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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The realisation of the potential has not been fulfilled yet. The plot is intriguing and there are some good acting performances. However there is a lot of silly scenes like the wraith running down Margaret and she purposely run towards open spaces and avoids hiding behind the dozen or so cars she walks past. There a few scenes like that just seem to be poorly thought out. The main protagonist Vik Mcqueen is also incredibly annoying as she just looks pouty and miserable at all times and her stupidity causes her further problems. That said the rest of the series is very good I just wish some scenes were thought out slightly better
  • Season 1 was watchable, season 2 has gotten to be unwatchable.

    Protagonist Vic is a single note character. Anguish. It's so constant that I just don't care about her. I just want it to end, in any way possible. Mostly with Charlie winning.

    Season 2 attempted to get 'acting' out of the kid. I just do not understand why producers, writers, directors etc. do not seriously consider the capability of a child to 'act'. It is a rare case when it is plausible and engaging, most of the time it is ruinous and this is yet another example. Plus he has a mustache, which is creepy on a child.

    Most of the characters do that thing that TV / movies are all to famous for, they make constantly weird / crazy / stupid decisions. I get people might do odd things under times of duress, but all the time as a matter of course is just impossible to watch.

    The only character that engages me is Charlie Manx and in season 2 we get some backstory which is great but it isn't enough. The balance falls on unwatchable.

    Unless you are a vampire-aholic, just move on.
  • Season 2 was BADDDDDD ! When I reach into my bag of tiles I see cancelation in it's future ☠
  • I'll be glad to update this after I get through the season but all these cheapskates that watched one episode and crapped on this show need to be put in their can watch the whole season for 5 bucks and let me say it has been well worth the ride halfway through. The acting and writing picks itself up insanely well after laying a foundation in episode 1. Wait it out if you want and watch it over the next 10 weeks. 5 dollars more (the price of the cheapest movie ticket in my area) let's you binge this and to me its 100% worth it. Creepy and well written.
  • Clive_W17 June 2019
    I honestly tried, gave it a more than half the episodes but sadly just weren't my thing, I saw the trailer a while back and was interested but something about the show really didn't capture me. Honestly glad to see there are people that enjoy it, and hope it lives up to your expectations. Looking over the reviews it seems one those shows you'll either really get into or just wont. Hope that helps, But on a more technically side I did like the way it was filmed, maybe I might come back maybe not, wait and see.
  • outlawfam26 August 2020
    S1 was decent, if slow-paced, but S2 was off the rails from the beginning. The actors tried valiantly for the most part, but they simply couldn't enliven a deadly dull rendering of the source material. Production values in S2 were sub-par, at best. What a waste.
  • First season: above expectations, unobtrusive sleeping pill 6-7 stars

    Second season: full scale dumbification, beyound brain hurting 1 star

    Season Three: Let's hope there won't be a season three.
  • SpeblNygex3 May 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    I came across this by accident and the premise sounded interesting. I'd never heard of the books I guess it's based on so all new for me.

    The first few episodes drew me in but the next few just went downhill. I gave the lead character the benefit of the doubt the first few episodes but now it's to the point it's grating on me - take a bath and wash your hair or get a proper haircut. Maybe even change your clothes. We get it, you're supposed to be a rebel. She also looks to be in her early to mid 30s playing an eighteen year old so maybe the look is to try to compensate for that?

    The show starts off with a bang with two people having sex so I'm guessing that was done intentionally to let us know this wasn't CW. However, you still have to wade through some of the teen drama midway through.

    The scrabble girl, who seems pretty street smart to me runs on to open pavement to try to outrun a vehicle when she could have easily dodged behind any parked car next to her. That's just lazy writing.

    Anyway, not trying to knock the lead actress but I just think she was really miscast for this role.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show has an interesting concept and the actors are very good. Quinto being the absolute standout of the show. He is exceptional as Manx. Bachrach, who plays Vic's dad, is so interesting to watch. Every time he's in a scene I want to watch more of him. Conforti, who plays Manx's daughter Millie, completely steals the show. One of the main reasons I'm still watching the show is to see more of Millie's background and what will happen to her. Her newfound interest in her childhood home and the world beyond Christmas land is a plot line I'm invested in. The problems with the show have to do with unlikability of the protagonist (Vic) and the unbelievably in plot development. For instance: 8 years have passed between season 1 and season 2. When season 2 begins we see Vic as a loving mother. Flawed (active alcoholism) and emotionally damaged (b/c of her experiences with Manx 8 years prior) but still, it's obvious that she is a loving mother. We are also shown that she has a loving relationship with the man she met in season 1 and they have been raising her child together. In the next episode we see her leaving her man , whom she just made promises of marriage to, and leaving her child who she clearly loves a great deal. It doesn't click at all. It's portrayed as if she left because she's an alcoholic and because of her obsession with Manx. However, that doesn't work at all. I was not convinced. The other plot point that is unconvincing is the relationship between FBI agent Romans (played by Tabitha Hutter, a stunning beauty) and Maggie (played by Jahkara Smith). In season 1 Maggie is an emotional wreck and drug addict who is so strung out Vic finds her sleeping near a dumpster. A plot point is bluntly inserted about Maggie's parents not accepting her homosexuality. It's not very well done at all. It comes across as virtue signaling to the audience rather than something we can empathize with Maggie about. Then in season 2 Maggie is seemingly completely off drugs, emotionally mature and in a committed relationship with FBI agent Romans. Even if the audience believes that Maggie has grown up and cleaned up in the 8 years that have passed it's not believable that an FBI agent would be interested in someone like Maggie. I'm sure that mature upstanding people fall in love with immature people all the time, but it's just not convincing here. I'm still watching the show though, even though Vic has become quite unlikable (it's very hard to root for her) and the audience is being asked to believe in some not very well done plot points. As mentioned above I'm very interested in what happens to Mille and Manx.
  • The premier just seemed to drag on as I waited for something, anything, worth watching to happen. I'm not sure which is worse, another angsty teen as a TV lead, or Quinto's "old man" character. I'll probably give it another shot and see where it goes from there.

    The only part I truly enjoyed was some little Easter eggs on a map with Pennywise Circus, Lovecraft Keyhole, and Tree House of the Mind.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Note to Hollywood producers: If you buy a good book, just stick to the book. Is it that hard? One of Stephen King's finest series of novels ('Mr Mercedes') was utterly butchered for TV. Poor casting for almost every major character, dreadful additions of plot that weren't in the book and just a travesty given how good the books were.

    Now, with King's son Joe Hill's superb novel NOS4A2, we see a similar treatment. A fantastic book, wrecked by TV producers. Where to even begin with this? For a horror it's a slow as a wet week. The awful 'rubber mask' makeup and over the top voice for Manx really set the tone for the lack of attention to detail across the board with this.

    Given how strong young actors were in Stranger Things, this needed to remain true to the book and have a young lead. Instead we have an Aussie actress who is 26 years old, playing an 18 year old, and she's obviously way too old for even this role. The actress playing her mother is a mere 10 years older than her, and they look closer to sisters than mother and daughter. Oh and the mother's accent! Yikes!

    But why did the producers feel any need to suddenly maker Vic an angsty teen? Crazy choice. Suddenly we're burdened with all this high school melodrama and the feisty young character is now a whiny teen, played by a woman who's closer to 30 than she is to a teenager. She's the wrong actress at the wrong age, in the wrong part with the wrong director, using the wrong accent. She was great in Puberty Blues, but she's just lost in this show, and to be fair they did not give her a lot to work with.

    The pace just drags as we get endless family arguments and a tedious sub plot about how hard it is to get into college - I mean who cares?

    I highly recommend the book, but this is total garbage. Avoid!

    I note that Joe Hill wrote another fantastic book called The Fireman which is also now in production as a movie or series. I would be very worried if I was Joe, because like his father, Hollywood rarely ever gets novels right and his legacy might be 'writes good books, which make terrible TV'.
  • While the first season had some interesting direction, the second season has completely lost its way.

    Incoherent plot line that feels shot out of order with character direction that makes no sense, only serving to drive out the episode count. Complete CRAP. Save yourself some frustration and watch literally anything else.
  • This is ALMOST good . . . almost there - but I'm finding it's just not good enough to offset the limited pouty skills of Ashleigh Cummings. I'm finally just SO annoyed by having to watch her go through the same very limited set of facial expressions and body slouches, hair things. Eye squinties . . . aaarghghgh . . . I want to strangle her and throw her out of view.

    Nope. Not gonna do it.

    I'm out.
  • An interesting premise with no real development and no viable characters to root for. Seasons one was interesting but season two is completely awful. Vic McQueen is a horrible character and not worth anyone's time. All of the characters make pointless decisions and end up doing the opposite of what they say their intent is. So disappointed in Zachary Quinto too.
  • It starts out slow and weird but comes together in the end. The major pull for this show is the superb acting from the cast. The story is not as predictable as you would expect. The characters' personality and actions are not as typical as they first appear to be. N0S4A2 is a fun and entertaining horror series to watch and without a doubt one the best things to come out of 2019.
  • Started out with beautiful art and story line but then started to fall apart with my opinion boring stupidity. I feel like high schoolers or people who don't kno better would enjoy this more.It's ok if you have nothing else to watch.
  • Quitno as old man Manx is all cringe. Music is pretty bad, editing is clunky and amateurish. Dialogue is not quite trash, but it's certainly a long way from inspired. It's clear the showrunners had no idea what to do with this story. They just did what tv people do, turn 13-year-old characters into 17-year-old angsty dirtbike-riding whiners. And that's the real shame because it is a fantastic story. Oh well. If you're interested, pick up the book.
  • SandOwl_12 June 2019
    This could've been so good. Unfortunately there are far, far too many 'C'mon now, that's so stupid!' scenarios, scenes and character reactions to things. I mean really stupid. I won't go into it as I don't want to give anything away for those who will watch this. I made it through to the end. Was unsure I would. due to the annoyance of the stupidity.

    Some good ideas in this show and decent acting. It's the writers who've created stupid situations and reactions of the characters. It's incredibly tedious watching something that is stupid. It ruins the momentum of the show and immersive experience.

  • mnjonman23 June 2020
    I absolutely loved the first season of this show. It was outstanding. I only made it halfway through the first episode of season two. I'm guessing the show wasn't a success, because the second season characters don't seem anything like they did in season one. Plus, the show seemed to be leaning toward an agenda like all other american shows. Zero originality. Hope you can enjoy it better than I.
  • sublimeintentions5 June 2019
    I did not read the book so did not go in with any expectations. I can see why someone would feel disappointed if they had read it as there's so much depth to the story and we only scratch the surface of the intimate details of the story. Which to me just means so much moreScope for further seasons. Personally if something can grab my attention it's good. and it definitely had my attention.
  • I watched the first 4 episodes with high hopes. With some shows you have to be patient and I thought that was the case with NOS4A2... I was wrong. This show gets worse every episode; By episode 6 finishing it was sort of a mission. An unpleasant one. The season finale is a mess, directing, editing, continuity is all over the place. How on Earth did Stephen King tell us this was "scary" or "good"? Why? 10 hours of my life I could've spent on something else. They tried, they failed.
  • All questions, but my biggest one is why does the mom and daughter look like the same age. In real life there is an 11 year difference in their age. They didn't do a good job with that particular casting, but other than that it's ok so far.
  • Not read the books but guessing it's better than this rubbish...
  • I saw AMC was making this book into a tv show with Zachary Quinto to Star! I went out and bought the book and read it in days. Incredible book. Show premiered and what a pile of Sh**. It's a complete garbage of writing where they took a few names and ideas from the book and tried to place them in the series. I feel bad for Zachary Quinto who would have excelled as being the enemy Charlie Manx. You want an example of a great book completely destroyed by awful writing, then saddle up. The final season of game of thrones looks like an Emmy award compared to this carp.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What makes good horror work is its antithesis. There has to be light to off set the darkness.

    Regrettably with NOS4A2 its wall to wall gloom. This series is set in the US version of Le Miserable's. Impoverished neighbourhoods, lost dreams, dysfunctional families.

    Topping off all this misery is a creepy old weirdo who drives around in a vintage luxury car, abducting kids. If that sounds downright depressing and ugly, well in my view, that's because it is.

    The series cause is made no better by painfully slow pacing, hinted at scares that amount to nothing and a general fug of uninspired mediocrity with a vaguely teenie angst thing, going on.

    Suffice to say unless you are having trouble sleeping I'd suggest this is one to avoid. 4/10.
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