Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Janine works in a bank giving credits to clients to buy houses and receives the offer of a promotion to work in a future branch in China for which she takes Mandarin classes. One night she travels from work to her home on the subway. There two young delinquents attack a very old woman and Janine tries to avoid it. The young guys follow her and steal and attack her sexually. After recovering from the blows and the anguish Janine gets up and sees her attackers raping a helpless young girl. Instead of taking an initiative to stop them, she flees home. From that situation her life is disrupted and her job promotion to China, her consolidated partner and her present as an independent woman become secondary and worthless issues. Janine lives in anguish and tormented by the memory of her traumatic experience. To try to recover, she travels to the countryside to see her father, a widower who is trying to rebuild his life after his wife's death. Janine meets Pierre, a friend of her father who makes works of art in iron. She is attracted to Pierre but the memory of the violation disturbs her and puts her on the defensive. Little by little, in the countryside, she begins to feel better. But a police call seeking information from the night of the rape returns her to the beginning and forces her to make a life decision about the terrible events in which she was involved as a victim and as a witness. Can Janine overcome her trauma? Will she have the strength to face life as she had until then?