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  • The USP of movie is that it portrays the lifestyle of common Nepalese and politics in simple yet broader way ....Credit should be given to director for bringing the Nepalese touch in the movie along with fusion of comedy and romance.This movie will definitely raise the bar of our movies standard..Even though the content is not up to the mark but everybody gonna enjoy the movie..All the performer has given full justice to the demand of the character with flawless acting ..Brilliant from Kaji and Bomkaji ...I also really liked the song lappan chappan pretty much..The beautiful location where movie has been shot gives you extra pleasure.Looking forward for the Neplaese movie in future with greater expectation.
  • once in a blue moon does a Nepalese movie industry produce such masterpiece. Story continues from the previous movie Kabaddi in a beautiful scenery. Cinematography is astounding and background music is marvelous. Acting of Dayahang Rai is the just speechless, a scene from the end of the movie defines his class and proves why he is the best actor in kollywood. Besides him his friends in a movies did an awesome job equally. Definitely a must watch with extraordinary comedy, melodious music and decent story. Actions in the movie are good and Saugat Malla doesn't fail to do his job same with Maya. It continues its legacy from the previous part or can we say does even a better job. A marvelous movie overall.
  • Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi is the movie you need to watch with no expectation and with relaxing mood. Everyone seem to praise the acting of Daya Hang Rai, However Bijay Baral did outstanding acting. Beside Bijay baral and Daya hang other actors did Okish acting. Other nepali movie must learn to improve the story line !!
  • This is one of my favourite nepali movie. good plot. nice humour. made emotional. makes fully occupied. nepali movie industry needs movie like this. Nice movie. good plot and and well made detailing to minor things.