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  • lor_7 February 2017
    Credited to "Diane Summers" = Roman Sluka on screen from a production POV, but ascribed by IMDb to one John Parker, this negligible daring! Pure release is a deadly dull lesbian exercise, with a wimp factor of 10. Why the folks at daring! chose to water down their content several years ago is beyond me.

    The new formula is to cast a bunch of Eastern European models and have them paw each other interminably under the guise of Sapphic romance. There's a bit of untranslated dialog thrown in, either Czech or Hungarian, and though hardcore it plays more like soft-core, since the sex is so demure. Okay, penetration is penetration in the generic world of generic porn.

    None of the talent is impressive enough to warrant the reaction: "I'd like to see more of her", and perhaps that's on purpose, as daring! has settled into a premature old age, the phase just before a label's demise. I collect daring! videos, but new ones like this have caused me to rethink that futile hunt for quality.