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  • IMO This show is not as good as the earlier series (The vanishing bullet).

    The story line is too confusing, with too many characters having different plots. Each have their own motives but yet not clearly explained, making the audience difficult to focus.

    End of day Inspector Songlu, did not really did some smart investigating like he did in the earlier version. Most of the events were revealed by the show, not by the inspector.

    I could have mentioned so many parts that are meaningless or left unfounded for.

    There seem to be focus on unnecessary action, dancing and music scenes, which is redundant to the core of this genre of show.
  • This movie could have been epic. It had great sets, music, photography, editing, action, acting and intrigue but a plot that was hard to follow. Also I was dubious that that long a tunnel could be dug with one spoon (silver or otherwise).
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is nice to see Detective Song Donglu again, but the sequel feels forced and rushed.

    There were issues raised with who the murder is, and the motive, but never resolved.

    The factory owner's power feels too strong. His private force is able to do whatever it wants, kill whomever it wants.

    The Detective is reunited with his love interest, but this too feels forced. It is an attempt to add more good looking young lady to the cast.

    I would watch the first movie - The Bullet Vanishes (2012), and if you REALLY love that movie, watch this one.

    The first one was very well done.