Original pilot had the cast working at a life insurance company covering superhero related deaths. After it was picked up to series, it was changed to a Wayne corp subsidiary focused on creating products that prevent innocent bystanders from being hurt.

When Emily is told she's dating a henchman, she's shown a dating web page that reads: 5 Signs You're Dating a Henchman 1. He has cuts and bruises all the time and can never recall exactly how he got them. 2. He only pays in cash. 3. He owns more than one turtleneck. 4. He has no friends of his own. 5. He takes you away on a romantic weekend to his boss' lair carved into the side of a mountain.

Not based directly on a DC Comics publication. Ironically, though, their main competition Marvel published a series titled "Powerless" in 2004 that explored Marvel's characters if they had never gained superpowers.

Alan Tudyk, who plays Van Wayne, has voiced many characters in DC Animated Films and series, including Superman, Green Arrow and The Flash.

Is not in the same universe as Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl.

Van Wayne is loosely based on a preexisting Earth-One continuity character, Vanderveer Wayne, Bruce Wayne's rich and spoiled cousin.

In the opening credits, there are 5 comic book covers shown. In order, they are: Action Comics #1, Green Lantern Volume 2 #25, Batman #455, The Flash #293 and Wonder Woman: Volume 2, #24.

The establishing shots of Charm City are actually shots of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, and prominently feature the Terminal Tower.

First live-action DC Comics project for Alan Tudyk. He's previously voiced various DC heroes and villains, most notably Superman, Green Arrow and Captain Cold, in animated films and TV series.

Vanessa Hudgens' first series regular role on a TV series.

This is Danny Pudi's first TV series since Community (2009).

After pulling the final three episodes of the show from its Thursday night lineup on 4/25/17, NBC officially canceled the series on 5/11/17.

Christina Kirk, Ben Queen, and Michael Patrick Jann had worked on A to Z (2014).

Ron Funches first TV series since Undateable (2013).

Emily's father (Marc McClure) was the original Jimmy Olsen from the Superman Movie (1978) series.