Character error

Will rules out the possibility of the image retrieved from a corpse being a memory of the deceased person, on the grounds that it does not match the events that took place in real life. Science has discovered, however, that memory is in fact not an accurate record of what one perceives but rather a distorted and malleable one, and Will, being a neurologist, must have been aware of this.

Factual errors

The interview at the beginning is obviously given a blue hue for a lifeless feel and the curtains are open for symbolic reasons. If this had been a real video interview, the drapes would have been closed or the exterior light would be blown out as seen, which creates far too much contrast. The alternative would have been to stop down the shutter and ramp up the lights by 300%, which would have greatly reduced the contrast, creating an easily viewable image. Any good video producer would have known this an adjusted accordingly.