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  • piefork11 December 2015
    A show that seems to take itself serious yet not serious at the same time. A perfect mix of stupidity and hilarity that will have you craving more. Jon Glaser does a perfect job capturing his character "Neon Joe" and all of the characters play a part in the show and aren't throwaways. The hilarious he-yump always seems to put a smile on my face no matter the context used and the multiple cameos are fantastic. If you enjoy cheesy comedy that involves werewolves and sexual antics this will not cease to amaze you.

    If you're into shows like Delocated and Rick and Morty you'll thoroughly enjoy Neon Joe.
  • Orangie2Dope27 September 2018
    A totally ridiculous premise and a few movie parodies somehow made for a great tv series.
  • From the first he-yump to the very last this show, for something so absurd and bordering on stupid, was absolutely brilliant. John Glaser as Neon Joe is perfect. Everything he says and how it says it are comedy gold. Some may find this to get juvenile at times but it almost doesn't matter as the lead actor absolutely kills it. Stephanie March and her current lover are easily the funniest television couple. Something about every character at some point during the run of this show makes you crack up. The writing on this show is both genius and sophomoric with the only semi-ehhh episode being the second and I won't say another word beyond WATCH IT you will most assuredly laugh out loud heeeeyyy-yyuuump!
  • This show is too much...I laughed every episode. His accent, his funny deep southern speech, that dirty ass neon outfit he wears - ALL of it is hilarious!!! I hope they make a season 3 cause we deserve more Neon Joe.