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  • nyfamilyfarm14 December 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    I agree with the other positive reviews here. Loved each and every character and the actors whom played them. Missing everything I dislike in most Taiwanese shows; there are no idiotic misunderstandings, no illogical overly dramatic reactions to pretty minor problems between characters and the lead female actress really did an excellent job in portraying this character without the extra overly emotional outbursts. Still had the sweet and cute moments with a gentle progression to this friendship turned love. Very rarely, I can find a show like this that I would end it and watch it again in a heartbeat.

    I've always loved the interaction in Asian cultures between all genders as vs the more pronounced separation in this country when it comes to physical interaction. This is very progressive in any country for lgbt and the stygmas existing as a basic perception but this movie actually made it completely unimportant in only a way this culture can do.

    My son is part of the lgbt group and has very strict comments when watching gender role movies but when he came in to see what I was watching, he had only positive things to say. I would add that this movie is not so much about the emphasis on lgbt and more simply about love.
  • talonjensen13 August 2018
    The story of a woman posing as a man is a common theme, but it is played out well here. The male lead goes through the typical progression as he wonders if he is homosexual because he is attracted to the woman posing as a man.

    It is a pretty progressive view of LGBTQ for Taiwan, so that is nice. The drama is a little silly and simple, but that is true for almost all Taiwan TV shows. I did like the major surprise near the end and the actual last scene was very risque for a Taiwan TV show, but it gave me a good laugh!

    As always I am reviewing this in comparison with other TV shows from Taiwan, I am not comparing it to U.S. TV shows. On that basis, it is better than average and I enjoyed it.
  • Is it possible for a heterosexual man to fall for a woman who has been living as a man for 25 years without knowing she is a woman? Because of what a fortune teller told her parents, she has to live secretly as a male until her 26th birthday, or she will die.

    The concept is hard to believe, but then this is a fantasy not real life and once you get past the unbelievable part, this is a very sweet, hilarious in spots, and addicting drama. I know many females will love this drama, if for no other reason-the male lead is first class eye candy. I am not sure if males would love it as much.

    The relationship between the male lead and female lead goes from being blood brothers and friends to eventually love.

    There are a couple of other storylines happening, but the best parts are watching the two leads together throughout.

    I will watch this again and maybe even very soon. Now that I have seen the whole story, I want to go back and watch it again to notice details I didn't notice having to do with a surprise at the end. I won't spoil it.

    I don't know if a guy who likes girls could fall for a girl that he believes is a man, but this is sure a fun way to explore it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The premise of this in the most general of terms is the main character's mom, who is very superstitious, believes she must raise her daughter as a boy until her 26th birthday or she will not have good fortune.

    This was my first Asian drama. I started what became my addiction quite innocently. My daughter and her boyfriend were watching this and, after my spouse went to bed, I went down to the family room to spend some time with them. First I heard. I speak one and only one language. Oh I know a couple words here and there of other languages but not enough to challenge your average one year old native speaker. So, it wasn't like I heard it and was drawn in. In fact, hearing it was Asian was a bit deterring because things like humor do not often cross cultures well. Things I might find funny from my cultural context others in other parts of the world may find no humorar at all in. Humor is also extremely generational so I had serious doubts that my interest would match the 20 somethings on the couch. But then I glanced up when they laughed to see what they found amusing. I cannot remember the exact scene but it was one that was completely comedic looking. I didn't need to understand or even read the words to see how to get the comedic nature of the situation. That got me reading the subtitles which is big for me because I typically prefer to watch things where I can do other things with my hands. But I started reading and it wasn't long before the story line hooked me.

    The premise of this makes no sense within Euro American because we are not, for the most part, great believers in fortune tellers. But I do realize that can be quite prevalent in some cultures. It was also believable to me that a child who really loved her parents and in the context of the respect present within the culture - that they would do anything to please them - including pretend to be a boy and not tell anyone otherwise. Pi Ya Nuo is the main character and she, for the most part, plays a very convincing, if at moments effeminate, boy. The male lead, Du Zi Feng, is dashing. I felt so sorry for him as I know he felt very conflicted as he was falling for what he thought was a man. Others around them expressed acceptance but their body language communicated they were a little uncomfortable with the same sex romance that was developing. I felt really embarrassed at the situation at times - but in a good way. In a rock you out of your box way. The depth of their relationship was believable and their compatibility was apparent. There was also a secondary romance between Du Zi Feng's best friend and a girl who at first seemed very annoying but who you most likely will grown to love as he did.

    I loved all the characters. There was comedy, action, suspense - the whole gammit. I learned that Romance crosses very well into our culture. Most of the comedy also was readily understandable. Knowing a few things about the culture helped in understanding some of the subtleties.

    I love romance and I love love. The word "drama" was a turn off for me until I realized that it doesn't necessarily mean it is going to be a dry tear jerker as might be expected in American movies. It covers a lot. I was sad because there really weren't any new English romances that I was interested in. This opened up a whole new world for me.

    The evil villian in this one (and you will find that element is often present in Asian dramas) was convincingly evil.

    I loved Bromance and the final scenes so much I rewatched just the ending about five times.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This starts as a cosmic comedy, playing on the stereotype of Eastern astrology being used as a life guide. Resulting in a life lived otherwise, and learning to cherish rather than envy.

    The ridiculous is well avoided as Destiny plays out. The relationship between the main characters is well founded and accepted. Reasoning is solid and avoids farce to make its point.

    The secondary couple is sweet and has an interesting twist in the story which ties additional supporting characters together. The third couple is the comic relief from start to finish. They're by far the most fun pairing.

    The villain character is weak though and seems more filler than purposeful. The real villain (for me) is time and in a way astrology. The main characters also seem to be their own worst enemies. Although the fight scenes are entertaining.

    The outdoor settings are amazing and gorgeous. The interiors represents more spacious style of Chinese design but attractive all the same. The music is fitting and amplified the moods of scenes well. I find the music by Bii is perfect, but am especially partial to how amazing he looks all the time.

    The story drags in more than a few places, and the chemistry between the main characters barely burbles during the first half of the show. It gets better happily, so one must stick with it for the awkward happy endings.
  • seoktae5 December 2018
    It's one of those dramas you'll miss as soon as you've finished with them. Sizzling chemistry between the leads, a great plot and the most reasonable leads I've ever seen in a drama. Perfectly captures all aspects of romance
  • Jessattard319 February 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    Once they got past The Tortured Prince bit at the beginning it was a funny and enjoyable show. Stick past the 2-3 episodes because it gets a lot less cringy and a whole lot ... okay, totally addict-able! That's right, I ended up watching this until the wee morning on a work night...!

    If you like Tokyo Crazy Paradise manga or Coffee Prince k-drama you'll enjoy this show. The romance between the main two made my own heart skip a beat and the reactions to (what supporting characters thought was) a queer romance were a lot more accepting and inclusive than I thought it'd be.

    The three way romance (in every k-drama!) is shown to be an option, but isn't taken up at all. It is relatively un-chaste; as the main couple believe they are both men the chase/courtship is less chaste and has very decent skinship.

    (I rate this as compared to Tawain dramas. The production values etc were low compared to US etc and K, but for TW-drama I think it was absolutely amazing.

    (I found the Nana sub-plot really bland, but I just ended up fast forwarding through those bits.)