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  • This show is fun, smart and funny. The con artist world in full "Bloom". I was disappointed to see it was cancelled after season 2. Given the date, I don't think another network has picked it up. I'm kind of hoping Netflix, Hulu or Amazon might pick it up and save it. Bravo is a real fringe network and the following seems to be pretty good even without that. It would play well on one of those three streaming services. I hate to see a good series get dumped because of an obscure channel. Warehouse 13 died that way. Amazon did step in and save the Expanse so, there is still hope. It might help that Uma Thurman has signed to do a horror series on Netflix. Maybe she can get them to pick this up and make Lenny the new boss or team lead.
  • atlasmb8 February 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I love stories about cons. Especially long cons. The longer the better. When they are done well, I find them fascinating--like "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" or "House of Games" or "Grifters".

    "Imposters" starts with a married couple, blissfully happy newlyweds Ezra (Rob Heaps) and Ava (Inbar Lavi) Bloom. They say ignorance is bliss. It doesn't take long for Ezra to discover his blushing bride has skipped with all of his liquid assets. He is an emotional wreck. But he finds purpose when another victim named Richard (Parker Young) shows up, looking for Ava.

    The first episode also introduces us to Ava's team of con artists(which includes Katharine LaNasa, who was so remarkable in "Satisfaction").

    The cast is one of this show's strong points. Ms. Levi is enchanting as the evil enchantress, Rob Heaps is attractive but has an everyman charm, Parker Young (who played a likable dolt in "Suburgatory") is convincing as a former jock. The credits promise some casting surprises.

    The show's premise is interesting and scenes from future episodes indicate increasing complexity in the story lines. It's best not to know too much before watching a new show, so I will write nothing more about the plot.

    But I will definitely be watching this very watchable cast.

    Update 3/2/17: Now that a few episodes have aired, I am upping my grade to "9" because the show is very engaging. I find myself anxiously awaiting each new episode. The cast is excellent.
  • ddsdestri23 February 2017
    Every main character is very interesting in their own way, it's quite diverse and the series is showing a complexity that I'd never have guessed at from just the first episode. I'm really enjoying the relationships and dynamics between its characters.

    As far as con TV shows go this one has a lot of potential to be great.

    You know you're hooked on a show when its third episode ends and you get really upset that you've got to wait another week to just watch more of it.
  • I started watching "Imposters" while I was working on a project. I usually put on a movie or a TV show to have something going on in the background, so I picked Imposters with no real expectations. I watched the first episode wondering if I was really gonna watch this, it looked "dull" and "fake" somehow. I thought it was bad acting, but in fact, it was excellent acting and bad writing decisions overall. Since I didn't even know the pitch of that show, I had no idea what was really going on. The "fake" acting was totally a part of it ! I watched episode 2 and it started to make sens, now I've just seen them all to the 6th episode, this TV show is a gem. Every episode brings a new surprise, it's funny and dark, smart and silly. I'm looking forward to the next episode. I'm kind of sad that it got such low rating on IMDb, but I believe, like me, people after watching the first episode had the same feeling as I did. This show deserves 8+. Don't miss it !
  • par22217 March 2017
    All the characters are written multifaceted, thus requiring the actors to bring their "A" game which they do! The plots are new and inventive and you really don't see anything coming before it hits you. You hate to have the episode come to an end because you can't wait a week to see what happens next. Each episode runs you through the gamut of emotions, and never once does it seem contrived. You find yourself identifying with each character at various times.
  • I read "dark comedy" in the description of this show and almost moved on, but this show is different than some dark comedies that tend to be too cynical for me, like the "War of the Roses." There are no mean spirited gags that make some characters unlikable.

    This show reminds me a little of "The Grifters" meets "Pretty Woman." A light drama with comedic elements.

    Surprisingly poignant moments and very good character development won me over.
  • I enjoyed the main trio of actors and discovering more about each character. Obviously every show has ridiculous, dramatic twists and turns but it was entertaining watch. Enough to keep me engaged and wanting to see a little bit more. It couldn't go on for too long but I wish it had lasted at least another season.
  • Imposters stars Inbar Lavi as a con-woman able to be a rich person's perfect romantic partner before skipping out with their money. In season one she works on her next victim while three former victims hunt her down. This nutty story fueled primarily by the charm of its principles.

    Lavi is perfect as the girl who is easy to love. Often you would expect this part to go the route of the femme fatale; an intimidating, sexy, mysterious woman. But Lavi is sweet and lovable, which is much truer to what men actually go for (remember, in Gilligan Island polls, men were hotter for girl-next-door Maryanne than sex bomb Ginger).

    Her pursuers have an easy rapport as they bumble their way towards a woman they all clearly love. In a ridiculous but clever turn, the three decide to con people along the way. While they hunt Inbar down, she finds that there is more to her current con than she expects.

    The early episodes are all about humor and character, with little sign of the Big Con typical of con-people fiction until the halfway point; the series is more about the conned than cons.

    Unfortunately, season 2 is a let down, at least for the four episodes I watched. Lavi was an enigma is season one, but in two the series moves into psycho-analyzing her, which sucks out the mystery. Meanwhile he character is completely divorced from her three exes, which results in fall less forward momentum. The show isn't as funny, the characters aren't as interesting. It's like a whole new, inferior show. Perfectly watchable, but that's about it.

    But do watch season one; it's terrific.
  • After episode one, I wasn't too sure about this series; I typically stick with a new series through the first season to give a fair assessment.

    At first, I found the characters a little boring and predictable - though I continued to watch because it was... well, sorta cute. :) You'll not fall off the sofa laughing, but you will smile, and you will chuckle from time to time. I spent the first three episodes praying it would get better each episode, and it did improve as hoped.

    In Episode 4, the show really takes off, much to my delight. Without giving away details, viewers are greeted with surprising moments and plot twists that finish with a "I REALLY have to wait a week!??!" feeling.

    Imposters has the potential to be very successful, and if episode four is any indication, I think we're in for a treat.
  • It keeps you on the edge of your seat at the end of each episode. Deserves way more publicity and it should be an national and international obsession. Great black comedy. I love the whole story line and personally feel that other than the Blacklist, this is one to definitely watch. The casts are also very engaging, love Inbar!

    Just when you think you know whats going to happen, they turn the tables on you and surprise you every time. Great series! So underrated and under promoted though! Hope it doesn't get canceled.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What started as a good show became a high school project.

    FBI being so careless? And the doctor not knowing his target when the target is so careless? If Richard could follow Patrick into the FBI office, then the plot is really impossible because then the doctor would have known already and avoided the bait. In reality, for a sting operation to work, the agents assigned will be doing a different day job, totally embracing the spy character, and definitely not going to the FBI office during the assignment, they'll assign another agent to take care of whatever needs to be done in the office. And they definitely would have known the victims already if they are doing that big of an operation. This is common knowledge, in fact, common sense too.

    The only thing consistent about this show is the great acting. Too bad the writers did not do their assignments.
  • Binged all of season one in two days and fell in love with Inbar Lavi (as does everyone else in the show). She is the new fresh face of Hollywood and, after visiting Israel last year, I find this native Hebrew woman highly intriguing. Her initial sidekicks, Max and Sal, are also very good actors. The three new sidekicks, all ex-spouses of Inbar's character Maddie, are pretty average. Writing is better than the crap on network television. Despite moving slowly in spots, the plot remains engaging enough to hold your interest. Somewhat miffed by Uma Thurman's character. She is not so convincing in her role as a hard-nosed enforcer. Patrick, the FBI dude, is just okay. He's a poor man's Shamar Moore.

    I like this show... a lot. But I am enthralled, mesmerized, and smitten with Inbar Lavi.
  • Veritas9922 February 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    Yeah, I agree with what somebody was writing in the message board, I was sick and tired about movies with doctors, lawyers, cops, vampires and zombies. This one, with a long con, is surprisingly amusing (yes, there is also Sneaky Pete but, let's admit, Imposters is more pleasant to look at :) ) The only incredible thing is that the enchantress has managed to con 3 people to marry her (at least we know only about 3 until now), plus one on the way, plus a real love apparently very short time. I don't think that's so easy in real life, even for a beautiful girl:) Apart of that, the dialogue looks spontaneous and funny, humour is there all the time but not exaggerated, and episode 3 was so well built that I really was upset when it ended, I certainly wanted more, which is great - the movie achieved his purpose, as far as I am concerned. I will definitely continue to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    After about 10 minutes in Season 1 Episode 1 of the Imposters I was hooked. In fact I was about to start texting my friends telling them I found a gem of a show. Good thing I held off. What began as intriguing and sexy and fun turned very familiar. So many things left me wanting. Jules complete inability to take care of her emotions was exhausting. But more annoying was the Bumbling FBI unit of Patrick, Gina and Auntie, nothing about these agents seem remotely real or professional. Let's begin here: Patrick is working an undercover operation where he is trying to "catch" Maddie, a professional con artist. So when he leaves his gorgeous house that the Bureau is paying for and drives off in his expensive car that the Bureau is paying for, he drives directly to the Bureau!!! Come on guys. It doesn't dawn on any of the FBI agents that Patrick could be followed?!?! To add insult to injury when Richard does follow Patrick all three agents--Patrick, Auntie and Gina--are in the FBI lobby wearing their badges, just in cases it wasn't obvious enough that they work for the Bureau. Insulting!

    Then we move into the tried and not-true of the cat and mouse game with Maddie & Patrick. Who has real feelings, which feelings are real. She is not that swift and he is not that smart, neither are very good at their jobs.

    And we are to believe that The Doctor, a mastermind scamming millions of dollars would show up in person to collect a measly $500,000 and put his entire criminal empire in jeopardy. Awful!

    Little Ms Agent Gina is too busy trying to get with her one night stand conquest Jules to pay attention to her job and keep an eye on the $500,000?!?! Awful

    I finished Season 1 but I have no intention of watching Season 2. It is not hard to see why there was no Season 3. Imposters was a complete let down!
  • swhittleton15 May 2018
    While the super heroes are getting really old, this is a nice refreshing, engaging show. Good actors, great story line. Wish they would have more like this!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Other reviewers have already given details, so no need for me to do so.

    Though I think Sneaky Pete should be anyone's first pick, this show has potential. The premise 'cons' is always a good one, it leaves writers with loads of opportunity. The first episodes indicate they are going big and complex.

    After seeing the first episodes I truly wonder where they will take this show. It could easily become better, but at the same time collapse too.

    Actors are reasonably convincing, story-line is captivating and the overall vibe one gets is positive. Characters are diverse and well portrayed.

    I'll certainly will continue to watch this, and recommend others to do the same!
  • jillian32331 March 2017
    This show is amazing . Great acting and great ideas. How anyone could rate it lower because they say the plot isn't plausible is beyond me. After all it is just a show made to entertain. The army didn't really come out of a wardrobe in Bedknobs and Broomsticks but that didn't make the film a bad film ,mint is about using your imagination. Lots of shows are not totally true to life, just enjoy them .
  • This show was amazing.

    All of the characters change over the course of the seasons and you grow to love them all.

    The banter between the 3 main characters is hilarious and the cons are always surprising.

    This show will keep you guessing and laughing at the same time. I really hope Netflix saves this show.
  • It's hard for me to find a show that I really want to binge watch. I was hooked within the first few minutes of the first episode. I was super bummed to see there were only 2 seasons. We loved it!
  • We really enjoyed the first season and were looking forward to the second. But after watching the second season its easy to see why it was canceled.
  • wari21 April 2018
    Reviews of brilliant writing and depth of character are way overstated - written by children or trolls. It's characters are fun but and it's more like a very good cartoon reenacted by humans. Since I came into this with high expectations I was way under impressed. I think others could still enjoy the series if you don't come into it expecting Oceans 11. It's more like on the level of NCIS - LA
  • It was surprising how good this tv show is every episode it was intriguing and exciting. Each episode is funny and the storyline is very unique. It is not very popular show but it should be compare to most of the popular shows right now.
  • Bryan-22 March 2017
    After watching the first episode I had a pretty good idea this was going to be a winner. With each passing episode I lose interest. I think my biggest issue is the characters. I just don't care about any of them, and I particularly don't like the lead. The ending of episode 6 got my hopes up only to be let down after episode 7. I'm calling it quits.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Saw it under the most underrated show of 2017 on some website. Gave it a shot and trust me it was totally worth it. The concept of chasing Imposter wife may be a cliché but the way it was executed needs to be applauded. To be honest I hoped it to be an average show but it's much more than that sometimes it is comical other-times it's surprising. After 6th episode it starts justifying it's title "The Imposters". Chemistry between Ezra, Jules & Richie lighten up the plot when it goes downhill. Season began with these three being victims and ends with becoming skilled-deceivers and it truly completed the season with the deserving finale. So far so good. Definitely looking forward to season 2.
  • Whoever wrote that review must be kidding. This is one of the dumbest, least well written shows I have seen in my life. Nobody acts like any real human being would. The jokes are lame. Everything and everyone is predictable and stupid. I hate this show.
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