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  • If you watch this movie expecting to see Bruce Lee or Frankenstein then you must be new to this. I award this movie the prize for worst VHS rental title ever. When the VHS rental business had a store on every street corner in America a flood of these movies came out and they were all retitled to draw business. They typically put "Shaolin" or "Dragon" or "Bruce Lee" in the title to draw attention.

    It opens with Tong Lung rides, bounty hunter, rides in looking for a man with a scar. A man with a scar fights some guys collecting a "road tax". Tong Lung stops at a tea house. Everyone is talking about zombies eating people. A girl is searching for her father and finds evidence his security company was attacked by zombies. More attack and scar face guy defends her saying they ar e just people faking it. Note: The "zombies" pictured are actually Chinese vampires. See the Lam Ching Ying movies for more.

    I have been watching my movies in chronological order to study the development of the genre. There have been many movies with a ghost or similar occult being here or there but this seems to be the first movie with a plot built around the vampire. It won't be until the 1990s when the idea is fully developed. The vampire story line makes this movie different from the rest and for that alone I recommend this movie to fans of the genre.

    The fights are okay. They are all mostly hand to hand but the few weapon sequences are actually better. The choreography is basic stuff and once in a while a strike doesn't even come close but the entertainment value is there.

    I rate it just a tad above average for the year and genre and recommend it for the fans of the genre.