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  • I was excited for Noelle despite the reviews, and after watching, I still don't understand all the ridiculously critical reviews. This is a Disney Christmas movie targeted for kids for goodness sake. The plot to me is a mix between Elf, and The Santa Clause, and it honestly is better than MOST of the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. It is a light-hearted fun movie and I love what the movie conveys even though most of the negative reviews are based around the fact that its "too feminist". The movie is showing young girls that their capabilities are endless, and that being a girl shouldn't hold them back from being whatever they want. The fact that so many people take issue with that is sad and ridiculous.
  • I'm not one to write reviews often. Disney has captured a cute and enjoyable amount of Christmas spirit with this movie that was helped along way by Anna Kendrick. A Christmas movie should do one simple thing ... give you the feels ... The feels are delivered here.
  • This was a light hearted and fun holiday movie. Also a great story for kids of all ages.
  • I thought it was decent for a Disney Christmas movie. It has some pretty good humor. It also has originality. I saw it on Disney+ on Nov. 13, 2019 a day after they just launched it for streaming and good graphics. I enjoyed it, but it's not on my list of favorites for holiday movies. I would recommend watching it once for sure. I gave it a solid 7 because of the humor. It made me laugh and laughing is therapeutic for me.
  • I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. A tad cheesy, but most Christmas movies are. It was adorable, sweet and had lovable characters.
  • Everyone else who purchased Disney streaming has watched Noelle or will watch for the upcoming Holiday season. I really had no expectations of loving this Christmas movie but it turned out to be a cute and fun retelling of a story we all know. Great Movie for families. Anna Kendrick was just right for this role, she was a joy to watch and was so cheerful..
  • shaylad205517 November 2019
    I actually really enjoyed this movie. Anna Kendrick is charming as always and Bill Hader is just awesome! The movie reminded me a little of Elf (which is my favorite Christmas movie). I'm sure I'll be watching Noelle every Christmas now.
  • jennaking-2627217 November 2019
    I enjoyed this a lot. It's a new take on a Christmas movie and tackles modern day issues in a funny way. It's disconcerting how many people are upset at the idea of a woman becoming Santa just because of tradition. It's a cute watch- cheesy and a good family film.
  • I loved this film, and so do the kids... I'm disappointed to see the low ratings, hence why I'm here. This film is not only a break away from the typical romantic holiday film, it also breaks down so many gender barriers. I'd rather my daughter watch this, than many other holiday films that further the idea that a Christmas movie has to be about finding a man. The little reindeer is adorable and Hader is charming. Shirley MacLaine is amazing, as always. Check it out for yourself, don't let the 6.3 number deter you, some folks are just Scrooges.
  • havenrose30 November 2019
    I never felt immersed in this movie the way I would in many others. As others started it is very boring and definitely has an agenda and that agenda is not to entertain. However the reason I couldn't get into it was the overboard advertisements and product endorsements. There is actually a line where Shirley McClain's character jumps out and asks if Anna's character likes her Supercuts haircut. I could probably recite more of these than the plot since that seemed to be the main point. iPods, Petco, etc... I actually commented that I'd rather watch a Hallmark movie and I am not a fan.
  • If it wasn't for having stars like Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader in this, it for sure would have been an Disney Channel movie. It is very cheesy and very predictable. And the CGI, while not the worst thing I have ever witnessed, is clear they didnt have a big budget. And if those Disney Channel type of movies are your jam, then sure I think you'll like this. But there was too many times for me where I was cringing over the dialogue (lots of christmas related puns) or over things happening in the plot. I think the actors did the best they could with what they were given and there were certain little moments here and there that I liked but overall....not the best film. But I suppose if you are looking for something "safe" to watch this Christmas with your family, then its fine.
  • My wife and I decided to watch this new Christmas movie despite the low reviews. We are glad we did. This movie will become one we watch every year now. It has great lessons to be learned and some amazing heart touching moments. This is a great movie that the whole family can enjoy not just once but for many Christmas's to come.
  • parkmanjohn19 November 2019
    Good actors waisted on bad writing, boring story, weak humor, and terrible CG.
  • ckluci15 November 2019
    This is just cute. It's no easy task to put out a new Christmas movie...even if you are Disney. Some of the reviews will tell you this is changing tradition or trying to rewrite history to add more women. Whatever. It's got a lot of heart, a great cast, and amazing costumes. Just enjoy it.
  • If you are desperate for Xmas films and don't require much more than something nice to look at (excepting the CG, which looks like it belongs in another world, along with the badly backlit characters through the entire film) then you will probably like this. It has costumes and some colourful scenery. If you require something more from your holiday fare then give it a pass. My main complaint is that the movie flatlined from start to finish; there were no moments of wonder or joy, no lead up to a fun conclusion, nothing. It feels like someone boring telling a story, talking to you in a monotone on and on. Its a shame because it could have been a decent little film. But it's not.
  • I get it white man bad, incompetent. Girl good. Can we produce a movie that isn't this woke. Even in the thriller mystery genres, I know who the bad guy is. It's the white male best friend. EVERY TIME. . So with that in mind. Your kids will probably enjoy this movie and have the narrative enforced that men are bad and incompetent and women are superior. If we are in a patriarchy, the men are doing it very badly. lol
  • KatherineB_71829 November 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was looking forward to watching this film with my family, but boy was I disappointed. The film was very low budget, which I could work around. The plot was very predictable and there were many cheesy lines. Again, these are things I could work around, having seen many Hallmark movies.

    What rubbed me the wrong way was feeling like an agenda was being pushed. If I'm watching a cutesy Christmas movie, it's to be entertained, not to presented an example of how flexible gender roles are. I really wish a different movie was selected.
  • sethsnyder-0724816 November 2019
    I wanted to like this movie. Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader are awesome but the script was obvious and predictable, it fell short of funny and I think we should all just pretend it didn't happen.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Noelle is supposed to be about the true meaning of Christmas. A lot of the reviews are stuck on what they perceive is a "woke" agenda to push gender fluidity down our throats! That's not the case at all. How many families out there is lead only by a mother? Doesn't she play Santa ever year for her children until they lose that innocent wonder and belief? So why Is it so hard to enjoy a movie where the daughter of Santa knew the spirit of Christmas better than the son? Stop looking at Hollywood to solve all your problems and politics but look at Hollywood to bring you entertainment that represents all and not just one side. Every movie doesn't have to be political or have an ulterior motive!!! Noelle is a cute and enjoyable movie. Sure it can be a little cheese and predictable but go into with open eyes and open hearts! You won't regret it!
  • trivea11 December 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Not only is the movie boring, it's almost an exact ripoff of Rankin/Bass' The Year Without a Santa Claus, just without anything as interesting as the Miser Brothers. If you want to watch basically this movie, watch Rankin/Bass'; it's at least shorter.
  • kjproulx13 November 2019
    Disney has officially released its long-awaited streaming service, Disney+. While many viewers are excited to rewatch their classic favourites and new upcoming Star Wars and Marvel series, it also seems that they will be creating their own original films every so often as well. One of their first at launch was that of Noelle. Just in time for the Christmas season, Disney+ released this Christmas film to warm the hearts of families around the world. Sadly, I feel that the execution of this movie is a mixed bag. Do I think Disney+ is worth purchasing? Yes, very much so. Do I think this is the movie that you should watch before anything else? Probably not.

    After the passing of their father, siblings Noelle (Anna Kendrick) and Nick (Bill Hader) find themselves having to take over the family business. With their father having been Santa Claus and them having lived in the North Pole all their lives, they know nothing else. Nick is next in line to become Santa but ultimately flees the scene when nerves kick in. Noelle ventures to find him and hijinks ensue. Noelle is a film that works as a sweet, yet super corny little Holiday flick, but the third act of the film sort of took away from the rest of it for me.

    Without giving anything away for those who wish to watch, the third act of this movie really begins to hit you over the head with the messages it's trying to send. While I have no problems with these messages, it's almost like the filmmakers thought viewers didn't see these messages slowly presenting themselves throughout the entire movie. I liked the conclusion for what it was, but the way it was executed fell flat for me. There was a lot of emotion set-up throughout the movie that does have a payoff, but I felt disconnected from it all.

    Anna Kendrick is as loveable and quirky as she has always been and Bill Hader (although having much less screen time) is quite good with the material he is given as well. Where this movie fell apart was easily in the screenplay. I didn't mind the direction here, in fact, I actually liked it, which was no surprise seeing as I enjoyed director Marc Lawrence's work on Music & Lyrics. With that said, he also wrote this screenplay and I found a few key elements were missing to make the finale of this movie truly work.

    In the end, Noelle is a passable, at times very enjoyable Christmas movie, but ultimately collapses by the end for me. It's not that I despised where they went, it's just how it was done. For fans of Holiday films, no matter what they are about, this movie might appeal to you more. I personally love a great Holiday flick and I'm usually pretty forgiving of them, but this one didn't quite work. It's not a bad movie, but I was certainly hoping for better.
  • Visually this movie is stunning! Set design, costumes, effects...Disney nailed it. Anna Kendrick is perfect as the lead. Here's where I assume the typical, " modern parent" is going to disagree with me. Disney made a movie where the male lead playing Santa is a lazy, bumbling, uninspired aire in need of his sister's clever, cuteness to save Christmas. Ultimately relieving her brother of his duties, becoming the first female Santa.

    I can no longer take it! Every night as I watch TV with my family...we're force fed a steady diet of shows/movies/commercials with gender bending roles, perpetual interracial and gay couples and male characters who are made fun of/emasculated by their kids and wives. Does your life look like that? I live in a metropolitan area and the casting Hollywood is selling is grossly exaggerated. It's getting old. Here's my big controversial political statement: Santa is, was, and always will be a man. Sorry! Not sexist or racist. Stick with me.

    Would it be wrong if Disney made a remake of Little Mermaid or Pocahontas using a male lead? You listening Disney....Would you dare do that? See, the only sexist ones here are the networks and fans who look the other way now that white males are everyone's most favorite and only lampoon.

    Overall, the movie is cute...if you can get past the cherry-picked, PC casting. We laughed at times. At times not. Middle act took too long. Female lead is undeniably adorable. There are worst ways to spend a weekend night. However, I wish the movie ended with Santa recapturing his mojo with the help of his sister. Disney went a different way. Different yet so boringly safe!

    If after reading this you think I'm wrong...please consider two things:

    1) Why hasn't Disney remade a classic female starring, fictional movie like Cinderella and made the prince the main character? He'd be a smarter, more sympathetic figure and Cinderella a bumbling fool in need of a man to save her because when left to her own devices she's nothing but a big fat zero! Ouch! But what's the problem? That's what's been adopted here with great admiration so I figured you'd feel the same. You agree, right Diz?

    If that stung....consider what males are thinking as they watch this inept Santa quit on the job, failing the world's children so his more talented sister can lead by feminist example.

    2) I suspect champions of this movie feel minorities and women dealt with this for so long so it's now the ugly white mans turn. C'mon people. That's what we're teaching our kids now? What other mistakes should we repeat and perpetrate against others? Was slavory really that bad? Can we start buying little people and force them to work for us for free? Livestream and EBAY auctions...I can totally see it. Sounds pretty horrible, huh?!

    But the perpetual mistreatment of male characters in television,film, and commercials in present day has virtually no impact on mainstream America. Ever wonder why? Or what that says about us as a culture....we're masters at "select outrage".

    Losen up everyone. Sometimes it's ok to teach our kids things are what they are. Santa is our childhood. He is a man. Nothing bumbling about him. Kind! Generous! Wise! Is it so bad our children grow up believing similarly?

    My son can grow up knowing Cinderella was an abused daughter/sister who overcame all odds to find love. Or Moana was brave and could conquer all comers....even has the Rock eating out of her hand. I'm fine with that. My son and I have been loving the new Carmen SanDiego series on Netflix. But I'm certain if this version's Carmen was a man, there would be outrage.

    If you'd feel outrage that Carmen was a man or Maui (The Rock) would never take orders from a girl or Cinderella was in need of a prince to free herself from her captors're the problem. Because you're not troubled by the same treatment of males in media today.

    Almost a good movie! Too bad Disney felt the need to rewrite that, which was perfect!
  • labaat223 November 2019
    What a waste of 2 hours. It tried really hard to be the new Elf, but wasn't funny or entertaining. The only reason it gets any positive ratings from people is they like the actors.
  • Then this movie is for you. I might have smiled once or twice but not more than that. Predict plot, jokes that aren't funny, typical 2019 Disney production.
  • Noelle is the kind of film which you know isn't gonna be that good but it doesn't stop you from having a fun time. It maybe predictable and cheesy but it does have its sweet moments which work well. It works well for the kind of film it is with its plot and chacraters but that is also it's biggest issue. The CGI is really under average and doesn't even feel completed. It does take out you out of the film sometimes. The performances kind of saved this film. Anna Kendrick is really good here. As is Billy Eichner and especially Bill Hader. If it wasn't for them, the movie would feel like a Disney made for tv movie. Its enjoyable and fast paced and it's okay for what it is. It's just poorly written sometimes despite a rather obvious message. But it's a decent enough christmas movie to watch near Christmas time
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