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  • Third World Media specializes in niche porn, and is a natural home for this rather lame exercise made by Grooby Productions. I expected yet another parody, this time of those unwatchable reality TV shows where mindless viewers wait patiently for a cat fight to erupt (I wish they'd bring back "G.L.O.W" or Roller Derby for that audience segment instead), but no such luck. Director Buddy Wood makes his living exploiting TS talent and that's all this is about, with the theme being infidelity.

    A male actor plays Giovanni, a stud who looks like the young Lorenzo Lamas did, which ain't bad. Besides being married to one of the title housewives, nearly all the others want to get their hands on him. This is the premise for most of the action, but tied to a cheapo vignette structure, director Wood messes up by not bringing the women together at all. It's probably easier to shoot each segment entirely separately, somehow he failed to realize that it is the interaction between the women that is potentially interesting, not just watching 5 humping scenes.

    Technique (photography, editing) is rudimentary, and sole interest is to see popular TS stars in action. My interest was in watching Jessy Dubai, glamorous and sexy as always, and amongst the others, Foxxy (who I had seen before working for Dana Vespoli) and statuesque Diamond Dixon were arresting presences. Latter gets some fun improvised dialog, like: "You love that cock? Is it bigger than your wife's?".

    That rhetorical question raises another question - now that TS sex is moving closer to the porno mainstream from its former niche ghetto, questions of infidelity among persons with differing sexual orientations and interests could give rise to some quality dramatics. Unfortunately here, we have a retrograde presentation of TS females competing for the same guy, about as modern in approach, albeit in explicit sex format, as the plot of an old Gidget movie.