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  • Imagine The Nutshack but for blacks... that's Legends for you. I knew right from the start the show was gonna suck right when I saw the animation. The animation is just cheap and lazy flash with poor lip syncing and lacking of frames. The voice acting is just meh and some of the voices really annoy me ( Mainly Jamal ). The characters are just pandering to the ghetto. Grover is the main character and all he thinks about is having sex with chicks ( same with the other two main characters Milk and Jamal ). Milk is annoying white guy acting black and Jamal is so damn annoying. The coach is really the only character that entertains me. The humor usually consist of basketball references or anything that involves sex. Its really poorly paced and it feels like a joke after joke without much plot. Overall there's not much positive I can say about Legends Of Chamberlain Heights. The animation is lazy and the characters are really annoying. The fact that this already got a second season proves its gonna be one of those cheap flash shows that will get tons of seasons. I don't recommend this show overall.
  • Only Comedy Central would pick up this show.Just read the reviews: I couldn't agree more with someone's comment "Another Cheap And Lazy Adult Cartoon".

    It could be so much more but done cheaply and despite it gives you a stylized look, don't get fooled. This is anything but stylized. It is the talent of the artists. Crude storyboards even worse animation, you might as well let loose 5yo children draw it in a kindergarten class and let them draw the show. King of the Hill, that I worked on had over 1 million budget per episode in 2000. I seriously doubt this one has 1/3 of that budget. Just change the channel...and watch classic Donald Duck cartoons instead. They knew how to draw and write funny scripts then...
  • rdhudson-2824831 August 2017
    I have no idea the few people that gave this show a bad rating even bothered in the first place. This show is outrageously funny if you from the hood, know anything about the hood you would agree. This show is no different that South Park, Beavis and Butthead and maybe Family Guy. This show hits on so many points that reminded me of when I was growing up. Only prob I had was the episode with Tupaquia. That was wrong on so many levels. I hope this show continues to thrive because it hits on current and past events with a ghetto twist. Keep it up guys. Great f'in work.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh boy! Legends of Chamberlain Heights is finally here, whether you like it or not. Really, I wasn't expecting much from this, but hey, I might as well give it a shot. First of all, this show is just...I can't find a word to describe it. I gave Family Guy flack for having only a small amount of animation in the later seasons, but at least they portray some actions, and even Squidbillies has a bit of charm with it's ugly visuals and can show some form of emotion and action. This show has barely any animation, even when it does, it's, give or take, at least five frames of animation, and that's being generous. Sometimes, limited animation can be the most charming part of a show, but the characters in this show just feels like cardboard cutouts. But that's all I will say about the animation, sense you can see that in the previews.

    Now, let's talk about the characters themselves. We have characters such as Grover, a basketball fanatic who has a crush on some girl and has Lebron James posters all over the room (might as well call them wallpapers) and calls him God in the first few minutes, Jamal, a chubby stereotype, and Milk, a.k.a. Malibu's Most Wanted. Other than the fact that they really want to get laid, there's nothing really memorable about these characters. The voice acting doesn't help either, as Grover sounds like some character from a poorly acted children's show, and the others can be pretty annoying, especially when you take into account that they use the most random slang ever, such as referring to a woman's vagina "cakes," for example. Where did this slang come from exactly?

    The story is also your average high school story. These three freshmen basketball players want to get into a party hosted by seniors, but in order to do so, they must find drugs for the party. They later ended up founding a bunch of them in Milk's mother's bathroom (oh, and Milk's mother is the gold digger if you can't get what the show is saying), and they end up making their own drugs, which gives off a big high, but there are some "side effects" with it, including a certain piece of the human body falling off. Of course, the freshmen basketball players get pranked by the seniors, some joke about how cops are racist, and then there was an interacting with Grover and his crush, and the first episode is finally over. From that synopsis I made up, you can tell the humor is just the usually adult comedy gross out humor and sex jokes, and this show's characters most memorable characteristic is just wanting "cakes." Yeah, the story wasn't that great.

    Honestly, this could've been something that's so cringy that it can be good for bad reasons, but it's just cringingly bad. It was the first episode I've seen so far, which was when it premiered after the beginning of South Park's 20th season, so odds are the it "might" get better(?), but for obvious reasons, I doubt it will. The characters are stereotypical to the point where they're not even characters, and the jokes are just immature for no reason. This is one legend that could've stayed a legend. Unfortunately, and somehow, this was renewed for a second season, before the premiere of it's first season, so yeah, there's that.


    So far, I have seen every single episode as of October 19, 2016, like I'm a dang madman, and seeing as my review really only talked about the first episode, I decided to make an update to my review just to say "it still sucks" and add a few points. In fact, I believe the show wasted no time getting worse after the first episode since, in my opinion, the second episode had to be the worst one so far, and even with the best episode, which is the most recent on, the joke of Tupac being a stripper gets old fast. None of the characters are not likable, and I'm struggling to see the point in having Groover's brothers in the show, seeing as they only have a few seconds in most episodes. About the only thing that changed is that they no longer use their random slang, but that's it. Anyway, that was just a quick update, just to say nothing really hasn't changed, but instead got worse.
  • maxhollist4 October 2016
    These other reviews giving the show poor ratings blow my mind. Apparently 95% of people either don't understand satire, are incredibly PC, or perhaps both. Don't listen to what they say. If you are not completely uptight, then you will laugh your butt off at this insanely funny and well written show. Whenever I watch this show, I end up laughing so much I tear up. The jokes are on point, and the voice acting really ties together the show. I would honestly view this as a masterpiece, a piece of media that cuts through the social biases and throws light on the plight of many people in America today. Also, for those complaining about the"animation", lets face it, this isn't Pixar and we're not watching a Disney movie. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Highly anticipating the next episodes and seasons.
  • johnpgkc29 September 2016
    I'm not surprised this show doesn't initially appeal to a broader audience. There are a lot of jokes and themes you may not appreciate unless you know rap, basketball, hip-hop culture in general. If you watch FOX News, this probably isn't your show. If you liked Black Jesus, you will be down.

    I'm happy to see they got a second season already. The animation is pretty lame, but this show would never had made it to air if it had a bigger budget.

    I hope it lasts long enough for the boys to become starters/seniors/legends.

    Peace out, cub scouts!
  • I got to admit, I watched this because there was nothing else on. Ironically, that episode I watched was the last episode of the season. So, after finding the episodes On Demand, I did what I usually do... I binged. Problem is, I kept repeat bingeing after watching all 10 episodes. That's how I knew I was watching a good show. Pay no attention to the previous review. That's dude is a mark who gets rapped up in the trivial things. Bad animation? Please. What about South Park? 20 years later and those punks STILL can't walk. Just still hopping up and down to SIMULATE walking. Bad lip sync? Please. Unless you have actually worked as a voice over actor, or even as an actor in general, you can't speak. (Pardon the pun.). As for the review, in a nutshell, it's this. 3 high school no bodies on the school's basket ball team thinking that they are actually legends in their own minds. They spend their days trying to "step their game up", "make that paper", " punch those panties" and "get that burn". And that's about it. The whole whole show. What makes the show is the crisp, snappy dialogue. Just listen to the verbal exchange for a minutes and I will guarantee that you will be binge watching just like I have. Besides... They have been picked up for a second season. Hey my dudes, let me here you say: LEGENDS!!!! ;)
  • This is honestly the worst show I've seen on Comedy Central. Another reviewer on IMDb called this show "The Nutshack for black people." He's not wrong.

    After watching the first few episodes of this show, I went online and checked the reviews. The few I found said this show was pretty average. While they thought the first episodes weren't very funny, they compared it to South Park and The Simpsons, which both didn't become great until a season or two in.

    Once you see the first few minutes of any episode, you will realize why that comparison doesn't work.

    I do agree that The Simpsons and South Park didn't hit their stride until the second season. The classic episodes of The Simpsons started being made in the second season, and South Park in season four. But there's one big difference between this show and those two.


    Both shows were funny from the start, and even if you don't think that, you really can't deny that they were both groundbreaking (The Simpsons for being one of the first adult animated shows, and South Park for saying the B word).

    This show isn't funny. None of the jokes are particularly clever, relying mostly on stereotype humor and saying the N word. It's raunchy and in bad taste for the sake of being raunchy and in bad taste. It's closer comparison, South Park, usually uses its raunchiness to illustrate a point. South Park is satirical. This show is not.

    Another reason I think this is the closer comparison to South Park is that it's art style is purposefully bad. But unlike South Park, which uses it's art style to have a unique, stop-animation feel and to get episodes out quicker, this show looks like it was drawn by a toddler with sharpies and is so dated that it could be put out anytime within the next thirty years and still be equally as timely.

    This show might have been ground-breaking if it had come out before South Park, but it still probably wouldn't have the same appeal. I will say that you don't need to be original or groundbreaking to be good, you just need to be funny.

    And that's the problem. It's just not funny.
  • victoriannypena25 November 2016
    I went into this show not expecting much. I had not seen any previews but decided to watch it based on a friend's recommendation. After watching an episode (the one about Tupac being a stripper) I ended up loving it. It does take some time to get used to the animation but, once you do, it is so worth it. The language, jokes and topics are very in tune with the times, so having some knowledge of current pop culture will help with fully enjoying this show.

    Ultimately, this is a very fun and edgy show. If you like hip hop culture or American pop culture as a whole, this show is definitely worth a shot.
  • austinakon21 September 2016
    legends of chamberlain heights is by far one of the most funny, hilarious, and original shows i have watched in a while. I swear I have not literally died laughing like i have at this show since first run episodes of south park. I literally look forward to this every single Wednesday. 2 episodes in, 2 lungs lost from laughing. This show is the best thing since sliced bread. Its the funny side of racist that so many people don't know how to take litely. It has everything you could want in a comedy. The three main characters correspond pretty well together and don't get me started on the white guy hahaha this show has me dying.
  • The Legends of Chamberlain Heights is written for a specific audience, Black, Conscious, and up on Black culture. For those who do not meet this criteria the show's intent and message will be lost. There are many references to social justice issues that can go over your head if you are not aware. For example, there are references to Michael Jordan's tie to the prison industry, the appropriation of Black culture with Milk's character, the struggle of being conscious/woke with Malik's character, and so on. Yes, these roles are among the stereotypical other characters that are also present in other shows in a more subtle manner, the portrayal of Black women, women deemed overweight, high school jocks, etc. Where other shows may portray the same themes in a subtle manner that goes unnoticed, this show challenges (Black) viewers, in an albeit overt and seemingly harsh way, to think about the subtle messages received in media and our role either towards or against equity in our community. Do we check the Milk's that we know who constantly appropriate our culture? Do we pay attention the role our "celebrities" play in our liberation or oppression? There are also affirming references to the Black culture with various Black movie references.

    All in all, it is a good show if you are able to wrestle with the challenges and enjoy the affirmations of Black culture. If not, then you are better off watching Friends or South Park.

    Peace. Be well.
  • At first, I admit I was skeptical. But as a kid who grew up with hip hop, I feel as if this show speaks to me subliminally. Its a collection of everything that happened in our high school with tremendous exaggeration. The show does well with viewers as it offers a vicarious window of the school we all wish we could go to. As for the characters, they're SPOT ON. The stereotypes and all provide an insight into the zealous hormonal drive with a mix of stupidity and embarrassment that these 3 kids suffer from. To those who gave this a a terrible rating, why not analyze and read between the lines. There's a lot more happening than just inappropriate actions. It is sad that people just pass this show off.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Ever since South Park premiered back in late 1997 various adult cartoons have emerge to push the envelop on what's acceptable on TV and most of them were... unsuccessful to say the least. Is this show any different?


    This show is about 3 freshmen who are lowly basketball bench-warmers but longing to become "legends" and the plots of each episode generally revolve this concept. There may be some side-plot turn into the mix but at large it's pretty much an urban coming-of-age story about the main characters Grover, Jamal, and Milk trying to earn admiration and respect from their peers. This is actually a pretty relatable story regardless if you're familiar with basketball culture or not.

    How to humor you may be asking? Most of the jokes consists of references basketball and hip-hop culture, sex jokes (or references to it), and racial stereotypes bouncing off each other but without the broad social commentary of say (even though there is a bit of social satire going on)... The Boondocks which has a similar brand of humor so if you don't get any of the stuff mentioned you're most likely to be lost with the show's humor for most parts and it doesn't help the show constantly enforces how much it doesn't give a f*** on how raucous it is, which is something amusing to some but annoying to others. The story is more about the characters themselves than the message it conveys.


    As I said before the trio Grover, Jamal, and Milk are the ones you'll be following for the most parts and they're all very like- minded in that they're immature but occasionally earnest bench-warmers longing to become "legend", though they have a lot to learn before then. Grover is the most normal and least obnoxious of the three while Milk is something of a "wigger" (so he gets slapped up the head for saying "my nigs") despite having to deal with a apparently racist stepdad who he calls "Uncle Joey" due to his resemblance to said character from the super-campy late-80's sitcom Full House and Jamal is a fatty who's secretly seeing the large-and-in-charge Medina and he's the brains of the group... always thinking outside the box. There are characters such as Randy; a high school senior, the popular jock, and the main antagonist who usually gives the trio (especially Grover) a hard time for not knowing their place... but he does get a taste of humility. There's his girlfriend Cindy, who is also the love interest for Grover and at first glance, she may seem like just sex appeal but she keeps Grover in his place especially by reminding she's already taken though without being antagonistic and stands on her own feet even though she doesn't do a whole lot. There's also Malik, Grover's younger brother, who provides most of the show's intellectual humor due to wise beyond his years and Grover's deadbeat older brother Montreal who mooches off his younger brothers' money to go to strip clubs (which he covers up as "investments").

    As I've hinted at earlier the character are essentially stereotypes bouncing off each other and the black characters (and Milk) speak in exaggerated Ebonics for comic relief but they do show some genuine character development mainly the trio.


    Much like South Park the art and animation in Legends of Chamberlain heights is done in a deliberately crude and simplistic style to match the humor. Character designs are like comic book strips and the amount of frames they have are very minimal. The male characters are generally drawn with uni-brows unless they are shocked or sad while all black characters have big lips and female characters generally aren't drawn with eyebrows unless expressing emotion.


    The voice work in Chamberlain Heights is for the most parts... passable but one thing I have to complain about is the voices for Jamal and Milk. Milk is voiced by a black man while Jamal is clearly voiced a white man trying his hardest to sound black but the results is sorta unsettling. Just like any other sitcom there's not music in Chamberlain Heights but when it does play it is pretty fitting to the show.


    All in all out of the South Park "imitators" it's definitely above The Nutshack or Allen Gregory, a little better than Brickleberry, and about the same tier as Modern Family Guy/Simpsons but definitely below Bojack Hoarseman, Rick and Morty, South Park itself, and even Bob's Burger. This show may not last long but I'm at least interested enough to see where it goes.

    Overall, I give this show a 6 out of 10.
  • ray_magunnerc18 January 2017
    love the show hope it comes back. the jokes are funny also the story line. Keep these kids coming and bringing in the laughs. Reminds me of some kids in high school, who thought they were cool, but weren't. Also when freshmen try to take the senior's girlfriend away from him, but always getting busted. Also the white kid trying to be black. He is funny on how he does it. And special Ted was funny the disabled kid gets his payback. And the fat kid always eating and making it funny. And the blow up doll what a laugh. I hope this gets picked up for many more years. I haven't laughed so hard at the guys trying to be better than they are. Keep up the good work and please bring it back.
  • Most of the reviews here that are bad are likely from Trump voters who, when they hear "White Sale", think that there's a sale at the KKK store for new Klan robes.

    This show is actually very funny. Of course, some of the language is going to be edgy, like when a character says "My nig." (Not once have I heard "nigger".), but that's because most of America did not grow up in the inner city/urban areas such as South Central or Watts or Carson in Los Angeles where such phrases are commonplace.

    Every character is a satire of other stereotypes in the real world.

    For instance, "Malik" who is a grade-schooler is your Malcolm-X / Spike Lee / Michael Evans character from Good Times taken up a notch. He's the future Black Panther who rides a Big Wheel and chases the ice cream man's truck.

    "Milk" is a "wigger". His mom is drug-taking, Botox-injecting, breast- implanted pleasant blonde bimbo. His Jewish step-father is totally square and apparently a closet racist.

    If you experienced all of the Norman Lear comedies in the 1970s and throw in What's Happening meets early South Park, you'll have a good idea of what this show is about.

    It is funny on ethnic satire grounds, but some things are just funny no matter what your ethnicity. Milk's mother "popping a tire" in her lips and having to get a Botox injection to recover her smile is one such example. Another example is when Milk's dog steals Milk's blow-up doll for masturbation and Jamal sees the dog with the doll and says "It looks like Milk's boo is going to get it doggie-style."

    Those bitching about poor animation don't get it that this is the intent.

    Seriously, this is a very good show. I haven't laughed this hard since the Medicinal Fried Chicken episode of the once-funny South Park in the scene in which all the men have testicular cancer and stoned on weed are bouncing around the town on their swollen testicles like Hippity Hops.
  • The main demographic of the show is obviously black people like myself or at least those who identify with hip hop culture. Not a episode goes by without some reference to black culture or basketball. It's a brand of ghetto humor that takes in stereotypes of inner city people and rags it to 11.

    I'm honestly so glad this show exists and it's really sad that it was cancelled. The jokes were usually spot on and were something i could identify with. It's a heavy satire at america and it takes shots at both sides. The animation may have been lazy but the characters and humor made up for it.
  • Dante472 February 2019
    I just started watching this show and I immediately stsrted talk trash because of the animation. However once the character started talking I was like omg. I agree the animation sucks but the show is funny. I even had few time where my mouth dropped from what I was hearing. Its funny for sure. Give it a whirl its pretty funny.
  • linneawim12 January 2019
    I love this show. I've watched every episode at least 10 times. I was so looking forward to new episodes. My heart chrushed when I read that they won't make new episodes. So people, enjoy the episodes there is.
  • MajBlade223 March 2018
    Ok Yes its for a certin audience and it is offensive on a lot of fronts but thats why toons like this and Brickleberry, drawn together and some of the adult swim stuff is so great. They screw everyone over and thats the point
  • twice-6647118 September 2016
    Legends of Chamberlain Heights reminds me of the first episode of South Park with similar profanity, trashy story and weird animation. In 1997 South Park was described as "a witless offering that wants to score as it seeks to be pointedly outrageous and aggressively offensive but clocks in as merely dumb". Nevertheless it was funny and went on to be a hit for Comedy Central. So after one episode, why would anybody rate a whole show with a 1/10 rating. The first episode seems to be a hit or miss with 31 10/10 ratings and 51 1/10 ratings. The first episode of Legends of Chamberlain Heights was extremely funny for me and I encourage people to watch a few more episodes to see where it's headed. 10/10 to push the average.
  • Oh my is this series awful. You could basically consider it the sequel to the nutshack. Legends of chamberlain heights makes me want to spontaneously conbust. It is completely unwatchable. I have put myself through torment watching all episodes, and i can surely say, this show does not have any effort, AT ALL. Another thing that really burns my waffles is the idiotic fact that the series was renewed for a second season way back before the first season even premiered. why exactly? I have no idea why comedy central has such high hopes for this series. South Park is my favourite animated series of all time, and this series tries to be like it, but fails completely. Legends also tries to be similar to it with the friends hanging out plots. Legends of chamberlain heights is not worth your time. I highly recommend you check out great animated series like: Regular Show, or Futurama. Not this. If you like this show, good for you, it is my opinion. If this series gets renewed for a third season, all hope is lost. And keep in mind people, an animated series aimed towards teens and adults doesn't have to be about a bunch of people getting stoned all the time and making the same jokes and recycling the same laughing animation. Comedy Central, for the love of Christ get your act together.
  • The reception of first episode of LoCH is, middling, to say the least, but I see a diamond in the rough. The Three main characters have a good chemistry, but is dragged down by the voice acting (except for milk's voice, who is my favorite character out of the three). The supporting cast is eclectic too, from milk's bimbo mother, Grover's conniving older brother who's addicted to 2k, and Jamal's beastly "girlfriend" who he attempts to avoid at all costs. Yeah the animation is shitty, and the most of the VAs are terrible, but I can look past that.

    I understand how some people might not be able to understand some of the humor, or references, because as a 20 something that grew up in the hood, I'm probably the demographic they're trying to aim for.

    All in all, I like it, and I look forward to the rest of the season.
  • knall-1114331 October 2016
    First off let me say this show isn't for everybody. Just like some shows other people watch aren't meant for me. With at being said whoever doesn't like this show is lame or the past. Most the people on here say the jokes are terrible but when the last time south made a decent season. This show is a good change up I hate the ratings so low but that'll happen when majority of comedy central fans prefer south Park or tosh.0 with some gay jokes or some other stupid stuff that makes people laugh. Comedy itself is a spectrum so what makes some.people laugh might be stupid to other people. Open up your mind at least.
  • The animation is bad, and most of the jokes are pretty tired or just not funny, but the same can be said about a lot of animated comedies in their first season. The worst part by far though is the voice acting for the three main characters which are voiced by the two co-creators of the show. It's painfully obvious that they're amateurs, especially Johnson's voice for Grover, and it severely undercuts jokes which might have otherwise been at least a little funny. There are a couple of decent laughs among the few episodes out so far, but none of them come from the three main characters. Hopefully it'll find its legs because there's not really any other shows like it (on a TV network at least) but it would definitely be less painful to watch with some better voice acting.
  • Damn the hate on this show and a current rating of 4.1, I felt like I need to plug it with a 10 just to bring up the bell curve. I gotta admit the commercials for this show gave me no motivation to watch it, (probably because of the animation) but I happened to let the TV roll over after South Park and found myself laughing uncontrollably to the first episode. I found the second and third episode equally funny and now I can't imagine the animation being any other way. I also thought this show carried a lot of quotable jokes and scenarios on the level of the Chappelle show (I mean that dog d!@k LMAO)

    I checked out the IMDb page and just noticed Neal Brennan is involved who was a huge part of the Chappelle show. I hope this show stays on the air and they don't weigh the hater reviews too highly because I get the humor and its like a child of the 90s dream. Hell I even related to half the plots from my own high school and I'm white "especially the whack shoes"

    If you remember when cracking on each other was the best way to make each other laugh then you will love this show. I will continue to share it with all of my friends and hope it catches fire.
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