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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I haven't seen this bad movie of vikram in years..This movie is just like a spoof of Transporter series. To begin with,this movie starts by exaggerating Vikram's character of the work he does for a living. This movie has once again proved that commercial movies in Kollywood still continue to exist. Then there was this heroine samantha's character which was bought to expand running time of the movie.It kept the audience waiting that there was something bigger on the other end kept for them but only to be utterly disappointed. The fight sequences were not very impressive either and the movie was way too predictable to be frank. We just had to sit through it like something was gonna come up at the end. So , I would suggest this movie only if u are new to commercial masala movies and want to waste your time and money.
  • I watched hindi dubbed version of this movie "Dus ka Dum". I was annoyed hearing Nepal called as part of North India. I would like to suggest the makers of this movie to atleast acknowledge all that those scenes were from Nepal and not from North India.
  • 10 endhradukulla is a tamilized version of transporter. It starts uninterestingly, gets interesting in middle again gets boring and ends in a passable note. Vikram was very cool and stylish. Action scenes were well choreographed and story was good enough to make a commercial entertainer. But the dull script and poor character development fails its experience. Samantha performs bad as usual. Another misfire from vikram.
  • Movie: 10 Endrathukulla (U)

    Rating : 4/5

    Actor Vikram took everyone by storm with his record shattering performance in his previous film I (2015). Even I liked the film and his performance very much, and waited for another power packed film from him. When I saw the promo of 10 ENDRATHUKULLA, I had realised that this would be perhaps the kind of action entertainer I had been looking for since a long time. And finally, I got to watch it (the original print, not the pirated one) with English subtitles, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    10 ENDRATHUKULLA is an adventurous action film that is full of action, comedy, drama, romance and fast paced and well placed thrills. The film is a journey on which everyone would like to go. Actor Vikram is once again in his usual powerful form. Be it the action, comedy, or the emotional sequences, he delivers as usual. His role is not as heavy as Anniyan (2005) and I (2015), but this young character is perhaps the biggest reasons to enjoy the film, besides its other factors. In other words, Vikram rocks in a role of a young, rough and stylish action hero. Samantha is good. She has an equal share of the good performance factor as Vikram. The lead pair's chemistry is good and keeps you hooked. Pasupathy is good and his acts evoke laughter at times. Abhimanyu Singh does his usual best in his role. Others do their respective parts well.

    The music is good and thoroughly enjoyable, but the duration of a few of them except the Vroom Vroom song, could have been reduced. The story and screenplay is good and full of masala enough to hold your interest. The cinematography on beautiful locations is handled well. The fight scenes are completely spellbinding. I loved the fight choreography very much and it suited the flavour of the film very well. Very excellent, stylized and executed in a terrific way with appropriate use of VFX, the fights are the biggest plus point to watch this cool film.

    The film has some mild negatives as well. The film's pace is good, but a few scenes could have easily trimmed. Also, the VFX, though good for the most part, sounds bleak in a few parts. Scenes like dragging a man, heroine jumping with a car are the only two shots with such a problem. Otherwise, the VFX is acceptably good. The interval blockade is though good, yet it isn't made too sharp to give the feel of it. But the overall impact of the film overshadows these mild negatives.

    Overall, 10 ENDRATHUKULLA is a solid action entertainer that is a must if you are a Vikram fan, as well as an action lover. Even if you like films with a good storytelling, don't wait. Just go and watch it in high definition, for the film is visually so crisp that you won't like to miss any single part of it. A must watch!
  • 10 Endrathukulla movie is a bad movie. Me and my friends watched the movie First day.There is no story, bad CGI etc. Screenplay was very poor.Vikram style and acting is good, while Samantha acting is very boring. Good fighting Sequences on the movie and climax scenes not well as much.

    Songs are very boring there is no good interesting song on the movie Except one slow song.Cameo appearance of Charmi kaur was good and hot. The major negatives of the film are unwanted scenes in the first and second half and unexciting screenplay. The film lost its track start to end. The director failed to bring the audience's attention to the film.

    All in all the movie is dumb and utter waste for money and time.
  • Vikram has once again has proved his talent in this movie.First half was little slow but he second half was extremely awesome. The villains have also done their part very well. The action scenes directed by "Lee Whittaker " was really cool and suited very well for Vikram but the film was not racy as expected but it was more action packed kind of film. Samantha was super cool in this film with dual roles and was really fantastic performance by her. Thanks to Vijay Milton -director for bringing a new kind of storyline "Road thriller to Tamil cinema. Go ahead and watch it, you will enjoy this ride.This movie is a complete entertainer.
  • Mr cool vikar and Samantha both looking awesome in this movie..
  • The movie was very bad. Nobody acted good in the movie. Songs and BGM in the movie was good. There is no interesting part in the movie. Boring movie.
  • If you ask me, I should have probably walked in just in time for the second half of the movie. Of course, I wouldn't have understood all that much, but anyway.

    I will be dividing this review into two parts everywhere. The first half and the second half!

    1. Direction - First half - It was crude, slapstick and down right boring. Right from the beginning fast and furious like sequence all the way to the intermission, it was a drag. Samantha down right got on my nerves. So much so, I wished to god I could slap her right across the screen. Second half - The direction was pretty much the same. Bad sequences and badly down fights. Of course, one thing that always amazes me is how Indian cinema forgets blood. A guy will be hit right across his face with a sharp object and when he falls to the floor, there will be no blood around him!

    2. Writing - First half - Puts you to sleep! Second half - Perks up a bit. The story finally stars unraveling. And the plot starts making sense.

    3. Acting - Vikram - Wasn't exceptional. Was just like any other tamil actor. Trying to act cool and macho with his lame jokes. Trying to take on way more bad guys than he can deal with etc etc.

    Samantha - This girl blew me away. She is the sole reason I enjoyed the second half of the movie and the sole reason I am rating it a thumping 8. Her acting as the usual dumb damsel in distress wasn't exceptional. But in the second half when she rose as the warrior princess of the clan, my god, I was really impressed. She did herself and the tamil cinema proud. I hope she gets to act in more domineering roles like that rather than the usual mousy ones women are always subject to.

    4. CGI - Forget it. It was so boring, it was like a bad video game.

    5. Sound - Irrespective of what the public says, I quite liked the sound track and the song sequences.

    Bottomline - If you are a guy looking for "hot masala" this movie is not for you. If you are a woman who believe in women empowerment, go for the second half.
  • rajavijayaraj-5085013 November 2015
    Apart from Special effects blunder, I don't see any major issues. Camera,Songs,BGM,Comedy all in top form. It's look like organized bad publicity from Critics, I did not read single negative feed back from technicians.

    New attempt ,We need to encourage these sort of films.

    Vikram,Samntha,Pasupathi all did great job.

    Imman music is awesome.

    Camera angles in chase is brilliant.

    First half could have been shorter in my opinion. Looking forward to see your next movie.
  • Went to the movie with a great expectations, because of "Goli soda" director and vikram combo, but this is what happened.. The movie started with the big bang hero intro...which you can find in almost all Tamil movies and the songs are not that great and fight scenes are clumsy and the CG work done in the movie is not up-to the mark, The directed tried it to be a road movies, but fails to achieve that genre rather this is a plain masala movie. The villains in the movie are artificial. The +vs nd -vs of 10 Endrathukulla (2015) is +ve Vikram,samantha, Plot Twist, cinematography, -ves Clumsy Fights, Overrated Villains, Songs, CG ,screenplay .

    Bottom line: After "I" expectation for Vikram movie is high, this movie didn't satisfy his fans - "a one time watch"
  • Celebrated Cinematographer Vijay Milton who set forth his directorial brilliance with 2014 release Goli Soda has tried his luck with a totally different genre this time,an action thriller that's stuffed with logic-less entertainment right from the word go,on the lines of films from the west like the 'Transporter' series.

    A partial success considering the motive and genre of the movie,this Vikram starrer is a passable movie overall that suffers largely due to a loose screenplay and a disappointing first hour that fails to impress with some rather boring sequences,tacky VFX and lazy direction combined.

    It felt as if the movie was going nowhere until the onset of the second half which filled the much needed air into the pointless screenplay with the much needed twists and developments that helped the movie land safely towards the climax that was well presented by the director.

    Its said 'all that starts well ends well',but ironically in the case of 10 Endrathukulla its diametrically the opposite as the absence of a convincing narration particularly in the first hour is made up by a well-narrated latter half that manges to engage the audience till the climax is reached.

    Supreme Sundar's action sequences were impressive and well-choreographed,the same being the case with the car chase sequences choreographed by LeeWhittaker.Stunts that defies logic was fine,but the need for going over the top with such sequences spread throughout the film is questionable and felt as if pushing the limits desperately.The item song featuring Charmee was a total let back and unintentionally funny.

    The chemistry between the lead pair Vikram and Samantha was impressive and both the actors put their best as far as the acting side is concerned.Vikram looked stylish like never before and managed to perform the action sequences brilliantly.Pasupathy was another pick from the cast and gave a neat performance.Abhimanyu Sing was totally wasted.Rahul Dev repeated his usual villain kind of role.

    Anoop Seelin's background score was energetic and added life to the action sequences.Music by D.Imman was okayish with the songs 'Vroom Vroom' and 'Aanalum Indha Mayakkam' being my personal favorites and presented really well by Milton.The item song could have been easily avoided.

    Cuts by notable editor Sreekar Prasad were okayish where as the cinematography by Milton's long time assistant Bhaskaran K.M was good.

    Overall,10 Endrathukulla is a passable action thriller that could have been presented better.

    Verdict::A mixed bag as far as the overall experience is concerned,Vijay Milton's attempt on recreating an Indian version of Transporter is a watchable entertainer that's saved big time by good performances from the lead pair and an engaging latter half filled with interesting twists and turns.Watch it if you like no-brain entertainers!
  • chankiot21 October 2015
    The film takes you for a good ride. Vikram looks as the coolest star down south. Car chase and stunts were awesome. Screenplay could have been with more pace. Overall a good go.

    The plot revolves around their travel from Chennai to Missouri. The scenes in Chennai has a lot of humour, I learned from Sam the art of driving a car.

    Nepal can be witnessed with full scenery as the camera works are excellent throughout the film. Song were up to the mark and in par with the BGM. VFX could have been given more care as it looked patchy at parts.

    A film which could be watched by family audience.