• The Freshmen
    Written by Brian Vander Ark, A.J. Dunning, Doug Corella, Donny Brown
    Courtesy of LMNO Pop Musoc (ASCAP)
  • Trouble
    Written by Hamish Anderson
    Performed by Hamish Anderson
  • You Are Not My Maker
    Written by Bianca Caruso, Lee Ferris, Christopher Allis, John Classick
    Performed by Freddie & Francine
    Courtesy of F&F Records
  • Give Me The Future
    Written and Performed by Scott Peden
    Album "The Complete and Utter Confidence of Ignorance"
    Courtesy of SM Records / Cue Songs Publishing London
  • Fire Me Up Now
    Written by Jamie McGeechan
    Performed by Little Fire
    Courtesy of Saraseto Records