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  • Bluebird Films of England briefly teamed up with Private Media from Spain, but the delivered features were so poor the deal was short-lived. This is an extremely poor but illustrative example of what went wrong.

    Such deals can become licenses to steal, as the not-so-careful distributor may end up with "product" that is unworthy. The Bluebird folks, already once-removed in Chatsworth rather than London, cranked out random sex footage filling up two DVDs and tagged it as saluting a party (read: orgy) celebrating the two Lesbian icons' joint 21st b'day celebration.

    So we have them and a bunch of drunken porn talent and extras milling around and fucking in a house and by the pool, likely filmed in a single evening. It's pointless to describe the goings-on, mainly a two-ring circus in which a threesome competes for the amateurish camera's attention with a lesbian couple, necessary because Georgia is an all-girl kind of sex worker.

    Rocco Reed and Danny Wylde are principal studs in this mess, while several attractive lesbian performers like Dani Jensen and Louisa Lanewood vie for attention. Some porn fans dig orgies, and for the least discriminating of that group this will suffice.