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  • *** some mild spoilers ahead ***

    "What is your name?" Jesus asked.

    "My name is Legion," he replied, "for we are many." (Mark 5:9)

    I hope you'll forgive me for starting this review by citing this (rather obvious) excerpt from the bible, but I just couldn't resist. Apart from these opening lines, I'll try to avoid any spoilers for the show, so you won't read anything specific about the storyline here. As with all my reviews, this is supposed to give you an overall impression of the show without giving away any details regarding the plot.

    For those among you who, like me, love some of the slightly weirder superheroes out there (especially of the mutant kind and preferably in the X-Men universe) but feel most of those guys' screen outings so far were either constricted by the 2-hour format or held back by the need to appeal to mainstream audiences, I'm happy to report there is finally a full length TV-show that dares to fully embrace the craziness of its source material without taking any prisoners. The show's name is 'Legion' (and I'm already pretty sure its fans will be many), and compared to its central character David Haller, even Deadpool looks almost sane.

    Following the storyline may seem a little difficult (at least at the beginning) for 'Legion' plunges us head first into the confused mind of its hero, and the narrative is - deliberately - often just as fractured as David Haller's personality. Right from the start this show makes it very clear how committed it is to convey its protagonist's unstable state of mind - and boy does it succeed: through David's eyes we experience an often terrifying (albeit colorful) world where we can never be sure what's real and what's imagined; nor can we get a grasp on where we are, when we are, or even WHO we are.

    But this trip down the rabbit hole is well worth taking (even if it does turn into a horror trip at times) for it's a psychedelic ride that has been designed by very talented people. Creator Noah Hawley, who has already given us the excellent show 'Fargo', obviously knows what he's doing, and watching the show feels like listening to a perfectly composed concept album from a seventies rock band (btw, watch out for a cool Pink Floyd reference). The cast is terrific (especially Dan Stevens as David Haller); the visuals and the production design are a wonderfully weird mix of retro and modern elements which fits David's distorted perception of time and reality like a glove, and the mystery surrounding David as he desperately tries to cut through the haze and figure out what's going on will keep you glued to the screen throughout.

    Insanity is a tricky subject to tackle, and the possible pitfalls are many; present it with too much levity and you risk the accusation that you're making fun of people with a terrible illness - yet if you portray it as tragic and bleak as it often is (I am saying that as someone who has a family member who suffers from schizophrenia) you will lose your audience. So to find the right tone here was not an easy thing to do, but I believe the show - just as Marvel did in the comic books - does an outstanding job at never coming across disrespectful while still offering fantastic entertainment.

    So to sum up my first impression: 'Legion' represents a refreshingly different side of Marvel (compared to the films and shows based on Marvel Comics' more "grounded" creations that we've seen so far) and by fully embracing the source material's "weirdness" the show is a testament to just how insanely (in the true sense of the word) inventive and versatile Stan Lee and his band of brothers were/are. This show is wilder, more surreal and generally much, much crazier than your average superhero story and there are moments where you feel reminded of the works of David Fincher, Charlie Kaufman or even David Lynch. I'd highly recommend it especially to adult comic book fans and those among you who don't demand everything be explained within the first episode. Personally, I feel this is Marvel at its best and most complex: 9 stars out of 10.

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  • Legion is art, it is not a Sitcom, neither a show that you binge watch on Netflix, Legion is a like an exhibition in a museum, you cannot binge watch art. Every episode is unique and visually magnificient. It is LSD and psychedelic without any drugs. Actually you should not be stoned and watch Legion, your brain would explode.
  • This is one of the most creative, intelligent, visually unique works of art in entertainment. Shows like this should last years with the amazing story telling it imagines. Hope the same team worx up another original. We need it in this word of reboots and retellings of the same old stories.
  • I'm giving this show ten out of ten because i'm genuinely thrilled every time i see a new episode. You *never* know whats gonna happen and the show keeps f*cking with your mind just enough to keep everything interesting but giving you exactly what you need to keep on waiting for more. Also, it's a freaking beautiful. I could watch it just because it's so perfectly shot. I get that everyone is not gonna like this, but for me this is pure bliss. Every time.
  • This is a very different show. It's unique, well acted and the pacing is great. The writing and story development is intelligent and sophisticated. You're not spoon fed, but required to think about what plays out and motivated to discover the depths of the characters. A fun ride and worth the watch! Wish there was more quality programming like this.
  • This show is absolute brilliance, the creators should be proud.

    It's fresh, fun and so on the edge of "what the heck is going on?" yet I don't get completely lost, a feat not easy to pull off in film i'm sure.

    The layers, the sets, the music, the acting, the craziness, brilliant! Please don't let this show stop Well done all involved
  • And this show deserves the rare award of a 10 from me. I mean, this show is everything I want in a show. Forget that its Marvel or superhero based. It feels nothing like a regular super hero show we know. It throws that formula out of the water. Off a bridge. Hell it is so different than any show for that matter.

    Where do I start with the compliments?

    The visuals, cinematography - 10/10 - Some of the most impressive visuals in any tv show ever. Real eye candy.

    Sound- 10/10 - Sound you mean soundtrack right? No, and yes, the soundtrack is outstanding. But literally the sound itself is meant to be trippy and just like the visuals, it is outstanding. For anyone lucky enough to have surround sound, this is a show you want it for. Especially in season 3.

    Story - 10/10 - The take on madness, and just the wierd originality of this show is completely unique and stands alone.

    Acting - 8.5/10 - I didnt give this a 10, not because anyone is bad, but just because there is no stellar oscar worthy acting, not enough to give it a 10. Like i said 10's are rare for me. But David and Farouk are excellent. So is Aubrey Plaza actually.

    Just pure joy and entertainment, and you never know what to expect. Last episode he was fighting demons that ate time itself. Before he turned into shiva, before a guy pulled a scimitar out of his throat, before a android woman with a moustache talked like a robot. I mean what? This show is a trip. 10/10/
  • A visual masterpiece and an incredibly compelling narrative. It's a hallucinogenic mind trip that you'll remember.
  • I enjoyed the first season of Legion. The first season had a tension to its style. There was this uncertainty to reality that kept me fascinated. Every silly, strange surreal moment was like a relief to that tension. By season 2 it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under the show's plot, and they're left dancing in midair with nothing to hold them up but a fun style, dance numbers, and psychedelic rambling.

    I'm going to keep watching in hopes that it gets back on track. But if I'm going to just be watching a new song and dance routine in every episode, or another psychedelic gag because "wahaa-wehee-why-not?" then I'm gonna tune out.
  • The same curse that plagued the X-Files has now happened to my poor Legion. Once Season 1 wrapped and FX moved production from Vancouver to L.A., the heart and soul of the Show seemed to disappear; I found I had to almost force myself to watch new episodes because I just lost interest.

    Season 1 was very original and has style in the way the stories were told. The writing, pacing, acting, and especially the production design were all top notch and really made the show stand out. At the end of the season I was super hyped about what Season 2 was going to offer.

    Right from the get go, Season 2 seemed to fall flat. The story arc of Farouk was drawn out way too long and could have been presented so much better. For a character that has this much importance to the Legion storyline, the writers and production team sure succeeded in phoning it in. Even the "look-at-my-fancy-artsy-fartsy-reverse-camera-framing-because-it's-art" shots that are obligatory in Noah Hawley productions somehow seemed contrived and slapped together with no real purpose.

    Yawn. So much potential, wasted.

    Season 1 - 10/10 Season 2 - 5/10
  • trainstation-9190725 October 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Honestly, this show felt like it had potential in the first episode, but it went into some weird strange direction focused more on pushing new visual ideas and leaving the story and plot on the backburner. The best episode of the show was when Davids sister died and he went to dozens of different realities looking for one where they were both normal and doing well and no matter how much he looked it always ended badly. It was really bittersweet and the highlight of an otherwise waste of time show. Things started moving a little faster in s3 but not by much. Xavier was an interesting addition but it didn't save the show. I Ieft feeling dissatisfied
  • No spoilers. No plot points. You do not need them in a review of this show. Watch it and feel the performances.

    Dan Stevens is a force of nature, in this story he literally is & his screen presence is a growing maelstrom. I first knowingly crossed his path in The Guest & have not looked back since (comparable with Matthew McConaughey in Killer Joe). The story is vague & intriguing from the beginning with growing enchantment as the episodes stack-up.

    Sure. I'm a comic book geek from the 1980's, but Noah Hawley seems like he has more than his ducks in a row for this project. As SONY/Fox has often mis-stepped with the X- Men and its creative use of characters and story lines, LEGION seems to be avoiding the potholes, while creating a new amalgam of story from the past to forging ahead with a cohesive story.

    Aubrey Plaza's performance is delightfully off-beat and maniacal.

    I could list the positives for every actor and their character, literally the casting (and execution) seems perfect at this point (through episode seven).

    Love it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There is nothing quite like Legion. It's the strangest, barmiest concoction on TV. I absolutely love it! Taking a Marvel X Men antihero and turning him into the craziest "super" ever, is no mean feat and David Haller aka "Legion" is brilliantly brought to life by Brit actor, Dan Stevens. This show takes the X Men idea and blows it out of the water. Fantastic, trippy visuals, music and dance, comedy, violence and much, much more to feast the eyes and brain on. First season was terrific and the writing a real cut above for Marvel fare. All the actors are fantastic, especially Stevens and Aubrey Plaza. The second season was even stranger than the first and took me places I'd never been to in any TV show. It was really weird in a good way. The third season is building to be the best of the lot with a more linear storyline, Legion's origin story as the son of Charles Xavier himself and more stunning visuals and mind bending imaginary scenarios. This show is truly great and will be remembered long into the future as one of the best series ever. Totally weird, totally different and a reminder of what writers can do when they think outside the box!
  • While part of the Marvel Universe, Legion is an odd-man-out, neither part of the big budget Disney cinematic universe or the Netflix version of the Marvel universe. It also has the best acting, writing and direction of any of them and a more mature approach. It's a cerebral, surreal sci-fi mutant show. If you are a comics fan, the fact of Chris Claremont & Bill Sienkiewicz involvement in this tells you almost all you need to know -- it successfully carries both of their styles onto a TV screen. Claremont wrote many of the most legendary story arcs for the X-Men. Sienkiwicz is a brilliant comic artist, emphasis on artist -- he often works with paint and mixed media to create comics that look like fine art. The writing and direction is complicated, non-linear, and accomplished, verging on avant garde. There is immense attention to detail and editing, artistically-framed scenes. The acting is a cut above other Marvel shows (although Cage gets an honorable mention) and they've gathered a cast that works great together. The psychological, Lynch-ian freaky edginess that Sienkiewicz infused in all his work is present. It's not perfect, it takes some risks that don't work (like season 2 ep.5 -- tedious and anti-climactic), but it is freaky & cool.
  • I get that some this intelligent and spaced out as a Surrealist painting, think Salvador Dali, is difficult to appeal to the masses. Heaven forbid we have to pay attention and think. Still, I can't believe they are cancelling this show. It's Marvel X-Men which is always a seller and the artistic side with the visual effects is astounding. There have been some Marvel flops in the past, a couple on Netflix most recently and one on ABC, but this is no flop. I wish they would carry this out a little further. It's depressing to think intelligent isn't fashionable enough to keep around.
  • nhoven9 March 2017
    If you are wondering whether or not to start watching, DO! Don't listen to these rands who reviewed this terribly because of substance, Carnivàleness (wha?) and plot. They don't understand what is happening, and they don't like it so they are venting their frustrations. Watch the first episode, and if you love not knowing what is happening, and what will happen next, you are in for the best TV series out right now!
  • I originally scored this show an 8 (following season 1) and upon embarking on season 2 I am left bamboozled by how they took a great show and ruined it. Intrigue was thrown out the window and replaced with utter drivel. While the acting is still excellent the plot (if there actually is a plot) makes no sense. If you are looking for a show to watch in the hope of falling asleep then this is the show for you.
  • In the spirit of True Detective, the creators of Legion have managed to turn a brilliant first season into a pile of garbage.

    At first I thought maybe Rian Johnson might be directing, as the change from one season to the next was so jarring.

    The first season of Legion was original and creative, a real psychological thriller with moments of horror. The story was great, acting wonderful, and the direction was beautiful. I'd give the first season an 8/10.

    But the second season turned bad right from episode 1. It was honestly like watching a film school student trying to be weird at the expense of a good story. It became very 'marvel-esque' with superheroes and super villains, and it was no longer a clever psychological thriller. The story jumps around in silly ways, and the direction is just plain annoying. Acting is still good though, which is why I give season two 2/10 and not zero.

    So much potential wasted!
  • I liked the first season, it was fresh and original and promising. With each episode it become more and more crazy and started slowing down.

    With second season here it has all but stopped. The nuthouse manner or how pretentious fans like to put it, "a realistic representation of psychosis" is all but BS craziness of bad writers that are making the acid trip like storytelling an end in itself. There is no progress, there is no frame for the story, no reference points and no fun watching. On top of the 90% of the time it makes no sense. Sure, some fans claim how it is not for "stupid people" or shallow but asking them to explain what just happened you hit a wall. At least be honest with yourself folks. This has become a turd. IT is going down the drain like mr.Robot. A bunch of self pleased writers who think they are creating something awfully deep and meaningful while it is nothing but an unentertaining, confused mess. Get a grip writers, stop making this lunatic storytelling an end in itself and progress the damn story. Comicbook shows are supposed to be fun to watch.
  • Season 1 is 10/10 Amazing. Interesting.

    Season 2 is 1/10 Boring. Slow. What is the point? There seems to be no plot. .......
  • The first season was great, I'd give it 9/10, really great show. But the 2nd season....oh you remember Heroes? Well this is about the same case...everything went down south with everything least Heroes had a decent season 2, and then terrible 3 and 4, which is better than I can say for this. It just keeps repeating lines and sentences for idiots, terrible story, half of nearly every episode is either really stupid or without any meaning...if you watched season no. 1. leave it at that...have a good memory of this show....cause after season 2 you ceritanly wont have one....
  • I am not a big fan of Agents of shield and agent carter so if you love those you might hate this one...

    That being said, this is the first Marvel produced series that goes in deep with character development, not to undermine Netflix's efforts but they always use the same formula for their defenders series.

    This show has amazing performances, unbelievable depth and above all: it talks about a very unknown superhero son of a very known superhero.

    If you happen to like psychological thrillers and throw a bit of Marvel universe into it, please go binge the hell out of this show, you will not regret it
  • Yes, I get it. Its supposed to be chock full of imagery and philosophical blah, blah, blah. But honestly, it just bored me.
  • I really did enjoy season 1. It started off to become something big and epic to the X-Men universe. Episode 7 is the cherry on top as it is masterful acting by the cast specifically Aubrey Plaza. However, season 2......What happened? Why is it is so confusing? What are these crappy infomercial narration? When did they make David become Eleven from Stranger things? Why is he on a goose chase? I know they say there is method to his madness but this is confusing and not good. If I was to introduce Legion to anyone, I would say this: Stick to the X Men movies, Logan is the best one to watch, watch the X-Men cartoon from the 90s don't watch this one unless you want to spend your time asking questions. Dan Stevens is awesome and deserve to be part of the films not this drivel.
  • This show started out terrific in season 1.

    Then, like many other reviews have mentioned, pretty much flips a switch in the very beginning of season 2, turning into complete and utter drivel. Not just drivel you may not be able to agree with, but utter, nonsensical drivel that has no place in a professional tv program, or anything for that matter.

    I felt like a fool for trying to stay awake for so many episodes in season 2, and I feel bad for the actors and other people making the show, they were probably told over and over how it would all make sense in the end, and were utterly lied to.

    Also the plot to season 2 was just boring and unoriginal.
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