Kano: [approaches Scorpion] So what ya have against this enemy of yas?

Scorpion: He is responsible for the murder of my family and clan, the Shirai Ryu!

Kano: Reckon I've murdered plenty of families, but neva an entire clen. Maybe me an this Ice Ninja should team up?

[walks over to Kitana]

Kano: What'cha think lollie?

Princess Kitana: I think you disgust me Kano.

Kano: Oye c'mon luv, is no use sittin round cryin ova the dead?

[walks to Scorpion]

Kano: They're six feet down unda. Who cares?

Scorpion: [becomes fed up and enraged] I will tear your beating heart from your chest!

Kano: [laughs, then points his knife at Scorpion] Now that's me job mate!

Shang Tsung: Enough you fools!

[looks at Scorpion]

Shang Tsung: Scorpion! You are dismissed!

Kano: [laughs and waves goodbye] Bye bye Ninja!