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  • ejoh-0970129 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Lab Rats was one of my favourite Disney XD shows, alongside Mighty Med. Then they ended Mighty Med with a cliffhanger and then came Elite Force, they didn't show us how Oliver's mom got caught. They went to bickering in a penthouse where they practically kept the show at. Which i find disappointing, with Lab Rats they didn't stay in one set, (expect for some of season 4, but they had it a lot more interesting). They also didn't have enough Bad Bad guys like Roman and Riker, they appeared every so often.

    But there were aspects, of the show that were really good, Chase was mature enough to step down as mission leader as he has always been mission leader. Bree stayed the same which was good. Skyler was different, she doesn't have the babyish suit (i don't like pink very much, so that didn't help) anymore. Kaz has matured a little but he still is Kaz and has his Kaz ways. Oliver is still Oliver in a way but not completely the same as Oliver in Mighty Med.

    Elite Force was good but no good at the same time, but I enjoyed some of the episodes either way. hence why i put 5/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In my opinion, this show is better than Lab Rats and Mighty Med. The characters look more mature. Skylar doesn't wear a Pink costume what eight-year-olds wear during Halloween would anymore, Chase and Bree's style is more mature and Kaz is less childish, but still funny. The show isn't boring at all, there's action, not too much, but just perfectly fine. There a good lessons about team work, friendships and appreciating each other. The friendship between the characters is great, it's good to see them bonding and finding a way to get along when their personality/way of doing things is different. The opening titles look amazing! It's slightly disappointing that the music is almost the same as the music from the Lab Rats opening titles, but the opening titles are just so amazing, the song doesn't matter much anymore. Bradley Steven Perry and William Brent share the first screen, which is really awesome, otherwise there maybe would be a conflict between fans of Mighty Med and Lab Rats about who should be the main character.

    I highly recommend watching this show!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A lot of producers has the bad habit to start a show, finishing the season, leaving an door open for a very potential new season, and the end of the day, the cancel the show. Producers, QUIT doing that. Is not funny. If you are not so sure, make sure to end the story in 1 season. it is very unpleasant to wait and see what happened of an unfinished battle and see how it ends, in matter of weeks to find out, the producers decided to cancel the show because of the low rating, now i will react like LEO, "Omg, seriously"

    But at the end, i will have to say Lab rats is a good series. The producers needs to be a little bit more creative.
  • The opening credits for Disney XD's first ever cross-over merger would have you believe that it has brought together the best parts of both; Lab Rats' action and Mighty Med's half decent plot for children's television shows. Unfortunately it is presently a sitcom about spoiled supers who bicker in a penthouse.

    Mighty Med and Lab Rats were "bad TV" in that innocent and endearing way Disney have mastered to create shows endurable enough for mum & dad to stick with. Now with Elite Force the actors have grown (even in their craft, with some visibly muting their skills to keep it camp) and these 16-18 year old characters are constantly at odds, not with an enemy but with each other, and mum & dad are getting a headache. Entitlement seems to seep from their pores. Pausing to note that the casting has fallen to "passably whites" and anyone without the right waist-line is a joke, the most noticeable let-down is the upgraded awkward. The sweetness of "boy likes girl" is long gone, "boy films girl without her consent" has arrived, and it has got to stop. The actors deserve better and so does the audience.

    It seems to have been the plan to inject the Kaz and Oliver characters into the formula where Adam and Leo would be. What they haven't counted on are trait similarities battling for space. With Skylar and Bree occupying essentially the same character, Oliver and Chase reduced to idiots in one another's world, and Kaz having his usually on-point cheek overcast by the constantly snarky dialogue, something's got to give for this merger to work.

    I'm happy to see this come together, I'm glad they're giving this a go. It still has potential but I don't see it holding the attention of fans for much longer with this kind of forced character conflict replacing story and lack of plot-driving nemesis that would even call for the existence of an "Elite Force".
  • mischievouslyradiant26 March 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I liked Lab Rats and Mighty Med immediately after I saw the first episode. Elite Force is equally amazing, even more so with Chase. The spin off would be nothing without Chase. He's too awesome.

    I hope to see more of Bree and Skylar's relationship. Also, it was so cute seeing Skylar bond with Bree in the natural way of her species. Well, except that it isn't cute when you're the one getting hurt.

    Kaz is less childish, but still a bit irresponsible in some ways. Nice character development there... I think what Oliver needs is outdoor practice in a remote place, not superpower training, because landing on his feet after flying is a basic move and he can't manage it yet.

    I love it that I don't have to wait once a month for an episode, as is done with Best Friends Whenever. Disney, keep it that way! Anything less than two episodes a month is torture!!

    Don't listen to the racist and prejudice reviewer. That review is invalid.
  • FastFlash4 March 2016
    The new Lab Rats Elite Force chose 3 main characters from each show, but the comedy relief was kind of missing. From Lab Rats: Adam, Leo, Bob and Douglas provided lots of laughs and from Mighty Meds: Horace, Alan, Gus, and Philip as well provided lots of laughs from that series. Are we going to see these characters in future episodes or are new comedic characters going to be revealed? I really like the new show, however, you made Kaz a little too serious and Chase a little dumber. Also Skylar Storm's hair I thought should not have been high-lighted as she looks cuter with her black hair and how did Skylar become a superhero as she had no super powers, but fire or light came out from her hands? Did Davenport give Skylar a bionic power like he did to Leo? These questions need to be answered in future episodes as well. Maybe a flashback episode before the last "regular" Lab Rats show could be created to show Skylar working with Donald to create her new super powers.
  • I haven't watched the predecessors of this show actively. I picked some of it up when my sister was watching, but for some reason this series got onto my radar. I know Disney shows tend to be very low level, although it seems that it seems to get slowly better recently. Lab Rats Elite Force is a series that fits perfectly in this line.

    Whether this show is good is a matter of managing expectations. It's a Disney show so there are still cheap ass sets and laugh track, but I'm impressed by how fun this show is. The acting isn't bad, especially Kaz is pretty impressive with a variety of emotions. The writing is not bad either, although there are some fillery episodes and cringe-worthy moments here and there. I know I'm not the main demographic and I can't honestly say it's a great series, but if you're looking for a fun iCarly/Flash hybrid series this might be a nice series to give a try.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay, so let me go ahead and start off this review by saying that I was a big fan of both Lab Rats and Mighty Med. I was one of the most active users on both wiki websites and when Elite Force was announced, I got giddy with excitement about how some of the main characters from both shows were banding together to form a group of heroes to save the world from threats. Now, when the series was getting close to its air date and trailers were being shown on both YouTube and television, I was getting hyped for what could be one of the best shows Disney has produced. And, well... not everything is going to be what we had hoped for.

    The series premiere (even when I keep watching it) feels like it is more of a clustered mess of arguments and little action. I was also disappointed that besides the picture and mention of Mighty Med hospital, it was barely mentioned in the rest of the series except for a couple to almost even a few episodes. When I was watching it, I feel like some of the common sense that was in the characters from both previous shows had been lost and the entire show itself was becoming more of a teen sitcom than a superhero show focusing on the main plot at hand. I mean, I know that in general on television that filler episodes can give the characters something to do in-between the conflict, but I feel like the Arrowverse shows (mainly in its earlier seasons as they are watchable on Netflix) execute the filler plots better because at times there is a minor villain who may or may not get the spotlight in the episode alone; however, when I watch the filler episodes in Elite Force, I feel like they are fully a filler episode due to how the characters interact mainly with bickering and being competitive.

    Now, despite that, there are some episodes that I like in this series that have some great parts in them. The Attack, for example, got the Elite Force heading into the main part of the city to fight the villains in order to save their superhero friends, and Reese's betrayal nearing the end of the episode was unexpected to me. That is how you do a great villain reveal, as reveals such as Prometheus from Arrow and Reverse Flash from The Flash are also great examples of a villain reveal. It is too bad, however, that the series never got the proper conclusion it deserved, mainly because of how bad the ratings were when the episodes aired on Disney XD. Hopefully, one day, the series will get renewed and the potential that it could have had will hopefully be executed.

    So, to keep this review fairly short, let me list some pros and cons of what I think of the series:

    Pros - Some episodes (The Attack, Home Sweet Home, The List) were great, certain parts of the action sequences later during the ending of the current and only season were executed in a good manner, the homeworld of Skylar Storm is shown a second time and has a very great plot point, Bree and Skylar got the most character development, and the cliffhanger of the current series finale was unexpected.

    Cons - Way too many filler episodes, the personalities of the characters were not so great because it included bickering, competitiveness, and being rude, the secondary villains were barely in the season as is unless it was in an episode of the main plot of the first season, and there were so many opportunities that were wasted that the writers could have put into the series for fan demand.

    My rating: 7/10 - Good, but could have been better.
  • Our whole family loves all of the Lab Rats series which we have purchased on iTunes. However, Disney should never have left this to end on a cliffhanger never to be resolved. This is where Disney shows that their real allegiance is to profit, not the audience. Honestly, at this point I don't care to purchase and/or watch any more Disney series lest I be left with unresolved cliffhangers. If it weren't for the unresolved cliffhanger, I'd give Lab Rats: Elite Force a 10 out of 10.
  • Now I don't wanna be those whiny fans who whine about everything cause I am NOT one of them. Lab Rats and Mighty Med were one of the better shows on Disney XD. Don't get me wrong, Disney XD is just like Toon Disney and Jetix into one, and that led to a great variety of cartoons and nostalgic stuff

    But then came 2016 (I have predicted the fact the 2016 will be the worst year, possibly even WORSE than 2014) and this sitcom...

    Elite Force was...bad, but not awful. The characters have changed DRASTICALLY! And I don't mean that in a good way. The crossover was bad enough, but THIS?! Anyway, let's move on to the characters.

    Chase - Normally, Chase is the smart one. But in the first episode, he becomes SO DUMB that he doesn't even know HOW (or why) super powers work. That's not the Chase I know. And he has the nerve to ask what shape shifters are. (YOU JUST LOOKED AT ONE, DAMMIT!) Oliver - Not much, except that Oliver to too dependent on Skylar Skylar - I don't really have a problem with her. Kaz - still Kaz. I wonder what his last name is. Bree - She's been character derailed the most. First she was sassy but sweet, now she's a bitch to her friends. REALLY?! In the latest episode, Need for Speed, she acts like a bitch to Skylar for USING HER SUPER SPEED TO SAVE A BABY! Donald - Oh my god, he sucks. Reboots aren't always good, but reboots can be. As long as you watch the original and study what their characters are. But this show didn't try. So, 4/10 for me. Disney, you better pick up the pace.
  • cortneyfiedler16 December 2017
    While I enjoyed both Mighty Med and Lab Rats, I would have to say that this is an amazing way to put them together. I absolutely love this show and I hope that there will more seasons to come!
  • I think the creators of this show need to get a better understanding of the word "elite." The five white kids they chose to be an elite force of defenders doesn't come even close to what you might have expected.

    The five white kids are in a penthouse playing with their abilities. You have one boy who thinks everything is boring, another teen boy who is a nice kid, but inept. Another white boy is yells a lot. There are two pretty white girls that complain about the boys. And a leader who's ridiculously in love with himself.

    That's the show so far.

    What made Lab Rats unique was the white scientist married to a black news reporter. Their black kid engaged the white bionic neophytes. There were many avenues for entertainment. The show also better represented the face of America.

    Mighty Med also had a mixture of people in a unique situation.

    They took two clever shows and created a whites only sitcom with little entertainment.

    This elite mess needs mighty medicine.
  • I watched it with my son and was very disappointed. Fell in love with Lab Rats. Thought Leo was hilarious and loved the fact that there was an African American married to a White Scientist keeping it together and representing!! Alas where did it all go? I miss Adam he is so cute and funny, he may act stupid but you know he is just playing the fool to catch the wise! The absence of those characters have taken away from the "at odds" theme which did very well for the initial show. People like to see differences which create friction and chemistry this only happens when opposites come together which was apart of the enjoyment of Lab Rats and which is missing in this Elite Force thingy! And that's my Two cents
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay so I was a huge fan of Lab Rats and Mighty Med, but when they ended I was like "Oh well on to something else!" But when I heard of Elite Force, I was excited! I thought it was going to be so awesome and amazing! Then I saw the first episode. So I liked but then I didn't. First of all I miss the funny characters like Leo, Adam, and Horace. Then it's just like "Oliver's mom is captured and mighty med burnt down!" I mean, like seriously people, I kind of would like to know what happened! And then like what about Daniel!!! So I think this show just gets off course on what they already started. Idk that's why I gave it a 6 out of 10
  • sonicshadow-1551616 July 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show needs to get it's title fixed. these characters are not an elite force. the characters in this show can be sumed up in one word. useless. the characters in Trenton X should get the title of elite force. those guys saved the universe like 1,000 times, all the "elite force" does is play around with there in there little penthouse. it sucks because in a certain episode of Trenton X that i will not spoiler.there house gets destroyed and go move into the same penthouse with the "elite force". i just hope they get there house back soon because i don't want to get boring thanks to a failure of the "elite force"
  • I want Leo and Adam to appear in Elite Force so they get a chance to see Bree's superpowers!
  • I loved Lab Rats. It was my favorite show of all time, which I know isn't true for many, but I loved it. The characters were amazing and the fandom was awesome. Adam was funny and endearing, Bree was naive and fun, Leo was sassy and awesome and Chase was my favorite. I loved the side characters, especially Douglas. The show was funny but action-packed, and sometimes serious for a Disney show. People I knew said the show was half-decent. I heard Mighty Med had well-written plot and that people liked it. The crossover episode lab rats vs mighty med was good, so lab rats elite force should be good too, right? Wrong.

    Adam and Leo, the show's two biggest were gone. The characters personalities were changed to fit the hole left by the characters who were gone. Chase was in love with himself, and constantly made fun of for being a nerd. (note: Between biggest and were on the first line of this paragraph is the word comedians, sorry I'm lazy) making fun of nerds Disney? You've reached a new low. Yes, Adam, Bree and Leo made fun of him but they were family. In this show, Chase and Bree no longer feel like family. Skylar's really annoying in my opinion, I just didn't like her at all. Bree and Skylar are essentially competing for the same spot, and Kaz's humor, there to make up for Adam obviously is missed as everyone is being snarky and bickering at one another. It no longer seems like a fun superhero show but a reality tv show about college students holed up in a dorm that must learn to like each other out else they won't get food. Overall, there was a lot of potential for the show but it sucked.
  • kimmy85223 September 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    Here's all the good and bad stuff about this TV show.Just going too say Disney and Disney XD ans can be good or can be bad. In this case it's good Chase is still smart like other stuff he was before because he's smart chip still works and still a believe says smart stuff. Chase is a good Character and other stuff about him.

    I miss that Adam is not on the TV show right now. I am a huge Mighty Med and Lab rats TV show fan and the TV show so far is good amazing so I have no idea why people say differet stuff. And Bree is the same as she was in Lab rats so thats a good thing about the TV show.

    Oliver and Kaz are great characters.

    SO the TV show is really well acted and good so people who disagree why? Why not good when it is good? Great writers and all about it a must see. I like that they joined together. Also I love that there's going too be a time Adam comes back and I love that I got too see bob again and others. The alien one is good in the show even though she lost some of her powers. I love that Bree has really superhero power or powers now. I love watching all episodes and that's about it. I also love the jokes so funny. I love the characters and all people in there.