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  • When I see the name Shaft I immediately think of Richard Roundtree or music by Isaac Hayes. But in Britain dirty-minded folk think of a faceless guy named The Shaft - a Black performer whose big dick is seemingly all that matters as he takes on Brit Porn's ladies one by one. This is the 12th edition of a series of videos he made for Killergram, which are still circulating alongside several "Best of" editions.

    It's an obvious case of racism that he is blocked off via camera angles so you can't see Shaft's face, while in some videos, namely "Sexual Interrogation" by DiSanto who also directed this one, he wears a black hood over his kisser. I recently bought another Killergram starring "The Big Black Gent", so other than longtime player Omar Williams, the Brits don't show their talent much respect.

    The five vignettes presented here are arousing, featuring a mix of big-name and lesser-known female talent. I especially enjoyed big-bust queen Kerry Louise, who talks dirty nearly non-stop during her humping and is rather charmingly un-p.c. when referring to her Black partner. Another familiar face Shay Hendrix, proves to be a tight fit for Mr. S, clearly a plus for mixed-combo fans.

    I thought they were newcomers but Alexa Andreas and Jools Brooke are seasoned performers whose early videos include several from Blighty that I own but haven't got around to watching yet, e.g. "Limousine" from daring! and "Match Mates" for JoyBear. They all go after The Shaft's shaft in suitably spunky fashion (sorry, I couldn't resist, after listening non-stop to 90 minutes of Brit vernacular). Incidentally, writing these reviews is educational - I learned that the British/Aussie 4-letter word for jerking off that starts with a "w" is forbidden for use by IMDb!