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  • The story is about a very rich jeweler family (with members spanning three generations) which was jointly living for long and even now continues to jointly own the business. They will again be living jointly with a common kitchen in the near future after their sprawling apartment is ready. The patriarch (played by Sachin Alekar), an unbending, ultra conservative in matters of social and family life, is the all-pervading dictator in their lives. The younger generation is straining on the leash, and the elders also feel stifled. And, the movie deals with the 'coming out' of these rebellious undercurrents in this family.

    Although the movie deals with deeply emotional issues of life, it is not intense. This superficiality is the reason why the movie does not make a strong impact.

    When the patriarch (and dictator) finds that his son-in-law has done a deal with some South Koreans without showing him the documents first, he could have shown his displeasure more vigorously.

    The patriarch does not really show much reaction when he finds that his granddaughter, against all family conventions, has modeled for a rival city jeweler. His reactions could have been livid.

    When the kids discover the 'double life' of their uncle (Shubhankar), the reactions all around could have been stronger with 'hot and cold' emotions.

    Shubhankar counsels his niece, Mrinmayee, the would-be model, to not get into a 4/5 year long profession and instead why not he gives her an advertising agency to own and run. The story does not pursue this suggestion. Here was a good opportunity to highlight to the kid that there are many shades to most things in life and cool consideration is always needed, although blind obstinacy may be the heat-of-the-moment emotion.

    The 'outcast' son, Vikram (played by Amitriyan Patil) suddenly visits home and the kids naturally bond with him for his unfettered and carefree life style. None of the family rules seem to apply to him. The travails of his life journey, after he left home with a small sum of money, has not been explored in the movie. This could have given a needed perspective to the kids who only wanted to break free and who were naturally unaware of the challenges and difficulties of a different kind which await those who strike out on their own, especially when flying such an economically secure nest.

    The story seems one-sided with none of the elders even putting forth the advantages or cause-and-effect perspectives of having a strong central command in the family. There are always two sides to anything, and the rebellious kids could really benefit from knowing the what and why of the other side.

    However, there was one intense scene. Mrinmayee secretly does a modelling assignment. This incurs the displeasure of the elders. Here, the scene where Mrinmayee's angry father gets physical with her and how she reacts, is the one place where things get aptly intense. Rahul Mahendale and Mrinmayee Godbole act very well in that episode.

    The movie however, packs a lot of acting talent. Atul Kulkarni (as Shubhankar), Sachin Khedekar (as Vidyadhar) and Mrinal Kulkarni (as Laxmi) acted very well, as should be expected. Rahul Mahendale (as Vaibhav and Laxmi's husband), Mrinmayee Godbole (as Ananya) and Sidharth Menon (as Virajas) were good too. Sachin Alekar (the grandfather), however, was generally emotionless.

    Krutika Deo (as Shweta) and Mrinmayee Godbole (as Ananya) looked out of place in their respective roles: Krutika is just too small and delicate-like and does not look like a Spanish teacher and Mrinmayee, although with good acting, is not model material (she aspires to be a model).

    The girl who briefly appears as widower Shubhankar's personal secretary and love interest is neither glamorous, nor pretty, nor appealing, nor gorgeous and with no apparent magnetism, attractiveness, elegance or grace. Although her role was totally peripheral, there was some incongruity in this situation.

    The movie shows a beautifully designed residential building which has independent penthouses with common swimming pool and club house for the families of the grandfather, his two sons and his married daughter. This was a fabulous, impressive and befitting location for the homes of this ultra rich family.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Director Sachin Kundalkar is handling a very delicate subject in Marathi culture. The movie progresses very well. The characters and their story lines are developed in very sensible manner. There actions / reactions are perfect fit to the story line.

    I really liked Laxmi's story line about someone who has already given up on to the fight the youngsters are fighting in this movie. Her being in the family despite being married was portrayed amazingly. Being helpless in front of the cheating husband shows how weak she is now and how she was weak when she was young. Her life is controlled by "Man" in her life and she regrets it.

    Only thing does not fit in the movie is the central character "Vikram" . Honestly, he does not need to be there. "Shubhankar" would have done is better with Atul Kulkarni as an amazing actor. Vikram's ways and reaction are somehow irritating and he does not relate to the family as he never spend any time with the family to begin with.