Due to budget cuts at the BBC, it was shot in just two weeks.

Arthur Lowe's refusal to take a script home is based on Lowe's genuine refusal to mix work and his private life.

Bill Pertwee had previous experience in stand-up comedy so thus became the shows warm up act.

Some of the audience scenes were filmed in the Belvoir Players Studio Theatre, Belfast.

The drama alleges that Jon Pertwee turned down the role of Mainwaring because he wasn't being offered enough money. The truth of this is unclear, although Pertwee would often complain about his money on Doctor Who (1963) and according to his successor Tom Baker, he "found it physically impossible to buy a drink".

Throughout the show, Arthur Lowe mentions his wife Joan, who is never seen onscreen. This reflects the unseen status of Captain Mainwaring's wife Elizabeth in Dad's Army (1968).