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  • Surprised to note that there is no any review on this title, probably the worst Russian movie i have seen so far. The title is very worng "ABOUT LOVE" whereas it is not about love at all or the movie makers do not know the meanings of LOVE. This movie is all bout love and wealth that how Russian culture has evolved love into sex and wealth and how women over there prefers wealth by having sex with any wealthy guys and can leave their boyfriends or husbands for sex and wealth. Its a quite serious movie with good acting but i do not see any meaningful plot.
  • I don't speak Russian so could not follow the movie but the cinematography (lighting, framing), sound and editing is better than almost any other movie... even top grossing films.

    Especially the bowling alley, skiing, cars in traffic, people sitting around tables/bed, and the final one-cut scene. Masters in generating atmosphere.