This is an uneven comedy at best, but it has its lol moments.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Very surprised to see the number of negative reviews. Sure there is room for improvement, but very few TV series are ever a 10/10 in their first season.

    Overall, the show's premise is novel (a commendable feat for the superhero genre) and offers great potential for interesting and funny plot lines (i.e. what do you do if you realize you're dating a super villain's henchman?).

    The cast is superb; and while there are few corny lines, overall it's an enjoyable show. I'm looking forward to watching the series develop (and hoping NBC gives it time to find its stride and fan base).
  • I feel this show is not something to go out of your way to watch, but if you're looking for a show to eat some time and not hit you emotionally, this is perfect.

    The show definitely gets better after the first two episodes (thus far), and it has some jokes that land surprisingly well, but don't have high expectations for it. Obviously the three big actors are often the best part of the show.

    I've watched every episode (mostly because I have insomnia), and I have never felt annoyed or even disappointed after watching an episode.

    I strongly believe my rating will increase to a 7 by the end of the first season. If they add new writers (and possibly directors), this show has the potential to be an 8.
  • First 2 episodes were bad but it is better from episode 3 and episode 5 is great. Episode 1 was really bad . Episode 2 is awful. Episode 3 is okay. Episode 4 is good . Episode 5 is great . I like Alan Tudyk in this and Danny Pudi is great. The intro to the show is great and that melody is great . I hope that this show will get season 2 because it could become a cult classic.
  • With so many superhero series nowadays, it's increasingly common seeing people used to it all having that "nolam" realism and grittiness like Arrow, or a little less like in Flash and Supergirl, and better not mention the Marvel ones, but thing is, Powerless is not about it. It's supposed to be comedic, like a sitcon. Or even like a cartoon. People think those actors are wasting their talent, I say they are putting it to a test, acting more like cartoon characters than real people, and I respect that. This series have a lot of potential to point, mock or downright degrade DC Comics itself in a very clever and funny way.
  • Well, that's what I see as motto of first episode - according to short background from childhood of Emily, then making fun from all those super powered creatures around. More, they make fun from Bruce Wayne and it's relatives, company too. The cast seems pretty good - for comedy. I know only Alan Tudyk, and he is good as usual. First episode seemed a bit rushed, 22 minutes was just too short for all it. I don't see some other complain. Will see how it develops by time.

    And, as was to expect, and visible here by few reviews and posts in forum, this is not for everyone. Those who expected some new superpower action show should think little about title (it self says a lot), and why citizens on train acted that way. I hope it will continue in same manner, and will slow a little - that's normal to expect, as premiere episodes are usually made with idea: put as much possible in.
  • First of all, is not any ordinary Comic Book TV series that I've ever watched before. It kinda show a little more Comedic side of the Comic Book World, the series Powerless it showed that ordinary human being can changed the world by making the city into a much safer place and Vanessa Hudgens portraying as the character Emily is the greatest that happened. So far is a fun series to watched!
  • Blairocity24 February 2017
    This show is honestly refreshing. TV shows have become stale lately with the same plots being dragged out, but Powerless brings a very unique spin to the TV screen. I never imagined that humor and superheroes could work so well, but it does. The quirky characters and their witty one-liners make the show great. Vanessa Hudgens is wonderful for the role of Emily and is definitely the best part of the show, but the rest of the cast plays a great role, too, and I enjoy watching all of them every episode. I hope this show continues on, I look forward to watching it every week.
  • It felt like there was energy with the cast that would be built upon in future. I especially liked Alan Tudyk, Vanessa Hudgeons and Christina Kirk. Especially Tudyk - one of my favorite character actors. I laughed out loud which was unexpected as that is rare for me. I would counter the comment about the "idea" I DO like the concept and am excited to see what the writers come up with in future. I think there is a real potential for DC to poke fun at or have fun with itself. In fact I wish it was longer - which I feel would give more of a chance to develop some good story lines. The texture of the sets are rich and feel in an appropriate place between the real world and fantasy. I appreciate that the effects and sets weren't under developed.
  • luther-312168 February 2017
    I felt Powerless had a pretty good,solid 1st episode. I agree with others that any new series the actors need a little time to get a feel of their own characters as well as the others on the show. So with that said after we get into a few episodes then we will be able to give it a more accurate rating and critique. Wouldn't be fare to Judge it to harshly just yet.

    So with all that said I will add another more detailed review after the 4th-5th episode. in between i'll add reviews of each episode with my likes, dislikes and other misc.personal opinions. (If I happen to add any Facts I will put a cliff-note of where to check where I got the fact.)

    hope Powerless becomes a big hit and has some really good story lines.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the worst kind of comedy, everyone straining to be over the top weird and wacky, with not a truly funny moment in sight. Weak premise, recycled oddball characters and clichés (for example the hostile fat girl who bullies spineless nerdy guys, who we will later no doubt find out has a heart of gold) I could almost write the series plot arc without seeing another episode, which I most certainly will not.

    22 minutes was way too long, the automatic flop detector should have cut this off in 10. Alan Tudyk and Vanessa Hudgens should fire their agents.

    How did this even get to air in a golden age of television?

    Turkey rating 10/10
  • I was really trying, until the "that was a permanent marker" cliché not even halfway through the first episode. Is your writer's room really that shallow? How do you have a cast with Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, and Danny Pudi, all of whom are hilarious, and turn them into flat unfunny stereotypes? I halfway expected them to mug right at the camera at the end of their lines. Vanessa Hudgens plays a paint-by-numbers small town girl in the big city, and in a show set in a world of comics and superheroes, she's unbelievably cartoonish. I've heard Better Off Ted name dropped a few times in reference to Powerless, but Ted had carefully constructed satire and deep, biting sarcasm, whereas this doesn't even hit the level of a Chuck Lorre laugh-tracked sitcom. If this show makes it to season two and has a chance to retool there might be a diamond in there somewhere, but for now it seems like it's all rough.
  • I like Alan Tudyk, and most everything superheroes. This show sounded so awesome! Spoiler alert, it wasn't.

    I had one chuckle, one.

    The superhero battle at the beginning was a nice introduction and probably cost a lot, but what makes a comedy work is the jokes not the special effects. Put the budget into the writing!

    A horrible plot is kinda expected in a show like this, but it needs good characters. Unfortunately, I couldn't stand any of them! The main character is way too cheerful and positive, and the rest of the cast is too depressing. None of them have any personality!

    Spoiler if you care...

    Bruce Wayne was right, he should fire all of these people.
  • The story idea is awkward, but perhaps had to potential to be doable. Ordinary people in a comic book superhero universe could provide an interesting and funny take. However, what comes out of this show is less comic book and more cartoon-ish. I feel like the best way to describe it would be to imagine what Moulin Rouge would look like if it was stripped of its musicality and nice sets. The dialogue is awkward. The characters are more two-dimensional than their comic book origins. No, really, they are just extreme representations of one personality trait (exceedingly pretentious, sweet, robotic, pathetic, etc). The setting, and the lead for that matter, and sickeningly sweet and would be better placed in the set of a live action version Power Puff Girls. Honestly, I'm not even sure what they're trying to achieve with this show. Child's shows take their audiences more seriously than this.
  • jay_jeed3 February 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was actually quite disappointed with this. So many big names dropping from the comics etc made me really excited, but I felt it all fell flat. So much comedy, and not great comedy either. It was the kind of jokes you hear someone tell you and you feel like you need to laugh to not create an awkward moment, but deep inside you feel like "can we move on now?".. but it doesn't happen, because the next weird section pops up right in your face again and again. And to mention to citizens.. nobody reacts to the heroes/villains fighting? Where is the tension? Is there even a need to even create/invent these tools/gadgets if people don't even care? This new-introduced so called "cousin" as well.. if there ever was someone like that in the main plot of Batman, would there even be a need for the creation of Batman and his struggle of having no family left alive? But to also know for fact that this person is a "Wayne", a respected family for generations.. and this guy acts like a total jacka**. So many plot holes that just don't fit in for me. Long rant, sorry. I love DC and all it's characters.. but seeing this immature creation was just a big 'No'.
  • This is a cancelled show, waiting to happen. Pros: -Alan Tudyk is hilarious,(as usual). -No laugh track.

    Cons: -The rest of the cast fade in to a blandness that takes a painful effort to watch (even Danny Pudi). -With the promise of such an interesting idea for a show, the plot is(at best) utterly boring. -Some of the sets look so pathetically cheap, it's startling. Even with the multi camera shooting, the main set has the appearance of a 'made for studio audience' show.

    I was really looking forward to this one. What a disappointment.A tragedy for anyone who wastes minutes of their precious life on this dog of a show. At least Tudyk's getting a pay cheque.
  • Alan Tudyk who plays CEO Van Wayne is usually astute at getting involved with successful films and television series. Add the star power of the young up and comer Vanessa Hudgens who plays Emily Locke the company idea person who is the companies fifth (5th) team leader this year and you would think the show has some decent talent to turn this comedy into a hit. The team is not very good at creating new superhero concepts in Gotham, but they seem to be great at being a bunch of negative Nancy's who are all just sitting around without any of their own super powers waiting to get their walking papers.

    I didn't seem to be able to relate to any of this cast of plastic characters who as I said are a bunch of negative Nancy's and Emily who is the "we can do it" motivator. There seems to be a smell permeating from my TV set, or is it just the stench of some really rotten episode writing.

    To be fair I will give it a 2 out of 10 but if the stench keeps up how low can they go? Wellllllll?
  • Powerless is an enjoyable ride. Read too deeply into it, and you will miss out on some fun.

    Don't get to caught up in other superhero shows, because that is not the focal point here, but the backdrop. Powerless is about normal people living in a world of superheroes which is in contrast to most shows in these worlds, both in subject and seriousness. How often do you get the perspective of people without superpowers in such a universe with a comedic twist like this?

    Powerless doesn't need to be deeper than what it is. I chuckled fairly often, and got some good laughs. I honestly really needed something like this. In a world where everyone takes themselves too seriously, this is a welcomed break. Grab some popcorn and let your overtaxed brain decompress a bit.

    Go into it expecting this simple charm, shed the seriousness of the day, and you won't be disappointed. It is a pleasant distraction in this incredibly complicated world.
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