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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Season 1 was amazing! I watched every episode & then bought the bluray & watched it until season 2 began. Season 2 started & seemed to be on a downhill slide to the end.

    This became "must watch" for me on Wednesday and then Tuesday nights for season 2. Clayne as Riggs was the main reason why. The action, comedy, storylines all were great.

    Every time it seemed like there was a glimmer of hope/happiness for Clayne's character, the show seemed to stomp it out.

    Then just as it is being promoted that the upcoming episode was directed by Clayne, conveniently the news is "leaked" that he had been "reprimanded" twice for his behavior on set.

    Instead of being like most celebrities, Clayne faced it head on. He acknowledged that there were 2 incidents, but he gave his side of the story NAD apologized. From what I heard/read, it sounded like for the most part that he was trying to make sure that it was a safe set.

    The rumors continued to swirl until once again just before the season finale, rumors came out that "sources" were reporting that Clayne had been fired and that producers on the show were trying to recast in hopes that the show would be picked up for a 3rd season.

    If the rumors are true, the storyline to write off Riggs was already there. He was going back to Texas with Molly! Instead the producers, director, writer, whoever decided that wasn't good enough and had him killed(at least that's how it looks) in the final scene!

    Reports are that while several actors have been approached about taking over the role in a recast, all of them have turned it down. I think that goes to show: 1. What a great job Clayne did as Riggs 2. How leery they are of what may/may not get them fired 3. Why FOX is such a terrible network and has to pick all new shows every year instead of having anything renewed, unless it's animation

    So in conclusion, if you've never seen this before, definitely watch the 1st season. The 2nd season had some good parts, but also some disappointments. As the title of my review states, if this gets picked up for a 3rd season and Clayne doesn't return as Riggs, then I won't be watching and I doubt I'll be the only one!
  • Fun show to watch. The casting choices for the two main characters work really well together. It is unfortunate that they have fired Clayne Crawford the actor who plays Riggs. I don't think i will continue with this show. It may still be good but they have removed the character that made the show for me. Sad.
  • The news of Fox's firing of Clayne Crawford, if true, would end one of the most entertaining shows on television. The on screen chemistry between Crawford and Wayans is incredible. The two actors are irreplaceable in their roles. Crawford excels at capturing Riggs, improving on Mel Gibson's portrayal of the mega flawed character.

    The acting, writing and rapport between the entire cast have made the TV version of Lethal Weapon better than the movie franchise. With the bar set so high, Fox would ensure the end to its best program with any meddling. Simply put, without Crawford, there is no Lethal Weapon.

    Unless the actor committed a felony, he must be brought back for a third season, and hopefully many more seasons to come, to ensure the survival of this spectacular show.
  • He's definitely not trying to impersonate Mel Gibson. Clay is definitely doing his own take on Riggs and it works 100% :)

    Give this show a chance!!! <3
  • This show will not work with out Wayans and Crawford 's on screen chemistry. I will sorely be disappointed if they don't both return for a Season 3. This show has been an amazing fresh story line from an over saturated good guy vs bad guy line up. I won't be interested in watching if Crawford doesn't return, he makes the whole show.
  • Love the show and don't miss a single episode. Have taken an Amazon Prime subscription just to watch this show the day it releases. Riggs and Murtah are each 50% of the reason i love this show... And if rumours are true... I am soon gonna loose 50% of the reason to watch the show... And 50% is toooooooo less a reason to continue watching it. I know Riggs may have goofed up a lil too much for the producers/etc to have taken such a stern action.... But, from what i read....Clayne C. has apologized. I say, give him one more chance "officially" and if he continues make it public and remove him fron season 3....(Fans will understand) ....but until then.... He is an integral part of the show and anyone else will take time to (if only he may) do justice to the role.... A bet i dont wanna wait and see materialize.... So, if season 3 has no Clayne.. .. There is no reason to continue watch the show.....

    Cheers to all the characters of Lethal weapon.... You all are wonderful and each one if you are amazing at what u do.... Continue to do the same...
  • When i first heard of this show i was not excited. Ugh another remake. However, after watching the show i fell in love with the fabulous cast and especially the amazing Clayne Crawford. Unfortunately i will no longer be watching this show because of the firing of Clayne. One day i believe we will look back and realize the real reason he was let go was because diva Damon Wayne's couldn't handle being in Claynes shadow.
  • When this show came out, I was excited. It became a fun, action packed adventure. I loved it. Clayne Crawford made the show, and it cannot continue without him. He was very passionate with it, and yes he made a few mistakes. But, HE PUBLICLY APOLOGIZED, and they still fired him!!! It is a complete insult that they replaced him with Seann William Scott. I would be just as upset if Damon Wayans was the one who was fired. There cannot be a Lethal Weapon show without Murtaugh AND Riggs. I will not continue on without both of them. There shouldn't be a season 3 at all.
  • It will be the end of this show. Clayne Crawford is a better, deeper Riggs than Mel Gibson ever was, and I LOVE those movies! But this Riggs is deeper and more nuanced. Maybe because there are more hours available to develop him. Firing Crawford will be the end of this show. They are apparently not replacing Crawford with someone else to play Riggs, so at least there is that. But it will be a different show. And not nearly as good. I'm sorry but Damon Wayans and his family is not enough to carry the show forward.
  • This show will never be the same without Clayton. The chemistry between the two lead actors will not be matched. Looks like I'm looking for a new show to watch next season.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved this show from the start but If Clayne Crawford is am I. There's no show without him.
  • This series really surprised me. It has been a long time since I looked forward to watching a show as much as this one every week. It reminds me of many good 80s cop or detective shows. No one has been able to equal the buddy cop or detective show formula of the 80s until now. Very well done indeed.
  • I have watched and loved this show for two they have fired Clayne Crawford so I will not watch it anymore. The show is the two of them and nothing else, Damon Wyans must really be blind or stupid if he does not understand that...this Sean William Scott cannot compare to CC and I have absolutely no wish to watch this becoming "BLAND WEAPON" instead of Lethal Weapon...because that is what it will become...bland without Clayne. So I´m saying "goodbye and thanks for all the fish".....
  • oatsart5413 May 2018
    He apologized and paid restitution for his behavior if he is not in the season 3 then you lost a viewer.He and Dayan make the show work to bring in a new Riggs is stupid and you lose tour fans of the show that I am sure of.He makes the show what it is and the character he plays is good acting so he is a little high strung and cares about the series do not condemn a man for trying to be all he can be. Even criminals pay their dept with jail time and want a new start in live so why can't you give him one
  • poison_girl_210619 September 2018
    I want to keep my review a 10 because I've loved the show so far but now that Clayne Crawford is gone I won't be watching. Riggs made this show and without him the other characters just aren't enough:(
  • weareone111130 August 2018
    Not watching Season 3; enjoy the plummet in ratings. We'd rather have Clayne with a replacement for Damon instead of no Clayne at all.
  • This WAS my favorite show. The first one in some time that I anxiously awaited each week. If Clayne is not brought back, I will NOT watch it. The the powers-that-be need to pull their heads out of their collective keisters and realize a team such as Clawford/Wayons doesn't come along very often and do what is necessary to keep them together.
  • Clayne Crawford MADE this show. Not only as the actor playing Riggs, but also because he was a driving mind behind a lot of the scenes. He's an artist dedicated to his profession and the art of filmmaking. Without him, scenes are going to be sub-par & half assed because Damon Wayans is lazy and entitled. Zero respect for the producers of Lethal Weapon and FOX network for the shady and crappy way they treated Clayne while pampering Damon.

    Watch the first 2 seasons because they are fantastic. But don't waste your time after that.
  • I used to love this show and would count the minutes until it would show on Hulu. After what they did to Clayne Crawford and half the crew, I will not watch another episode. Furthermore I will never watch something that Fox or Damon Wayons is attached to. The idea of doing Lethal Weapon without Riggs is the height of insanity. I will stop here before my anger at what they did leaks onto this review.
  • This has been my favorite show for the last two seasons. I just read that Clayne Crawford has been let go and will not be returning for season 3. If that is the case, I will not be watching season 3. He is the best character and actor on this show and I cannot see it being successful without him
  • You can't fire the star of the show and try continue the series. It's such a shame because he played the character so amazingly and I looked forward to the show every week. There is no way Lethal Weapon will work without Crawford.
  • When I first heard they were making a TV show based on the Lethal Weapon movies I was extremely skeptical, especially with the casting of Damon Wayons. Clayne Crawford killed it. He was amazing as Martín Riggs. He IS the show. I had never heard of him before LW, but am now a huge fan. I based my review on the first two seasons featuring him. I can't see the show going on without him and I won't be watching anymore. Huge mistake letting the star of the show go. Show had amazing potential. You can't have Lethal Weapon without Martín Riggs. Someone didn't do their research.
  • Boy did i have doubts about this. The trailers certainly made me more optimistic, but I still put off watching the first episode when it came out because i really didn't know what to expect.

    Of course its over the top (it is lethal weapon after all) but here's the thing... Right now i'm looking forward to this show every week more than any other. They've completely nailed the casting and characters of Riggs and Murtaugh, from Murtaugh's protectiveness of his family to Riggs's crazy outward charm, thinly veiling a near suicidal depression. More than that though, they've managed to recreate the bromance that made the originals so memorable. That is truly where this show excels, at being a damn good buddy cop story.

    So here's my suggestion. Don't expect anything, don't pre-judge it, just watch the first few episodes. If you still don't like it then fine, but i'm betting that if you liked the originals, then you will.
  • Just cancel the show if you take out Clayne Crawford. The magic between him and Damon Wayans can't be replaced, and certainly not with Stifler. Don't get me wrong, I like Seann William Scott, but you can't change one for another. Crawford did a great job to build on Mel Gibson character, bringing him in the 2000s.
  • I agree with all other comments. Clayne Crawford makes the show. He is even a better Riggs than Mel Gibson. I will not be watching Lethal Weapon if Clayne is not brought back.
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