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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really like Aidy Bryant, I'm very happy for her that she's making a start in her comedy acting career. However, I think this short wasn't funny or that entertaining because I felt it was just the lazy way to make it so good. Alright, its only 18 minutes but they could at least have a better storyline, better actors with Bryant so that it would make it even more successful for people to watch it!

    I think if I ever see her in other big movies, it would make her even more famous and well loved like the other SNL cast members who were a success in their careers. I see a definite sign that she would become successful in the future but not with this movie I'm afraid...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Darby Forever" is a 20-minute live action short film from 2016 and if you take a look at the 3 names who wrote and directed this one, you will see that everybody is close to the long-running comedy show Saturday Night Live. This includes Aidy Bryant, who plays the main character. Well i've never been too big on SNL honestly, especially in recent years, so I am not too surprised I found this one we got here rather underwhelming as well. This is the life and story of a chubby store clerk around the age of 30 perhaps and the people she meets. This does not only include her pushy boss or the colleague she's been crushing on, but also the customers of course. Every time somebody new enters the store, she ends up in a world of her own that is somehow connected to these new people and their behavior and mannerisms like the uptight Asian-American lady and her equally uptight young daughter. There we see Darby's fictitious own daughter and Darby herself and how they are the better and happier mother-daughter couple. That was okay I guess. The earlier sequence with the concert was very forgettable though, more loud and annoying than memorable. And the scene at the sports game at the very end where she is married to her crush and also again the daughter is there.. well the comedy was not up my alley. The jokes were random and unexpected, but neither witty or funny like when they put a dog in the film as coach in uniform. Or the commentators. Or the ice cream disguised as pizza. Or the vain former school mate. Well, not good enough. I almost felt that Evelyn, her boss was funnier and she reminded me Uzo Aduba, that psycho chick from OitNB. Anyway, I am drifting a bit away now. I am not sure if this was supposed to be the pilot episode for a series (probably if we see the ending and how she wants to be with the guy she is drooling over), but as its from 2016 and nothing in terms of follow-ups has been made since then, I guess there will be no more Darby. I am not too sad about it. Don't think I would have kept watching and the daydreaming idea just isn't good enough or anything they could have picked up on in every episode. All in all, a thumbs-down. Mostly forgettable little film and that includes the female lead as well.
  • So I really liked the movie a lot! Aidy Bryant was so good at playing this really awkward, voice-cracky, shy girl. The "Darby and the Bad Girls" music video was awesome and so was Aidy Bryant's laugh when Nick said they were thirsty.

    Only thing that bugged me was that there was a scene where Darby pours clean water down the someone could have drank that! There's a drought probably where you're filming that!

    I like to think they had a bowl underneath that pipe that didn't connect so when she poured the water it went into a bowl and collected (and that the pipes are clean too of course). And maybe a dog drank it or it got poured into plants maybe.

    Awesome movie, I give it two thumbs up and a head nod of respect.

    Also I'm only half way through the movie haha but i bet it ends good
  • I identified strongly with Darby, because I often find myself lost in daydreams of the most ridiculous, silly things. I immediately fell in love with relatable Darby and her imaginative coping mechanisms. It's a very simple short film with a very simple plot and very simple dialogue, but that's part of what makes it so great. Taking mundane everyday experiences and crafting something beautiful out of them is not only what the creators of this film did, but it's also what Darby does. I love that Darby works in a craft shop - the shop is cluttered, colorful, and full of endless possibilities, just like Darby herself. I absolutely adored this short film and I highly recommend watching it!