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  • This is a lovely, thoughtful movie about love, loss and forgiveness.

    Beautifully filmed in a loving, slow paced way. It's a movie you just go into with no expectations and it finds a home within you.

    Characterisations are well written and Sander Thomas is such a find as Jacob. Both Lee Pace and Carrie Coon are excellent in their respective roles.

    I know that this is a movie I'll watch time and again. Subtle, soft and moving.
  • This is certainly not a horror story, but very much a love story. I'm not usually into love stories but the ghostly element persuaded me to have a look, and I'm so glad that I did. It is beautifully filmed and produced, and the acting is great. The plot is quite original and has a simplistic appeal leading up to an unexpected twist at the end. Life goes on even after great tragedy, but still one can find beauty and love. Be prepared to shed a tear or two!
  • EmmaD33b27 August 2018
    That I only cried about 6 times while watching this movie.

    All jokes aside, (I did actually, cry though.) This movie exceeded all of my expectations. 100% recommend you watch this.

    Btw, to anyone interested in watching this movie, Please do ignore the negative reviews below. People tend to review a movie on how they wanted it to be, or how they wish it went, instead of reviewing the movie as it's own.

    So, example, it's set as a drama/horror/romance movie, (in this case) and people are leaving bad reviews because they "wished it was a horror movie" and that they "wasted their time". Well, to this kind of people I wish to say: Maybe watch a movie that's only set as a horror movie, next time? OR, maybe go read other reviews before watching. Thanks.
  • Tender and painful, beautifully executed movie. Not a typical "horror" movie but eerie enough to keep me watching. Characters are well played, and captured that feeling we all have from time to time, that it's "hard to move on".
  • A story has that much of fancy but can makes you feel that much of loving your reality and keeps you in that positive energy and thinking to be more happy with what you already have....
  • Definitely a hidden gem - I found very few quality reviews about this film, and yet it moved me beyond my expectation. The premise was simple: a couple lost their child, their child return to act as facilitator of their reconciliation. The superb acting, sincerity, and fluid dialogues are what carried the film through. The story and the images will stay with me for a very long time.
  • This is not a horror movie. If you go into it expecting it to be, then yes, you would be disappointed on that aspect. However, what it is is a beautiful story about love, loss, and reconnecting. The lead actors did a great job portraying the gamut of emotions required of the story, and Sander Thomas was awesome as little Jacob. Don't listen to the naysayers here. I'd definitely recommend this movie!
  • pityugodo211 October 2018
    Ok, so I just wanted to see a good horror movie and put on this. It was nothing scary, but it is a lovely and sad movie in every possible ways. The next day watched again. If you have a soul, try this. Believe me :)
  • Don't be fooled by the marketing or the connection with Blumhouse. This movie is no horror or thriller. It is a story about love, family, grief and second chances. The plot is simple but the director does a good job in keeping it interesting. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful but the music doesn't fit the mood of the movie. Lee Pace and Carrie Coon are absolutely brilliant though the son is less than memorable. There is a twist towards the end which makes you rethink why the son has came back. Overall, the Keeping Hours is perfectly enjoyable if you have the right mindset. It makes you wonder why such a quality, award winning movie would be dumped to VOD.
  • The Keeping Hours speaks to me of the tortured healing process that everyone goes through after suffering a tragic loss. The main characters in this film portray believable characters; more importantly, this film invokes my total empathy for this couple as they come to grips with the loss of their son.

    The last few scenes are the ones that I cherish - the haunting music, the pathos, the acceptance of what is and what has happened - I was so deeply moved and still to this day, I so appreciate the depth of this film and especially the redemption of the souls of the characters.

    Bravo to the writer, ditto for the composer of the score. Job very well done. And thank you.
  • beorhhouse27 July 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I must be a soft-hearted woman on the inside of this burly bearded man, but this is one of the best films I've ever seen, comparable to The Legend of 1900 in beauty and sentiment. But it has ghosts, and dead birds, and poltergeist activity. But I promise that even the most sensitive viewer who avoids Horror like the plague will love this gem of a movie. I know my wife will, and she likes flowers, butterflies, and chick-flicks. This one has all of those too. And the perfunctory sex scene is done very tastefully, no nudity, and extremely loving between man and wife.
  • reva_weiss12 September 2018
    ... which lasted for the full last hour. I didn't know what exactly to expect. This was a beautiful movie. The acting on the part of the two leads was excellent.
  • I have been watching many different genres for years. I am pretty choosey with movies I love this is one of them. However this is not a fast paced movie, it takes time to develop the plot and characters both are fully fleshed out in this movie. If you have never been a reader or savory the plot developing at its own pace get back to your video games or short stories on youtube. I am not going to spoil the plot, but if you watched The Innocents then you understand organic stories and how they happen naturally and are not hasten to suit the Millenials taste in movies. Both Husband and wife are believable ,there is no over the top non-sense. You get a sense this can happen because there are no Jack in The box scares.I believe this movie is for more discerning taste.
  • juanmuscle29 July 2018
    I am here because of Ms. Moncrieff, she did not write it but it does not matter,

    She is an expert behind the camera as well as with the pen. Originally as I was watching it, I thought it was cute and sweet and made a few cute jokes about how much I learnt from this film, and was ready to post that thread , but after getting through to the end I said to myself, wait, there is no making jokes here, I was overwhelmed at the end, and why not, why can't there be angels perhaps that others can't see but some can? I found this to be a very interesting, deep, beuatiful mediation on that tiny little rift between time and all of space to perhaps give us a little bit of solace here in this realm, especially when there are those who are going through so much.

    I think the writing was stellar and Karen really shows her skills at setting the camera at just the most unquie and artistic moments to capture something really creative and wonderful. I hope she continues on, the fact that this lady is not involved heavily with at least scripts doctoring is insane, I hope she is, but she definitely needs to be directing a whole lot more!
  • While this was a nice movie, I need to say that I hate how movies like this are marketed. I was looking for chilling ghosts and got something much more light-hearted than the horror fan in me was wanting to watch. It's not a bad movie at all. It's just not horror. If you are looking for a paranormal dramatic romance, check it out. It was sweet.
  • angeladenis10 August 2018
    I just recently watched Revolt and it introduced me to Lee Pace. He is my new fav (previously Christian Bale). This movie surprised me, took me on a ride I wasn't expecting. Acting could not have been better, story is excellent- though I agree when someone said the wedding scene was very cheesy. Twist I had not seen coming. Excellent movie!
  • Don't you dare read any reviews, just watch. Deserves atleast a 7...
  • skagirl-404733 August 2018
    Definitely not a horror, but a great romance/drama for sure. Don't usually watch this genre but really enjoyed this one.
  • nicolemesa23 February 2019
    This is a beautiful movie about love, and Forgiveness. It definately tore at my heartstrings the whole movie!
  • And yet I was aMAZED at how well the story was ALL the principals...writer, director, actors, photographer, art direction, lighting.... I thought it went a bit over the top, sentimentally, for a moment very near the end... I'm pretty sure, if you made it that far, you'll probably not notice... As far as the low raters are concerned??? Just a bunch of kids expecting a horror film, acting out their frustration/s... Well done, enjoyable film...
  • Wow, this was such a beautiful film! It reminded me in a way of 'A Ghost Story' (which I also absolutely loved). The acting was very good and it is beautifully filmed. Lee Pace in particular was very good as the father, Mark. The film has so much depth and emotion, it is just a very special film. Just to be clear, this film is sometimes labelled as a horror film. It is not. This is a fantasy drama. People who has just lost a child (or someone very dear to them) might want to steer clear of the film, as they're bound to reach for the tissue box more often than not. Despite all this emotion, though, the film also has some incredibly scary moments.

    I loved the way the film ended. Although we knew what was coming, it was left to our imagination. Loved it. Great twist! Sad. Very sad.
  • So this film on the surface is somewhat linear and the twists and turns are ones that are again... on some level expected...

    What sets this film apart is how powerful the performances are. The cinematography is great as well and the music but i was really so drawn in by the two leads...

    This film is beautiful in my opinion and worth watching.
  • abdallakulilani8 August 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    We want parents guide please if you can , because if we dont have parents guide i cant download the movie
  • zsuakay24 September 2018
    Do not watch this movie after a breakup/loss of any kind. I could not stop crying, but I loved every minute of it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After seeing the trailer I thought about giving this one a chance. Couldn't be more wrong: chessy Sunday afternoon drama with every single cliché you can even imagine (like 10min watching the happy fAmily at the beach with the ding ding music). The premise is something you watched like 1000 times, all the rest is pure crap when actually NOTHING happens and suddenly THE END... And then is when you actually think about writing a review to warn everybody else, and you would thank me for saving 2 hs of your life.
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