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  • A nice attempt from the director krish who makes movies that live in heart. In this movie he took a complicated Indian situation and world war II and compared them with an amazing screen play and went in to the deep and finally touched every heart. the technical department did amazing work where camera work production values every thing went in an world class level. Coming to the casting Varu Tej the hero the in a Character Doopati Hari Babu showed a abnormal maturity in acting for his second movie itself got a tums up for his acting from the audience. Pragya Jaiswal as Seethamma devi did a good performance not only her Srinivas Avasarala as Dasu ,Nikitin Dheer as Colonel Eeshwar Prasad Gollapudi Maruthi Rao did a great performances in the movie. The music was good enough. The dialogue writer did a great job tied audience to seats. Finally the movie is a daring experiment in the Tollywood and it approached to the audience
  • This movie revolves around WWII in Italy and a Village in India. In my opinion, this movie is an epic movie in Telugu language which needs to be celebrated for its rich story, screenplay, direction, dialogues, Background music etc. The war scenes are absolutely stunning and are on par with the Hollywood movies.

    I feel that some of the people who wrote reviews for this movie are looking for some masala elements which are not there in this movie. There is a philosophical touch even in the comedy in this movie which makes you think deeply. I absolutely love such movies which make people think rather than creating mass excitement by having some self praising mass dialogues in regular Telugu movies.

    I did not find a single dull moment in this movie. Director Krrish brings out emotion in a fantastic way. I would say that this is the best movie of the season even ahead of Bahubali and definitely way far ahead of Rudramadevi and other mass telugu movies. This can be even nominated to the Oscars from India as the Best foreign movie. A salute to the Director and the Producers of this movie. Want more of this type
  • There is a changing wave in Indian film industry right now. Directors are coming out of the regular commercial movie formula and trying to make good films, tell good stories. And I think they are not getting all the praise they truly deserve. Krish is one such director.

    I became a huge fan of his work with Vedam, and with Kanche he did not disappoint me. Krish is not one of the stupid directors who make films where hero can punch a guy and he flies 20 feet away hits a wall and falls in the same place where he stood a couple of slow mo shots earlier. He makes films with relatable characters which are very universal and a very good story line. I will not rate Kanche better than Vedam or Gamyam. But Kanche is far better than any of the stupid commercial films which are being poured on to the audience. And it deserves to be glorified for the attempt of the movie makers. It has a sublime story and a universal theme.

    Plus : All actors are really good. especially varun tej, damn it did not look as if it was his second film at all. I have high hopes for him. He is a new actor and it is really nice to see him trying to act in different films instead of just commercial movies. I hope he grows much more as an actor. Pragya Jaiswal was really nice too. Elegant and beautiful. Music was good. and dialogs better. Story line was good.

    Minus: Foreign actors. Below average acting and really really bad dubbing. It seemed to me some NRI had dubbed for them. Screenplay could have been tight. May be color of the film could have been more vintage.

    Still, Kanche is a really good film. It is one of those films which you need to collect and can watch many number of times and still find some thing sublime which you missed the first time.
  • A young Indian fighting for the British against the Germans on a suicidal mission to rescue a bunch of POWS.

    A German who marries a Jew and fathers a child and is on the run as the Germans want to kill the child as Himmler believes the German tainted their race.

    A Young Indian woman who breaks all barriers and falls in love with a lower caste youth and is suddenly hurled into a battle between her brother and her lover .

    A commander who comes face to face with his arch rival from back home and is witness to the ultimate sacrifice. A bunch of British and Indian soldiers who decide to take a group of Jews to a safer land away from the Germans.

    An Italian farm girl who sheds her modesty to protect a group of soldiers who she believes might get her people the freedom they crave for.

    KAANCHE (Fence) brings all these interesting characters and weaves a superb connection between all of them and spins a fantastic tale of love, sacrifice and hope.

    The tragic love story is set in the pre-independence era and meanders till the aftermath of Mussolini's death during the second world war.

    Doopati Hari Babu (Varun Tej) is a solidier in the British army fighting the Germans in Italy soon after Mussolini's death. His story unfolds through his letters to his wife Seethamma Devi (Pragya Jaiswal) who we are led to believe is back home waiting for him. Hari comes face to face with his new commanding officer Colonel Eshwar Prasad (Nikitin Dheer) who also happens to be Seetha's brother. We soon realize that there is no love lost between both the guys.

    We are taken on a time ride back to 1934, where seetha meets Hari for the first time in a restaurant where he is working part time as a waiter. She is bowled by his poetic talent and nicknames him Shakespeare, only to realize that they both are from the same village and also study at the same college.

    Love blossoms between them even though she is the daughter of a zamindar and he from the lowly tribe of barbers. Seetha is confident that her brother Eshwar would approve the match, but she is in for a shock as Eshwar disapproves it and both the lovers get married defying everyone.

    Back to 1944, where the British troops are ambushed by the Germans and Eshwar along with a bunch of officers are taken as POWS. Hari and his friend Dasu (Avasarala Sreenivas) manage to stay hidden and plan a rescue mission.

    The rescuers are saddled with a group of Jews who seek their help in getting to the border.

    Kaanche offers this and much more to the hungry tollywood audience, a movie of this canvas and period setting is totally unheard of here, but Krish manages to tell a fine tragic love story set in the period of world war II with lot of care to the costumes, the trains of the era, the armored cars, planes and even the pathways.

    There were instances when cinematic liberty took over, but all in all, it could be forgiven on the strength of the rest of the film. Poignant scenes such as the Italian girl getting undressed to show the Germans that she is all alone in the washroom and Das's lines immediately are an ode to womanhood.

    The German officer mercilessly shooting all the unarmed British soldiers and also civilians paints a horrifying picture of the war.

    The lines between Radha and Hari are romantic and it is a pity that the love story was not given enough screen space to grow.

    Varun Tej as Hari is impressive especially in the pre climax scenes and also scenes where he opposes the caste system.

    Avasarala Srinivas manages to evoke laughter and at the same time is equally good in the emotional scenes.

    Nikitin Dheer as Eshwar does justice to the role.

    Pragya Jaiswal is the only loose end in the movie, bad acting reduces her character to a caricature as most of her emotional lines turn into unintentional funny lines. A woman with that figure is unheard of in 1930's in this side of the world, Krissh should have cast someone from the south as it would have made a good impact.

    Sowcar Janaki, and Gollapudi Maruti Rao excel in the climax scenes, proves that given the right roles veterans can still steal thunder from under their younger counterparts.

    Dialogues by Sai Madhavi Burra are what drove the movie forward, the difference between love and like, the role of a woman in the Indian household, the common factor between all the women in the world are explained quite beautifully in the form of simple dialogues.

    Cinematography by Gnanasekhar is excellent and gives the movie a Hollywood feel, especially the battle scenes.

    Direction by Krish is top notch, though there were instances where the movie lagged, but the subject and the period setting he chose made the movie a winner. A special mention for the beautifully staged battle scenes, actually give you the impression of watching Hollywood War Classics, proves the fact that given the right budget and proper screenplay and good actors, Tollywood could come up with world class movies………………………………………………….only if they could just try.

    I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a different fare from tollywood
  • rajapradeep201025 October 2015
    Krish once again mesmerises us with his latest film, Kanche. It's a story about a royal Indian army soldier who fought along side of British army against Nazis in world war 2. It simultaneously shows two stories; one in an Indian village which is in turmoil due to feud among different communities and another story which is about war between Nazis and British allies in Italy. No Indian movie in the past according to me has shown the story of Indian soldiers fought in world war 2. Kudos to director Krish for such a brave attempt(it's not new for him) and he doesn't fail. It's a must watch for all the telugu film lovers who lost hopes on Tollywood film industry which is flooded every year with brainless masala flicks. But, the scene seems to be changing. 2015 has already seen great films like Baahubali, Kanche. While Baahubali was amazing with it's stunning visuals, Kanche makes us hook to the seats with it's gripping storyline and great screenplay.
  • As usual Director Krish came up with a really good heart touching story line, unlike a commercial's really a very good attempt, the idea of comparing caste based fights in small villages to world war-2 and showing that the thought process was same but only the impact is high is very good idea, kudos to the total team.
  • super creation by Krissh and the out sanding performance by the crew.....this movie is something out of the box that telugu industry has on the list...... All actors are really good. especially varun tej, damn it did not look as if it was his second film at all. I have high hopes for him. He is a new actor and it is really nice to see him trying to act in different films instead of just commercial movies. I hope he grows much more as an actor. Pragya Jaiswal was really nice too. Elegant and beautiful. Music was good. and dialogues better. Story line was absolutely wonderful. Editing is perfectly done. the song Itu Itu is one of my favorites of all time and this song will be in maximum audio devices of telugu people across the world...

    Krishh you rock
  • Warning: Spoilers
    kanche Kanche - A sensible love story, a fiercely war sequence, a blended comedy track spiced up with dialogs and references to Telugu poetry all woven together with a strong message.

    Sensible love story: Unlike the contemporary love stories, there is no reference to love-at-first-sight, no coming down on knees to propose to the girl, no out of the world promises, no staged fight scenes, no eloping with girl, no fooling around with the girls family. Yet the emotion has been carried so well from acquaintance to friendship to love. Brownie points for differentiating like from love - If you like a rose you would want it and may end up plucking it. But if you love a rose you will end up nurturing it.

    Fiercely war sequence: The war sequence has been pictured wonderfully within the limited budget. It is the story of a soldier who leads from the front, who motivates, encourages, entertains and inspires his fellow soldiers. Special accolades for the dialogue which aims to establish the insignificance of one man in the backdrop of the Universe with its zillion galaxies. Do we need more bifurcations in the name of caste, culture, nation? Shouldn't a man feel a strong bond with a fellow human being just for belonging to the same species?

    The war sequence The war sequence Blended comedy track: Its been long since we have seen such a refreshing comedy track with laugh inducing dialogs. The comedy has intertwined so well into the story that it does not feel artificial or force-fitted. I had a wholehearted laughter after a real long time while watching this movie. I am going to watch the movie again just for the dialogs and comedy.

    Message oriented - Kanche means a fence, a barricade, a separator and many more such things which define and confine people to a border. This movie is an excellent attempt by director Krish to explain everything that is wrong about a fence. A period flick that draws parallels between a fence that is put up in the middle of a village and a border that separates two countries. The movie chastises the fences which attempt to define limits on love.

    The movie may be set in the backdrop of 1930s but it is absolutely apt even now. An invisible fence exists even today between various castes, religions, cultures and countries! This movie is an attempt to help us uproot this fence which is rooted deep within us.

    The movie is about HOPE. A hope of change! A hope that the man kind will resolve differences and unite to work towards common good!

    And the movie is a hope on the Telugu movie industry :) An IMDb rating of 8.7 speaks loads about the movie.

    Did you watch this movie? Please do share your views.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Firstly, hats off to the director krish and the producers of the movie for going ahead with the thought of making such a brave movie in the era of commercial Indian cinema. The movie starts off ON a rather sluggish pace wherein the dialogues and writing seems a little off track but gradually the director takes you into the depth of the title of the movie- kanche(the fence).

    The movie does not have any of the required commercial elements which would make it a blockbuster. But,it has enough of depth and relevance to he title of the movie in each and every frame. The production values of the movie are at top-notch. More than the visuals and technical brilliance, the dialogues and the way in which krish relates the story of a small village and the protagonist's love story with the multiple instances of the world war is commendable. The movie might not woo you like many other movies of technical brilliance but it has its own moments of more than brilliant. The background score could have been a little more effective in certain areas of the story, but in the end its the story and the relevance which keeps u glued to the screen. The bottom line is that, the movie might not go on to be a blockbuster, it might not even be a hit amongst the masses, but the director is definitely going to erupt multiple emotions and thoughts in the human being within you. A good attempt by a good director. Thought provoking motion picture after a long time on not just Telugu but also on an Indian screen.
  • I am so touched with this movie and want to watch it again and again
  • Mile stone of telugu cinema ..krish delivered it ..with less budget he made it marvolus
  • Whoa! Is this the start of a new era? Damn, it is! Hundreds of movies have come out on the caste system in India, but this one deserves a special mention.

    A movie with a genuine storyline is hard to find these days, for we have dried up all our innovation, thanks to the super stardom of our heroes.

    Top the storyline with a brilliant screenplay and we have a masterpiece in making. Though this kind of screenplay is not new in Cinema, it is definitely very well used for this sort of cinema. The frequent deviation from the present to the past with parallel tracks to narrate the different kinds of Kanches (Fence) in the world is just incredible.

    Don't miss the movie! Though it could have been better, it is nevertheless, a great movie with rich values.

    We have a new kid on the block - Varun Tej, who has such expressive eyes, someone worthy to watch out from the Mega Family.

    Take a bow, Krish :)
  • We always knew Krish(Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi) as a director who would attempt different flicks.But,Kanche is an even better movie compared to his earlier works.This time,he chose a war drama but still managed to ask questions about mankind and discrimination between people based on caste and nationality.The way he inter-connected the two stories(one in village in India and other at war zone in Europe)is amazingly brilliant.The casting was effective as all the actors have done justice to their roles.Standout performers include VarunTej ad Dhoopathi Haribabu and Nikitin Dheer as Eswar Prasad.Light hearted humour from Avasarala Srinivas Rao as Dasu was an icing on the cake.In particular,I have liked the interval bang and climax.Terming Kanche as a different film would be an understatement,it is as good as a film one can expect from Krish.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Kanche is a well directed movie and the first Telugu movie with the WW2 backdrop. It resembles a Saving Private Ryan in many ways because the main character is trying to rescue a fellow comrade who is in capture. It is for the most part a very solid picture. The battle scenes were very solid but I think they could have been better if they had a higher budget. Again a lot like Saving Private Ryan as the soldiers have to take refuge in civilians' homes to hide from the Germans while trying to save a soldier. Some of the scenes were very tense with the German soldiers and the Jewish civilians. This is by far the darkest Telugu movie I've seen and bravo to the director and screenwriter. The one part I didn't like was the whole love story thing and songs. I understand that it should be there for the conflict between the 2 main characters but there was way too much time used up for it. The war scenes were great and riveting and then it would suddenly cut back to the somewhat boring love story. In my opinion they should have spent less time with the scenes in India and more time with the war and main story. Oh and the songs weren't that good either. The love story and songs showed up out of no where and a lot of it was irrelevant to the story. The ending battle scene was the boldest scene in Telugu film history. I thought I would never see the day when the hero in a Telugu movie dies but it finally happened. The part that makes Kanche so much better than other Telugu movies is that there is no big bad villain with his henchmen, which means there are no stupid fist fights. Overall I enjoyed Kanche a lot more than I thought I would. My rating is 8/10 stars and from A+ to F, Kanche gets a B.