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  • Of course I exaggerate, but in the current vignette era limiting porn videos to roughly 3 to 5 actresses, Bluebird's paean to the wet t-shirt look employs an endless roster of top British pulchritude.

    Prinicipal players who rub down car hoods and then each other include Michelle Thorne (featured in two segments), Cindy Behr, Paige Ashley, Stacey Saran, Valery Summer and Gemma Massey, while a bevy of beauties appear as eye candy in the background without joining in on the XXX fun or even in most cases getting naked. As with many other Glambird extravaganzas, it is almost dizzying how many femmes are on the payroll and angling for position on screen.

    Six segments on the lengthy video offer a bit of variety, but the repeated format of car and often femme driver getting serviced is way too pointless to hold one's interest. Even the car, a white sports convertible, seems to be the same one in every segment, despite different owners.

    Like other Bluebirds, it is a "take your pick" exercise -namely find which segment or girl gets your voyeuristic rocks off.

    NOTE: Defunct Bluebird's new distributor Erigo Distribution, which also handles product from Harmony Films, has reissued the film retitled as "Bubbles", clever enough to fool me into buying another copy and quickly saying to myself: "Hmmm... haven't I seen Michelle and these other girls doing this before?".