This movie was part-funded by fans on Kickstarter. The goal was 300 000 SEK (35 000 USD) and they reached that in less than 24 hours. When the month passed they reached 788 000 SEK (91 000 USD). It's the biggest crowd funded feature in Sweden.

Christoffer Nordenrot, who plays Alex, lost 20kg (45lb) in three months in order to look like he was 16 years old. After four weeks of shooting he had three more months to gain weight and build muscles to portray the 12 years older version of Alex.

The movie is shoot with old vintage lenses made in the USSR and GDR. The director himself refurbed and modded the lenses with an oval iris to mimic the look of old anamorphic lenses. The hole set of eight lenses cost less then $700.

Crazy Pictures consist of five childhoods friends who in a collective manner helms the roles as writer, director, producer, cinematographer, production designer, editor, sound editor, VFX and SFX supervisor. They've made movies together since they were kids and choose to credit them self as a group to underline that making movies still is a group effort.

The church in the movie appears in 4 different ways. The real church, a full scale interior set, a 1:8 miniature and a 3D-model.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. 98% of all VFX where done in Adobe After Effects.

Principal photography was 106 days and together with pickups the team shoot for around 120 days.

In order to capture good quality dialogue on set, the boom operator was most of the time allowed to be in frame and was later removed in post production.

The VFX-team consisted of three small companies; Crazy Pictures, DUPP and istudio visualls. The movie's director supervised and comped 90% of the shoots together with his brother.

The truck who crashes into the forest was radio controlled and driven like an ordinary RC car. The same technique was used to crash the cars in the Stockholm bridge sequence.

In order to get the right light interaction from the helicopters at the end, VFX supervisor Jacob Danell flew a drone with a flashlight attached to it. The helicopters was later added in post production.

The scene with the yellow Saab getting crashed from behind was the first action scene to be shoot. The cinematographer was so nervous getting the shot right that he missed to press record. If you look closely in the movie you can see that the Saab is already smashed before it's hit by the blue car.

Konny's mother in law is played by the director's mother.

Principal photography started in May and lasted so long that it began to snow before the shooting ended. In the last exterior shoots, the team had to blow snow away to make it look like midsummer.

The first edit of the movie was 2 hours and 45 minutes long. Most footage was cut from the 2005-part which originally was 40 minutes long.

The story is set in a small village called Vånga. Vånga is actually a real place where one of the producers grew up.

The soldiers that meets Eva in the bunker is named after the five members of Crazy Pictures; Råsmark, Tholén, Pettersson, Krantz, Danell and the movie's line producer Landers.

The blurry flashback-look was achieved by shooting through various glasses, champagne glass or flipping the front element on the lens.

The concert scene, shot in one long take, required 20 takes (the 18th was the one used) and Christoffer Nordenrot's hands was all bloody by the end of the day.

Jesper Barkselius (Björn Stenberg) did all of his stunts, fights and body burns by himself. He also flew the airplane for real.

The composer Gustaf Spetz composed, played and mixed all the music by himself in a shelter underneath Crazy Pictures production office.

420 VFX shots.