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  • This is pretty funny in places and the acting is actually decent. Everything else on Blackpills is awful and makes me cringe. Seriously Skinford, You Got Trumped, Playground, A Girl is a Gun are good... the James Franco one is OK... every other show on that app and there's like 100 of them all stink so bad... what are you doing Blackpills?
  • LandonEats12 February 2021
    I had never heard of this film or it's sequel until it popped up on STAN. I wish Australia would make more films like this. Action, comic book like, colourful characters. The acting was consistent and the cinematography was amazing.
  • Charlotte best is fantastic and very photogenic. Shot well, great locations and production design. its trying too hard to be a cross between horror and art. story is weak, not that interesting at all. was so confusing and boring. Part 2 really? Dont waste your time.
  • simonemirandaduvall16 September 2020
    I just watched this film on STAN and I have so many questions.

    What is with all the terrible accents? Did half the cast have to be young women in their underwear? Was the woman with the camera around her neck brain damaged? Where any of these characters meant to be likeable? It's one of those films that is so bad you can't even laugh. My eyes hurt. My ears hurt.

    Save your time and give this one a miss.