Rooster: Why is the kid in a cage? Is there something wrong with him? Does he have the fever?

Max: That's Liam. He likes to run.

Rooster: So let him run.

Max: Well, Liam's super fast. We blink and he's up a tree.

Rooster: So then your kid's up a tree? What's the problem?

Max: Well, he could fall.

Rooster: He might.

Max: And he hurts himself.

Rooster: So he got really high up in this hypothetical tree.

Max: I, uh...

Rooster: He gets hurt, he learns not to do it again. You know how many electric cords I've chewed?

Max: Like, multiple cords?

Rooster: One. It shocked me. Walked backwards for a week, but I never chewed another cord again.

Rooster: The first step of not being afraid is *acting* like you're not afraid. So, are you scared?

Max: [cowering down and shaking with fear] No.

Rooster: *Are* you scared?

Max: [brings himself up to full height with confidence] No! No, I'm not!

Rooster: Now you're talking.

Snowball: [Snowball puts on his superhero costume] It's Snow-time, baby!

Daisy: [hears Snowball shouting] Uh, is he okay?

Chloe: Not in any way, no.

Rooster: [very last line; when the closing credits scroll is ending] Okay. Moment's over.

Katie: Hey, Maxie. Let's go for a walk.

Max: [as he's going for a walk with Katie] Ah, I gotta admit this is nice.

[Max walks by another dog with its owner]

Dog: I don't want to go to the vet!

Max: Uh, the vet!

[he stops walking]

Max: No! No, no, no!

Katie: Come on, buddy!

Max: You tricked me!

[Katie pulls on Max's leash dragging him into the vet]

Daisy: Excuse me, do any of you know Captain Snowball?

Snowball: Uh, yes. Yes, we do.

Chloe: And here we go.

Daisy: My name is Daisy, and I really got to talk to him. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but a poor defenseless animal needs saving. I need Captain Snowball for a top secret mission...

Snowball: Well, I got to go. But nice meeting you, uh, what was it again?

Daisy: Okay, you don't listen. It's Daisy.

Snowball: [he starts hopping off] Whatever. Okay, I got the dude that gets stuff to do things. Bye-bye.

Daisy: Mmm-hmm. That was weird.

Chloe: Oh, sister. It's about to get way weirder.

Rooster: Guy's got two things in this life: his water bowl and his dignity. You take one, you take the other.

Katie: [from the trailer]

[on seeing Liam copying Duke and Max cocking their legs against a tree]

Katie: Oh... no... no... no... This way buddy

Liam: [defiantly as he is scooped up in the air] Na... oh

Snowball: [Snowball is dressed in his superhero outfit] Good morning, New York City!

[starts singing his superhero theme as he's posing for a flight off]

Max: Snowball, what are you doing?

Snowball: What's it look like I'm doing? I'm doing superhero stuff.

Max: Gotta say, not a big fan of the farm.

Snowball: I'm gonna be the first rabbit with washboard glutes.

Snowball: I just freed a tiger. That's not bragging, I'm just saying what happened. When you're awesome, everything you say sounds like bragging.

Duke: So many smells I've never smelled before! My nose is so confused, and happy!

Chloe: [about using the litter box] You gotta, It's a fact of life.

Gidget: Absolutely not! Never gonna happen.

Mel: [Inside litter box] Guys, I found treats!

[comes out chewing something, others look on in disgust]

Buddy: Aw, Mel!

Gidget: Snowball? What are you doing in Max's apartment?

Snowball: What are you doing hanging out with every cat in the universe?

Chloe: Okay, Gidget, eat Sweet Pea.

Gidget: What?

Chloe: Cats eat birds. It's nature.

Gidget: Yeah, I'm gonna pass.

Chloe: No, no, no, you used your one pass on the litter box. You have to do this.

Gidget: But...

Chloe: Buh-buh-buh-buh... do it!

Buddy: You're seriously going to make Gidget eat Sweet Pea?

Chloe: Oh, no, no, no, no, of course not. I'm just freaking her...

[They gasp in shock as Gidget puts Sweet Pea in her mouth]

Gidget: Okay, what's next?

Chloe: Gidget, no! That's... Bad dog! Bad cat-dog!

Max: [Setting off on a dangerous mission ] I'm going to find my inner Rooster.