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  • The Drama Club is a film that is reasonably well made but I had real trouble believing parts of the script. After all, who ever heard of a reunion of friends who knew each other during their freshman year at college only? Why would such a reunion take place...especially when some of the characters had nothing in common apart from this single year in college?

    Well, regardless how difficult it was accepting the premise...there it is. A group of about a dozen folks get together after not seeing each other for 20 years. Most of the film reminds me a bit of The Big Chill, but it takes a particularly modern change of course when an impromptu three way occurs...and the after effects are felt by all. There also is a prudish Christian lady who confused me as well, as her behaviors didn't seem at all consistent with who her character was supposed to be. The bottom line is that this is a watchable drama whose plot isn't exactly believable nor do the characters react as you might expect. I see promise with the acting and direction, but overall this is a film you could easily skip.
  • Drama Club......pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it! Just need to point out the obvious......the guy who played Keith is a dead ringer for Breckin Meyer! Seriously though.... this movie is relatable for those who had a close knit group of friends during late teen/ young adult years .....its sweet, sad, funny, heartbreaking... I really enjoyed it