• bjstarosta23 October 2017
    This show can be summed up by the words "hamfisted" and "forced". I expected better
    Warning: Spoilers
    The professional critics keep saying this is a "Star Trek for our time". If our time is about hopelessness, extreme belligerence, logic defying turns of events, hamfisted social agendas, and over- engineered glamour shots, then yes this show completely reflects our time. What follows is a rant about quality of the writing on this show, but if you want a quicker summary without spoilers, just scroll down to the last paragraph.


    One of the reasons why I loved the earliest Star Trek shows was that it wanted to inspire you to be a better person, and it did this through exploration of the characters' struggle to make choices that would ultimately be objectively good. In this show the first episode treats us to a drone operator's dilemma: short term morals and short term thinking as opposed to considering the wider implications of your actions, which is something that was a total staple of the show. We get a Vulcan character advocating conflict seemingly to avoid conflict, but nobody seems to question at all the logic or implications of pre-emptive strikes, instead it's an almost entirely emotional endeavour. Why? Why did the writers miss this opportunity? So we could get more lens flared CGI shots of the exterior? Or that pointless space suit drift that lasted 20 minutes just so it could be made into a pretext for the Klingon war? This review would be an essay if I was to pick apart the plot holes in the 1st and 2nd episode, so lets just sum it up by saying those episodes made the main character look stupidly impulsive, which already seems inconsistent with her backstory.

    And don't get me started about the other characters: the redhead crewman is an obvious comic relief/nervous newbie trope with no nuance whatsoever, every single one of her lines is annoying so far. Even Ensign Crusher was miles better than this despite the flaws of that character. The main character is supposed to be Spock-lite under the idea that there will be a conflict between Vulcan logic and human morality. And yet the conflict is so forced and the writing of the character conversations so linear, that it breaks suspension of disbelief. The new captain looks set to be killed off by the end of the season judging from what happened so far, can't say I'll shed tears about that. Interaction with different races on the starship Discovery is limited to the "I just want to survive, please" first officer, as it seems like every other Federation member race has been replaced with human cyborgs and actual robots (I wish I was kidding). If Star Trek races correspond to certain sides of the human personality, then this guy corresponds to the fight or flight reflex. Except that's not a personality trait, and any kind of nuance that was had in having a coward as one of the main characters ended after the first two episodes really. All in all, the character writing on this show so far is terrible and getting worse with every episode.

    And then you have the Klingons. Never mind the change in their appearance, the Trump supporter monologue was ridiculous. I'm sure there was a better way to include the nuances of our time than to change the Klingons from an honour based society into fundamentalist conservatives. Also, as a more minor quip: the other Star Trek shows went with a Universal Translator plot setup for a reason: it's annoying to have to read subtitles.

    Or take this little gem: The main character has to introduce herself on the Discovery by getting into a fight with three inmates. A fight that was completely unnecessary and forced, did nothing for the plot other than showcase some people getting hurt. What? The closest we get to an actual exploration of morality is the tardigrade arc, which truly is the Trolley Problem re-hashed: do I want to kill one creature to save hundreds or not? Would've been on the right track, had there been an actual exploration of it instead of outright rejection of the main character's complaints followed by a clichéd exchange about chains of command. Not that we were able to empathise with any of the characters involved anyway, even if the writing wasn't so trope ridden. The end of Ep.5 where the mirror universe literally looks back at you through a mirror just sums it all up.

    ---END SPOILERS---

    The writers had a chance to make something truly outstanding here: a show that would break out of the doom and gloom and indiscriminate killing of modern TV shows and bring the viewers something that would inspire them and make them think for a change. This show is available via streaming to unshackle it from its commitments to mainstream TV, but it instead becomes exactly that: mainstream TV - a combination of the winning traits of a bunch of modern TV shows, so that a sweet spot can be hit with the ratings I guess? What happened to boldness in creativity? What we get is a cynical Game of Thrones treatment of the Star Trek universe, the exact opposite of what Gene Roddenberry wanted it to be, and paradoxically completely unimaginative and uncreative since it's just a rehash of what has been done much better in other sci-fi/fantasy TV shows already out there. There are plenty of reviews that say this show would be fine if it wasn't a Star Trek show. I don't think it would be. I think there's a serious problem with the character writing, the constant clichés, the generic trope overload, and the forced direction the plot is taking. The fact that it is a Trek show only makes it worse, because I expected so much better. I hope this gets canceled in disgrace, so that the next Star Trek show learns from its mistakes, then maybe we can have some actually bold and interesting writing.
  • gingertrailer25 May 2018
    RIP Star Trek. It had a good run.
    Think of Discovery like someone on karaoke night murdering your favourite song. Sure, they get the words right, but that's about it. To most people in the room it's abundantly clear they can't sing, but there are a few other tone deaf people who think they are singing quite well, and quite like it. Discovery slashes through a cultural icon with absolutely no regard whatsoever.

    The reason Star Trek was so popular up to 2009 was because of it's philosophical approach to the human condition whilst also having a little fun and creating a believable Utopian future in which humanity has worked it's way past most of the troubles we currently struggle through. We look up to the characters as role models and find aspects of our own psyche in them.

    None of that is true of Discovery. The writers either don't seem to understand Star Trek, or they simply don't care. In either case the end result is the same, in that it has nothing of Star Trek's spirit or mission.

    They have simply run out of ideas. This is the 3rd prequel to TOS in 12 years, you would have thought that they would have stopped when Enterprise was cancelled, but no, they selfishly want to cash in on TOS yet again, a story everyone is sick of and no one has the slightest desire to be force fed again.

    What is perhaps worse is that Discovery isn't just bad sci-fi, it has set out to rewrite Star Trek in it's own grotesque image, so nothing is safe or sacred anymore. It's very existence has destroyed the Original Series by completely rewriting it, and most of the TNG 24th century Trek can no longer exist either.

    Take the Klingons as a good example. Most of the western world and beyond can tell you what a Klingon is, and every star trek fan can give you a complete history of them due to hundreds of hours of TV and movies which have clearly defined who they are as a species, their heritage, religion, core values etc. Discovery doesn't give a damn about any of that, and it is unfathomable why the writers and producers set out to completely rewrite them from the ground up, including their culture, visual appearance etc. They are no longer even remotely Klingons, yet for some absurd reason the writers of Discovery thought it was a great idea.

    The visuals are also very poorly executed. When you're not being span around on the spot or panning along a dolly track, you're on weird angles or having your face blasted with terrible post production techniques more suited to a high school film student trying to emulate JJ Abrams on a pittance. The CGI is extensive and over the top. Far too much saturation, an obsession with flying in and out of windows, highly oversaturated accompanied by lens flares in every single shot and glow which makes everything appear to be stuck in some kind of space mist. With the budget of this show you would expect something more realistic. Instead you end up in sub-par fan film territory. If there wasn't such a heavy reliance upon VFX they may have produced something more appealing, or at the very least look better than Trek from the early 2000's.

    Discovery's over-reliance on VFX is just one of many issues in plot and writing. It winds all over the place like a drunk trying to get home but failing to remember where they live. The decision to turn Discovery into a serialised story is at the core of it's failure, and the reason why Star Trek has been such a success in the past. There's nothing wrong with things in one episode being referenced in another, or longer back stories of the relationship of the characters developing over the years, but Discovery takes that to an extreme to the extent that it's no longer possible to dip in and out of the series. You either have to watch every single one, or none at all. The producers and writers clearly thought their way of doing things is the right way, but they couldn't be more wrong. They explain their egotistical decisions by calling it "modernising", which is selfish, ignorant, and broken something which didn't need fixing.

    Overall I can't recommend this to anyone, not even casual sci-fi fans.

    One thing you'll note in these reviews are people clearly laying out their criticisms with detailed reasoning, while on the other hand the small minority who give positive reviews will go out of their way to insult and degrade everyone else. This lead me to believe that Discovery's core audience are teenagers, and I don't think they are teenagers with much interest in morality plays or social commentary.

    It just goes to show that having the rights to Star Trek doesn't mean CBS have a clue what they are doing. Paramount's reboot has gone down a similar route, but I suppose fans always believed that TV Trek was a different animal without such a heavy reliance upon action and visual effects.

    We couldn't have been more wrong. 50 years down the toilet, and it appears that the franchise has been killed off in a few short years. CBS show no remorse for what they have done, i honestly don't think they even understand what they have done wrong, so there's no hope of Discovery changing it's ways.

    RIP Star Trek
  • imdb-149318 April 2018
    Badly written sci-fi pulp
    This is show that has all the bad tropes from bad late 2010s TV shows. The protagonists are inconsistent, illogical (even when praised for their supposed logic), prone to violent outburst and generally unlikable.The antagonists are equally illogical and the whole physical universe around them are government by no natural laws that recognizable from our universe. Light travels instantaneously across galaxies, starships operate as if space has higher friction than water, and sunflares are EVERYWHERE.
  • elih-4656625 April 2018
    Thank goodness I didn't pay for it!
    Thanks to torrents I didn't have to pay the stupid fee CBS is trying to get for this. As a sci fi action show goes, it doesn't suck. The folks that created Battlestar Galactica pulled off a more modern a darker retake on the original series. The STD have not from where I sit.

    It just looks dark and dreary with mutiny and chaos around every corner for no particular purpose other the self indulgence.

    Don't care for the new Klingon look. They pretty much killed B'Lana Torris' possibility to exist. The Klingon of STD are a cross between a reptiles and mammals. There's no way cross breeding with humans would ever work.

    I also see that comedians of the future will laugh at the white guys. Remember how the first black guy in TOS was sure to die? Well now when you see a white male, you'll know that his character is a tool, a schmuck or insignificant.

    Thank goodness I didn't pay for it!
  • Big Brother12 November 2017
    Blow 'em up, Scotty - Discovery doesn't feel like the future
    I waited for the first season's break to do justice to Discovery - though unfortunately on IMDb the early reviews always dominate. Alas, in this case it doesn't matter because it's one long episode and ended as it started, just less spectacular.

    Other than many of the "one star" reviews, my beef with Discovery isn't that it's not true to Trek canon or Roddenbery ethics. It's not that it's sometimes annoying ("You're *the* Michael Burnham?"), features wooden acting, flat dialogues or stupid plot lines. That's because older Trek series weren't immune to these problems, and it didn't matter a lot.

    The difference of this new era TV is the same as the reboot movies: I am unable to imagine this science fantasy as the actual future. For me, the "I could be there" feeling is missing, which always made the big difference. Thi doesn't require TNG techno babble or is hampered by TOS star ship models hanging on wires. Reality doesn't equal a dark and gritty setting, and a lot of expensive cgi doesn't necessarily help either.

    On the upside, Discovery tries to have some character relations and development which made DS9 so appealing back in the days. But after nine episodes, it still just delivers entertainment based on Star Trek. I'd rather have something like the brilliant "The Orville" which disguises as entertainment, but has the actual Star Trek heart and vision to make it believable.
  • Neil Procter25 April 2018
    The worst Star Trek franchise by a country light year.
    Warning: Spoilers
    Idiot TV comes in many guises. Ant & Dec's and James Cordon's shows are very different, but both are still juicy slices of idiot television. Star Trek Discovery is another in the long line of new wave shows that think they are clever but are so idiotic they can only be designed for people who just like to watch the fabulous images and the explosions. I watched season one to the end in hope of some redemption, but alas, there was none. First of all, it falls into the same trap that eventually killed off (the superior) Star Trek Enterprise, namely having one continuous theme. In Discovery it's the Klingon war. There are several episodes in a parallel universe where everyone's doppelgangers are evil (such a cliched idea it could be right out of the original Star Trek series). The characters are unlikable and dull and the things they do are illogical to say the least, and not just in the eyes of Mr. Spock. To put evil Georgiou in charge of the mission to end the war was just one of the many nonsense actions, sort of akin to capturing Hitler and putting him in charge of an allied invasion. Furthermore, despite not being set in a future beyond all previous Star Treks, they seem to have come up with some convoluted method of high speed space travel that had never arisen in previous franchises. Star Trek used to pride itself in using science that was plausible - this stuff is just garbage. I won't be around for season 2. I'll go back and watch Voyager again.
  • pjgowtham13 March 2018
    This is NOT Star Trek
    Warning: Spoilers
    Star trek is about inter species politics, technological gap, boundaries, exploration and infinitely more. Star trek is more like a projected future. There is no place for dark future here as the core of this series.

    Discovery is based on the original timeline. This series is supposed to happen after star trek enterprise. Why is the technology so advanced ?

    The show failed to focus on earth's people, about the federation's, some dialogues that explain the psychology of the characters. Clearly, the directors of the series don't know star trek.

    The vulcan logic, The klingon strength ,are all ignored comfortably in this show. The humans are shown as depressed warmongers

    This show is pure graphical entertainment, no story, not prequel - like at all. Acting is so bad. This show gave me brain cancer. Fan made star trek is better than discovery. I watched Orville after this show. Absolutely targets Star Trek fans.

    50 years of franchise killed.
  • sykespj7 February 2018
    Everything Trek never was... and should never be
    Just when I thought this show couldn't possibly get any worse, it got worse. The acronym STD fits like a glove. Most of them are pretty painful too, and unfortunately, you can catch them from someone you love.

    Previous Trek series have all been founded on optimism... an unshakeable belief that a common set of shared core beliefs can bring people of all races together in the pursuit of freedom, justice, harmony, unity and the betterment of all. Discovery is just plain dark and depressing, with Starfleet officers so fatally flawed it is a total mystery how the show could possibly be a link between the brimming optimism of Enterprise and TOS.

    The concept of self-contained episodes (with the occasional two-parter) has been unmercifully abandoned. Instead we get a soap operatic mess whereby unlikely mega-dilemmas are solved by even more unlikely miraculous, out-of-place, totally dumb solutions.

    As for personal relationships, Discovery doesn't need a ship's counselor, it needs a psychiatric wing. How could people this screwed up possibly save not only the Federation, but reality as we know it (...or do we? [...or do we really care?]). The kids in Degrassi Junior High showed more maturity than this mob.

    Star Trek is supposed to be about small stories that say big things. This is why an ensemble cast full of real people has been so critical to the franchise's success. STD truly is a disease that threatens to destroy the very fabric of what makes Trek so great. This is one malaise that needs to be eradicated from the face of the planet as soon as possible.
  • jelinek-7182621 April 2018
    Star Trek on the surface, but nothing below
    In the beginning of the first episode Burnham predicted (with Spock like attitude) to the second when a storm will arrive. Just minutes later she admitted, that the prediction was wrong. Well and this is the whole description of Discovery. Insert some well known Star Trek references and features, but then do nothing about it. Great visual effects, dialogues with the pace and quality of a middle school play, so far flat characters, chaotic stories with obvious Star Trek references or with reaction to some present social event. I am really sorry to see this show under Star Trek franchise. I dream about Jean Luc Picard appearing from parallel universe on the Orville and staple it as an official Star Trek sequel :)
  • Randomizer260023 March 2018
    Not Star Trek, not well-written, not interesting, not worth it.
    I've read a bunch of reviews for STD, and noticed that most of the reviewers who love STD, insult and denigrate people who don't. As you read the reviews, some people layout out their criticisms very clearly. I'm just going to give general impressions.

    I love Sci-Fi. I started with the original Star Trek in 1968, and have watched all the Star Treks, Stargates, Babylon 5 and most of the rest. Usually there is some overall theme or plot direction for the season. STD seems to wander all over the place. Every episode, it looks like they are taking the series some other direction. Not like a plot twist, but like the show runner keeps changing.

    I like a series, Sci-Fi or not, with some likeable characters. STD doesn't seem to have any. The characters run from sadistic to simple-minded, but none of them seem like people you know. They have no depth or sides to their personality. And the dominant demeanor is unbridled emotionalism, but never joy or wonder, always dark. And forget wit or humor.

    If you like Star Trek, try Orville. That is a little campy, but Star Trek plots with people acting like humans.
  • MadManMUC7 November 2017
    Where no one has gone before ... and should never have
    Warning: Spoilers
    You know, there are lots of stories of people becoming — or wanting to become — scientists of every description, astronauts, engineers and so on because of Star Trek, especially TOS and TNG. People who saw this future, loved it, got inspired, and wanted to do their bit to make it a reality.

    Will Discovery have that same positive impact on people a few years from now? Will people look on Star Trek Discovery and think, 'Wow. This really is a future I want to help realise', and aspire to become something that helps humanity get there? Judging on what we've seen so far, the answer is a loud outright, 'NO.' And this is the biggest shame of all with this series. It has taken something that actually had a real-life inspiring legacy, and warped it into this dark, bleak, violent, gruesome (do we *really* need all of that gore in Star Trek,like in this last episode (8)?), immoral, insipid, un-inspiring, and — ultimately — revolting thing that is nothing like what it should actually be.

    If they dare to call this awful thing 'Star Trek', they'd better be prepared to live up to its legacy.
  • xn-6885423 May 2018
    New Star Trek? Nope. It dismantles Star Trek.
    There's no wonder, no imagination, no hope of a better future, no dream of humanity spanning star systems. None of the viewers of this show have ever even considered laying on the grass on a starry night and wondering what might be.

    There is nothing inspirational about Discovery at all. I grew up wanting to live out my life on the starship Enterprise. I couldn't last more than a week in the company of these terrible people.

    The science is gone, the fiction is atrocious. Space ships and holograms must mean sci-fi to these writers, they have gravely misunderstood the mental calibre of their audience, and instead made garbage for idiots, yet again.

    The writers and producers of Star Trek Discovery have vandalised a 50 year legacy, and they don't even care, they think that they are doing no wrong.

    They will be remembered as those who killed off a cultural icon for bank balances.
  • modderkakor1 April 2018
    This show is a true affront to the title "Star Trek". It features massively terrible writing coupled with even worse acting. Every line is awkward and forced, the actors seem to not know what emotion they're supposed to display and switch back and forth seemingly randomly. Martin-Green is a very weak actor that does not fulfill any semblance of talent or ability, which is a real shame because she looks very hip and is super cute, and could have easily been a classic character. Perhaps it's entirely the director, because every other dialogue line and actor seems to be just as inept and talent-less.

    On that note, the entire show is a shame. It is difficult not to cringe, get drunk, and pass out from how bad the show it. It hits home so much harder because of the "Star Trek" name. Perhaps it wouldn't be as actively offensive and horrible if they had just named it "Discovery" and ditched every bit of Star Trek from the show (which, honestly, is ONLY the logo and name, there is NOTHING ELSE Star Trek about this show).

    Please, please, please fire everyone that works and acts on this show, and ban them from any further involvement in the entertainment industry. Force them to do hard labor for the rest of their lives. That's what they deserve.
  • Captain_Blue2 May 2018
    Terrible and insulting at the same time.
    Damage control has now set in. They are of the misimpression that changing uniform colors and bastardizing the TOS Enterprise is what the fan base want. Are they stupid?

    How can they not realize or understand that the entire concept of a retconn reboot stabs at the very heart of every Trek fan? We tried to tell them so early on and they dismissed it entirely. They think they know better than their target audience.

    Every Trek show which has dealt with prequels and time travel has been fully focused on ensuring painstakingly level of accuracy. STD dumps all over that by declaring that their way is the right way.

    STD is without a doubt the darkest page in the history of the franchise. I find it offensive to my intelligence. I don't like the characters, I don't like the writing, and I sure as hell hope that humanity doesn't end up like those morons.

    There is literally nothing to inspire me here. It doesn't want to make me a better person, it doesn't give me any incentive to hang on for the future just around the corner, and the cheesy telegraphed speeches.

    Star Trek is all about tackling hard issues without needing to point out the issues in the first place. STD has nothing of that. It's just an action series made for sci-fi fans, there is nothing whatsoever cerebral or otherwise intellectual here for Star Trek fans.
  • tub0947329 April 2018
    It doesn't work, and I tried ..
    Watched the series three separate times since it came out. Watched all the YouTube content with analysis to understand others' perspectives on the show. Even read a large number of reviews on IMDB, and yet still I cannot find the magic of Star Trek in this series. The show seems to have missed the opportunity to reinforce deeper concepts that really good sci-fi wrestles with, and instead treats the show as just another cash in by pouring ingredients together and hoping it tastes good.

    And it would be hard to ignore early reviews, most of which came the day of or immediately following the premier, that praise it without having sat with it for a while and digested its attempts at being more than the sum of its parts. And yes, I know the world moves on with each generation, but Star Trek has enchanted many different generations, whereby someone who liked next generation didn't feel alienated by the original.

    You don't have to be a fanatic to get the very smart way current events, philosophical debates, and existential wonder all played nuanced roles in Star Trek. But this, Star Trek discovery, does not share that magic...And I tried, really tried to understand its ethos, especially if it was changing form to help reach out to newer audiences.
  • kdmitzvon13 March 2018
    Let's kill Star Trek
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is the most beautiful example of taking something (Star Trek) from someone (real,loyal Star Trek fans) and giving their show to EVERYONE ... Let's give Star Trek to everyone ... everyone deserves to watch this show ... its 2018 ... I'm sick of it. I can't believe people that are "protected" by this political correctness don't feel bad for being made look like they need so much help and attention? If they see what's happening then why not protest it? ... It's just wrong to use such a great, intelligent show, that actually mean something to a lot of people into a tool of this stupid overly PCness ... oh come on ... 4 people fight in a room, a black woman, a asian woman, a indian woman and a white male ... guess who wins ... 20 kg black woman ... also vs Vulcan, and Klingon (why, o why did you make them like that) ... why, so unneeded its sf not a magical fairy tail. Its not about everyone understanding it. There's a lot of other content to sharpen your teeth on ...
  • prairiental28 January 2018
    Congrats on killing a 50 year franchise
    After watching the 1st episode of Discovery which was broadcast over the air, I'm not surprised to see all the negative reviews. As is often typical in "reboots", in an effort to make everything bigger and better, it's just change for change sake. From the Klingon redesign, to the various (sometimes laughable) uniforms, the aliens as well as the cast dialog and interactions, I had no desire to watch another episode - let alone pay for it. I've watched every Star Trek series from the original on and although some series were better than others, this one is a joke. Seems to be yet another instance of the bean counters overseeing the creative process. Congrats on killing a 50 year franchise.
  • timberjacltd4 April 2018
    The worst Star Trek series on history
    If it "show" dont call (dont insult) Star Trek, and call herselft as "bla-bla-bla an space story" it can be decent (only decent, a lot of anothers series had more Works on plots and characters).

    But this "crap" can be call "Star trek" and this don't is and never will be. It's is a product with bad quality only create to destroy real Star Trek legacy Actors are bad their characters are too far from Star Trek ideals and they only serve as a moral negation of all that any Star Trek carácter needs to be.

    Please, dont waste more resources on that insult to Star Trek and fire out all crew from showrunners to the most irrelevant actor on it.

    At least, I can see (and I will see it again and again) the rest of the series of Star Trek, but I no waste a simple second more on this crap.
  • Tri_Indie27 May 2018
    Catastrophic to Star Trek, cheap thrills for Marvel fans.
    Star Trek for people who don't like Star Trek, yet paradoxically are supposed to be prepared to pay for it up front?

    I've yet to encounter a single Star Trek fan over the age of 25 who has given this the thumbs up. Recent years have had their fair share of terrible reboots like Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, hell even the first round of Star Wars prequels, and unfortunately STD is no different. It's a classic example of putting highly sought after intellectual property in the hands of generic entertainers and waving goodbye to a treasure held in high regard across generations of viewers. Put a franchise in the hands of a fan and you get JJ Abrams's Star Wars. Put it in the hands of a generic director and you get his Trek reboots, ultimately costing Paramount over $150m in net losses.

    STD has roped in some people like Frakes purely for PR reasons, but there are no Star Trek fans at the helm. They even claimed to have people in the writing room who are Trek fans to tell them what can and can't be done. Utter targ manure. You have to be in a pretty poor place in a production of Star Trek when you have to recruit Star Trek advisers. Trek needs a fan as show runner, It had one, but then CBS fired Fuller before production began. It's astonishing how so many idiots who know nothing of Star Trek ultimately came together to botch STD when they had everything on the table for the taking. This is particularly poignant example due to CBS shutting down all Star Trek fan fiction longer than 30 minutes in duration in the years during STD's development. It was a tough pill to swallow for CBS to do that when we had a new show on the horizon, but now that it's evident how utterly irredeemable STD is it becomes all the more painful.

    Now there will be no more Star Trek. Fan fiction has been destroyed under threat of immediate legal action, the movies are now just generic Marvel super hero trash, and TV trek has been murdered too. Anything they have missed torching to the ground yet? I don't know of any franchise that can continue through such catastrophic damage from every possible angle. Now it's just a matter of time while we are all forced to watch CBS and Paramount dragging out a long and painful death.
  • charles-494464 November 2017
    This Ain't Trek
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is simply not Trek, but a terrible derivative. The writing is awful with huge plot holes, the characters are bad and hateful, they ruined the Klingons, their culture and ships.

    They use bad science to invent a spore drive from mushrooms (a magic pixie dust drive), they decide its time for the show to drop f-bombs and the crew as Star Fleet members are an embarrassment and unworthy to wear the uniform.

    This isn't Star Trek.
  • James Danton3 March 2018
    I don't even know where to start...
    Warning: Spoilers
    I remember when people though Enterprise was a little on the slow side or that Captain Archer wasn't as compelling a character as he could have been. Man I wish we could get him back.

    I don't like anyone in this show. They're all a bunch of reprehensible jerks with terrible morality and inconsistencies in character from moment to moment and Burnham is the worst. She's supposed to have been brought up with a Vulcan upbringing but in the first episode she accidentally kills a member of another race (musta had the silly thing in reverse!), assaults her captain, lies to her crewmates and starts an interstellar war.

    All that after being told by her adopted Vulcan father that she should shoot at people, unprovoked, in order to show superiority. Then after that she's canned by a panel that is shrouded in darkness...for some reason.

    Moving forwards we see her roomied with a girl who would have been ok back in the low res sixties but has no place on HDTV as she has a face like a cooking pancake with moles and craters spack filled to the brims. I go 'uhhhr' everytime she's given a closeup. And then she speaks.

    Then they mention how the Wright brothers and Zephram Cochrane should be held in just as high regard as Elon Musk, a barely competent, noncompetitive auto maker running on government grants and hype. Please.

    I'm four episodes in, waiting for it to get going, get better, show me something uplifting in some way, something to make me feel good about having watched it.

    This is not Star Trek. The visuals are stunning, the set design is gorgeous, just amazing but that's where my praise ends. This is pew pew action show set in space with angry people doing angry things set in a time and place we know everything about and none of this is that place and time.
  • The Master25 March 2018
    A complete betrayal of goodwill and trust by CBS and Netflix
    All you need do to continue the legacy was add to it, within the clearly defined universe, to respect it and expand on it.

    Every new Trek show adds to the clearly defined future, in it's timeline, you had from the 24th century to infinity. But you chose to rewrite it and rape it's past for kicks. What did you expect to happen?

    Total destruction of goodwill and trust.

    The creators of this garbage are now operating under the misimpression that the fanbase they have insulted are now keen to see their next abuse of OUR trek by rewriting even more of it. CBS are now on every Trek fan's blacklist. That's quite an accomplishment.

    Are they stupid?

    We don't want you to rewrite yet more of the franchise, we want you to leave it the hell alone. You've done enough damage, enough insult, enough abuse. We don't want STD, we don't accept you rewriting it, and we sure as hell don't want you doing it again for another season. You screwed up, we all tried to tell you but you did it anyway. You're not wanted, you're not accepted, and you're so far from the line of winning over the fanbase that your actors careers are now going to suffer as a result.

    Congratulations on making hundreds of millions of consumers dislike by default everyone involved in this "Justice League" stupidity. Walk away from it, now. You thought the fan backlash in season 1 was harsh? Oh boy, you ain't seen nothin yet.

  • nagyilles-balazs16 March 2018
    Propaganda ruins the show
    Shame to see that nowadays everything is effected by the actual "social movement".

    Star Trek alway been modern in this respect - woman senior officers and captains - , but never was pushing it always felt natural. In the end of the day Star Trek is about "to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations.", not about actual politics, even in the original had Chekov despite to the cold war. The main problem with these show is that this is not Star Trek, this is not a futuristic world, just a projection of the present dilemma of Hollywood to the Star Trek world.

    What really terrible to see that every straigt white male ending up evil, or poisend with an animalistic manhood. In opposition, the woman and the gay characters are flowless, even when they are making questionable things its alway the 'right thing to do'. The thing what makes a show modern is compelex realist characters, not a SJW paradaise. There is nothing which challenges the characters personalitity, they are static and boring.

    These things are a shame because the story is enjoyable and if it wouldn't set in Star Trek universe it won't feel this wrong. The visuals is great, the directing is fine (in an action movie way), the writing is ok (without the propaganda monologs).

    A closing thought: if one compare this to 'The Expanse', it has similar problem with the 'perfection' of the woman characters, the fraglie male ones are much more intersting, bit they handeled it much well and it doesn't feel that pushy.

    If it wasn't Star Trek and more balanced 'social side' it could be easily 7-8 show, this was is only a 6.

    PS:sorry for my english, it not my mothertonge, and wrote this down quickly
  • jacobtwmurphy9 April 2018
    Awful, not memorable
    Amazing graphics, the story is awful and the show has no charisma. Klingons make no sense and the real timeline is gone. Overall a good scifi but not star trek in any way, i can watch any star trek series all day every day and i do every day and night, but this series is not and never will be one of them, i wanted to like it but i simply can't.
  • chimera-215 October 2017
    It's dead, Jim
    Warning: Spoilers
    The Klingons do not look like Klingons, and when given a chance to throw us a bone of a real Klingon they failed. The Klingon ships don't look Klingon...or anything else. Absolutely shapeless. Discovery herself is a rejected McQuarrie redesign of the Enterprise from over 40 years ago. None of the sets make a bit of sense in continuity and the lighting is an abject fail.

    Your main character is a bully, impatient, fails to plan ahead and happy to commit mutiny. The other characters we have no idea about because they did almost no character development of them. And, let me see...we have the First officer going to investigate an unknown object in a high radiation area in a space suit because...they ran out of probes? Ran out of shuttles? The ship was low on fuel? We don't know.

    We ALSO have Obi Wan Sarek, who is now using the Vulcan mind meld to do instantaneous visits with Burnham across hundreds of light years. Yeah, THAT Sarek. The one who refused to speak to his son for 18 years because of his human half and his entry in Star Fleet...who adopted a human and has shared his Katra, and new Jedi powers, with her to be close when she needs him...because she joined Star Fleet...

    *sigh* I'm out of energy. Everything about this show is wrong including the cast/advertising presuming to claim she is the first black and/or female in a leadership position. Have we forgotten Uhura, Chapel, Janeway, T'pol or Sulu and Sisco, etc, etc...

    It's an SJW disaster and right now, an outright embarrassment.
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