Student: How do people turn to cows?

Emad: Gradually!

Emad: What are they doing with this city? I wish I could bring a loader and ruin all of it.

Babak: They ruined this city once ,they built it again and now this is it.

Emad: Don't worry about it, it's just the first 100 years that are tough.

Sadra: If my dad came ,say sadra isn't here.

Rana Etesami: Why?

Sadra: Because I like my mom.

Rana Etesami: If I had used that damn intercom, If I'd asked who it was... none of this would've happened.

Naser: Why did your wife open the door?

Rana Etesami: Emad... You are taking revenge on him!

Babak: Degenerate is the one who speaks his mind through swearing.

Emad: So, there's my wife. You'll still insist you didn't go in the bathroom?