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  • lor_31 October 2017
    Digital Sin is nearing the bottom of its seemingly endless barrel with stuff like this combo IR and cream pie video. Thanks to checks that clear, the femme talent on display don't seem to mind slumming.

    Worst segment has to be veteran Veronica Avluv dealing with Rob Piper's long dick, though his main job here is to get out of the way as she endlessly squirts for half an hour. She must have primed her pump with a gallon of Poland Spring, so that clear fluid spurting out of her doesn't resemble the Golden Shower she's simulating.

    India Summer and Lea Lexis both seem comfortable in interracial mode, but I kinda felt sorry for Bianca Breeze, a Lesbian icon who carries herself in regal fashion, but not when she's proving "me too!" that she can execute gonzo antics for fun and profit.